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Chapter Eight

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Art Project!

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"One week Annie! Then we'll be together again!" I laughed at Quinn's excitement and told him goodbye before walking into art. I took my seat and ignored the sympathetic look from Billy.

He's been giving me a lot of those since that night at the party.

Too bad it was he who found me half-naked and unconscious on the bathroom floor.

I looked up at Ms. Scazzaro as she started her routine beginning of a class lecture.

Only this time it wasn't a lecture about some dead painter. It was an announcement about an upcoming project.

An upcoming project that we had to do with our seating partners.

An upcoming project that was worth half of our final grade.

Oh joy.

I looked at Billy and frowned. The sympathy was still in his eyes. I'm sure Joel told him about my nightmares.

"I don't need your sympathy Billy. Things like this happen." He frowned and looked down.

"But it shouldn't have happened to you Anna. You didn't deserve it." I glared at him.

"What's with the change of heart Billy? I mean, wouldn't you expect something like this to happen to a two cent gutter whore?" He looked at me with wide eyes and tried to say something but I cut him off.

"Don't bother. I know how you feel about me. Don't try to change it just because you found me at one of my weakest moments. That isn't going to change our relationship." He sighed.

"Fine. I was just trying to be nice."

"I don't need you to be nice. I need you to work with me so we can get an A on this project." He rolled his eyes and nodded. "I don't want to talk about it right now. Meet me at my locker after school. We can work at my house."

Billy nodded and turned his attention back to the drawing he was working on.

Anna + Billy + Art project = F


"Are you guys actually going to do something today or are you just going to glare at each other." Billy and I sent Benji a dirty look then returned our attention to each other.

Two days of Billy coming home with me after school and we still had nothing done on our project.

All we did was bicker like an old couple.

They say third's a charm, so hopefully something gets done.

"Would you two just cut it out? You've been killing each other with those looks since we got off the bus." Joel sat in-between Billy and I, cutting off our view of each other. "What the hell is wrong with you two?" Joel said looking at me then at Billy.

"Maybe if you asked him what the fuck his problem was." I said crossing my arms and attempting to glare at Billy once more.

"Well maybe she wouldn't act like a fucking prissy bitch all the time we might be able to get along." I scoffed and sat forward.

"I am not a prissy bitch. You're the one who always acts like I shoved a stick up your ass."

"Me?" He asked pointing at his chest. "You're the one-"

"Would you guys just stop? You don't have to get along but you both need to get this project done. I know it's important to both of you." I glared at Joel and turned away. "Now if you'll excuse us," He said nodding toward Benji. "I do believe we should be getting home. Please don't kill each other."

I mumbled a barely audible 'okay' before Joel got up and left with Benji. Billy reached for his backpack and pulled out his sketchbook.

"What should we do the report on?" I sighed and uncrossed my arms.

"Why do you hate me Billy?" Billy looked at me.

"I don't hate you Anna."

"Then why do you treat me like you do? You've been a jackass to me since we first met." Billy looked down.

"I like you Anna." I laughed. Wait what? I laughed.

"I think I heard you wrong. Did you say you like me? As in, like me like me?" Billy nodded and I laughed again. "What are you in second grade? Being mean to a girl is not the way to her heart. Where did you-"

I was going to ask him where he got his shoes. Actually, I forget what I was going to ask him because he had covered my mouth with his own in a semi-passionate kiss.

And I had kissed him back.

And soon the innocent closed mouth kiss turned into a sloppy open-mouthed make out session.

I was pulling at the hem of his shirt when I heard footsteps enter the living room and more than one person gasp.

Billy and I broke the kiss and looked up to see a very hurt and confused Quinn. Along with four other extremely angry looking people.

"Anna?!" I looked down at my hands.

I had just done something that I promised myself I would never do.

I cheated.

I try not to remember Quinn's last words. The one's he yelled at me before he walked out of my life.

Before they all walked out of my life.
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