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Chapter #3- My Humble Home

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The Joker Kidnapps Tara. i'm sorry i know this one is short but hey it's my third one today and it's 12:00 am and i'm tired so thanks for reading.

Category: Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Crossover - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2009-03-21 - Updated: 2009-03-22 - 376 words

I watched the young girl sleep… ok so she wasn’t that young compared to me. I’m what, 23 and she looked about 16-17 maybe. Anyway, I watched her sleeping on the mattress layed out on the floor. She rolled from her side to her back and let out a loud sigh. I giggled to myself. ‘she’s gonna be a fun one to break…’

:Tara’s POV:
I woke up to the sound of giggling. And I thought to myself, I know that sadistic giggle. Just then a purple gloved hand grabbed the hair at the crown of my head and pulled me up to eye level with my captor. "Welcome to my humble home hahahaha!"
I looked into the eyes of the Joker and gave him the most ignorant, cocky stare I could pull off. He dropped me and let out a hyena like laugh. I made an oof sound when I hit the ground and this only made him laugh harder.
“So tell me, Sweetheart, you said your name was Tara, didn’t you? You wouldn’t be the daughter of Skyler Trazinoff, now would you?” the Joker asked with that twisted grin on his face. Oh my palm itched to slap that smile right off his face.
“Ya he’s my dad. What’s it to ya?” I asked in an overly confident voice. POW I got a backhand slap right across the mouth.
“You DO NOT Talk To Me Like That! Next I might have to do something a little more violent. Hehehe…” the Joker said as he wiped his hand on his vest absent-mindedly.
“What do you want with me anyway?” I asked while rubbing my jaw.
“It’s simple. You’re my leverage while I negotiate with the police. I’m sure your daddy will be happy to do whatever I want. After all, he doesn’t wanna lose the only thing he’s got left, especially after losing the love of his life. Hahaha!” the Joker said and ended it with maniacal giggles.
“H-how d-did you know about my m-mom?” I stuttered.
“Oh I know all about you. You see I took the liberty of stopping by and picking up your files from Arkham Asylum…”
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