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Chapter #5- Hellooo Everybody.

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Tara finds out some stuff, like where she'll be sleeping. ;)

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Chapter #5-Helloo Everybody.
:Tara’s POV:
As we walked out the door I noticed I hadn’t even looked at the room we’d been in. I snuck a glance back and took in what was there, which wasn’t much. There was the mattress on the floor where I’d been sleeping, the walls were all white, the floor was concrete, and from the middle of the ceiling hung a chain. On the end of that chain was a deadly looking hook, and I shuddered a little when I thought of what he probably used that for. Then the Joker walked me down a series of dark, gloomy, mold-filled hallways. ‘It’s like a maze,’ I thought, ‘I’d never be able to find my way by myself.’ Then he lead me down a staircase.
“OK. Well I think you’ve successfully ruined my sense of direction.” I laughed. He chuckled a little bit at that.
“Ya well, you’ll get used to the house the longer you’re here. Anyway, Come through this door,” he pushed a wooden door open, “And meet the Family!”
“Hey! It’s the Boss and his new Whore!” BANG The Joker had pulled a pistol from his trench coat and shot the guy between the eyes. Skull fragments and grey matter splattered all over the wall and across a table. The people at the table were playing cards, and they just wiped the blood away and kept playing like nothing had happened. The Joker looked at me and I had a surprised look on my face, then I burst out laughing. I hit the floor, clutching my sides, rolling around, just laughing. The Joker just stared at me for a minute, then he joined me with his sadistic cackling. I finally calmed down, and wiped a tear from my eye.
“That was hilarious! Oh My Gawd!” I giggled.
“Well…I’m glad to see you’re as bloodthirsty as me. Anyway, Introductions… EVERYBODY LINE-UP, NOW!!” the Joker screamed. Everyone stood up in line.
“Ok. This is Joey, Chuckles, Giggle, Arrow, and the guys whose brains I splattered artistically across the wall was Snickerz.”
“Very nice to meet you all. I’m Tara Trazinoff.”
“Right, the daughter of Skyler, the police officer. Like the Boss said, I’m Giggle,” said the only woman as she stepped forward, “I’m Datin Joey over there.” With that she pointed at a guy who waved back at us with a friendly expression on his face. I looked at Giggle, She had chocolate brown skin and eyes to match. Her dark brown hair was in thousands of tiny braids pulled back into a pony-tail. Joey was her exact opposite. While Giggle was rather short, maybe 5’3”, Joey was over 6 foot. He was pale white with blonde hair and blue eyes.
“So what has the Boss done to you so far?” she asked with a concerned look in her eyes.
“Slapped me,” I replied simply.
“That’s IT?!” she looked aghast, “He must really like you.”
“Actually, I think I’m just useful.” I smiled, and she smiled back.
“All Right All You Idiots! I got a job for ya!” the Joker yelled with an evil gleam in his eye. “Tara, Sweetheart, I need you to go wait outside,” he said and pushed me roughly out the door and slammed it on my butt.
I turned around and pounded on the door and yelled through it, “THAT WAS RUDE!”
Then I huffed and looked around me. I saw something small and blue, I walked over and picked it up, it was a racketball. For the next 15 minutes I amused myself by bouncing the ball off the concrete wall. Then the door opened and all the goons stomped out, Giggle was at the back of the line and she winked at me. Then they shuffled down the hallway, around a corner and out of sight. Then the Joker walked out and over to my side. He made a yawning sound and over exaggerated stretching motion, bringing his arm to rest around my shoulders again.
“Well I’m kinda tired, time to turn in I think. Right, Doll Face?” he said with a grin.
“W-where am I supposed to sleep?” I asked, while shuffling my feet.
“Well…” he said feigning thoughtfulness, “We have no extra rooms soo I guess you’ll just Have to stay in my room.” He gave me a wicked grin and I playfully punched him in the arm. Hi shoved me back and kept walking, but I quickly fell into step behind him. We went up the stairs and down another hall. There was a purple painted door at the very end of the corridor. I sprinted past the Joker and burst through the door. The room had purple walls, a green ceiling, and green carpet, and across the green ceiling was the word ‘Chaos’ painted in purple. There was a computer in the corner, and two doors. I assumed one was a closet and the other was a bathroom. The bed was a KING SIZE (WOOHOO) with a purple down comforter, and the pillows were down and covered in silky green material. I ran the rest of the way into the room.

:Joker POV:
We were walking down the hallway when a streak of black flew past me. It was Tara, she sprinted down the hall to my purple door and burst through it. She paused a minute then sprinted inside. When I walked in she was bouncing on my bed.
“What are you Doing?” I asked in a fake annoyed tone.
“It’s called jumping. Verb, to bounce or move up and down rapidly. Jump.” She said and gave me a goofy grin. I just shook my head and sat down at my desk. She bounced up one last time and came down Indian style on her butt.
“Whacha doin?” I heard from across the room.

: Tara’s POV:
I came down on my ass with a quiet ‘oof’ as the air rushed from my lungs in a giant burst. I took a gulp of air to stop the dizzy feeling, then I looked across the room to the silly looking man wearing make-up.
“Whacha Doin?” I quipped across the room.
“adding to my list,” he replied vaguely.
“List for what?” I pressed on.
“Suspects for the Batman.”
“Oh…” I got off the bed and slowly walked over to him. “Mister Joker Sir, are we gonna kill my dad?” I asked in a small voice.
“Maybe. It depends.”
“On What?”I asked shakily.
“On if he decides to get in my way.” He replied absent-mindedly. Then he looked up just in time to see a silent tear trickle down my cheek.
“HEY! You’re wearing cover-up! Go wash it off…NOW!” Joker yelled at me suddenly. I jumped and ran to the bathroom connected to the master bedroom. I filled the sink and splashed water on my face, then I looked into the mirror and hated what I saw. Then I turned back and slowly walked into the room.
“Ok. I’m finished.” I said quietly.
“Well come here come here!” he said sounding overly excited. I walked over and he grabbed my waist and pulled me onto his lap. “Now now. Why would you hide these pretty things from Me?” he asked as he ran his fingertips done my cheeks. I had symmetrical scars running down both my cheeks to look like tear drops.
“I don’t like them. They remind me of my mother’s death.” I replied sadly.
“Oh? And how is that?” he asked.
“After my mother was shot, my father went on a rampage to kill the two men. He started shooting and one of his bullets hit a metal oil drum. The drum exploded and shrapnel flew out and buried in my cheeks. The hospital couldn’t do anything with the scars soo…” I trailed off.
“Oh I see…” he paused to think for a minute, “Well I’ve thought of your new nickname. I’m gonna call you Tragedy.”
“I like it,” I said quietly, “It makes sense.”
“What does?”he asked looking curious.
“That I’m Tragedy and I’m controlled by Comedy,”I smiled as I traced his scars. We stared at each other for seconds that felt like hours. Then we both looked away quickly, then he got the bright idea to stand up with me still sitting on his lap. I hit the plushy carpet and let out yet another ‘oof.’ He laughed and walked to the bathroom and threw a bag out the door before slamming it shut, I heard the lock click then I turned to the bag. I scrambled over to it and unzipped it. Inside were the most important contents of my room, my clothes, shampoo, conditioner, razor and razorblades(God bless him), toothbrush, and my iHome(Hal-leigh-lu-ya!) I pulled out my pajamas and put them on. Just as I was pulling the shirt down over my belly the Joker stepped out of the bathroom in nothing but boxers and toweling off his shoulder length, green tinted hair. He looked up and shot me a smile. This was the first time I’d seen him with out make-up…and a shirt, and the only thing that came to mind was the word ‘wow.’
You’d never tell under all the clothes that he wears, like that trench coat, but man is he built. He had great biceps and his abs, my Gawd, his abs looked like they had been chiseled from stone. The only thing I COULD do was stare, and the only thing he DID do was smile wider…
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