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Chapter #4-Welcome to the Club

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Tara gets a special offer from the joker...

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:Tara’s POV:
“M-my files? No you couldn’t have! Doctor Crane was supposed to burn them. He promised me he would!”
The Joker Smiled, “And you Believed him?! And I thought you were smart. Oh well, I’ve been wrong before,” he said with a shrug.
“SHUT UP! I knew that guy was a snake. That creep was always lying. I tried to tell my dad but noo no one would ever listen to the girl with issues!” I seethed. The rage that had been building up was finally bubbling over. “My father thought that counseling was the best thing for my voices. He thought they were making me unhappy, but doesn’t he see?! They’re a part of me! They’re my best friends, the only one’s who have ever been there for me!” I cried.
“Ya I saw that in your files. It said you had about 4 alternate personalities. Is that who you were talking to in the police station?” Joker asked, he actually looked curious.
“Ya I was talking to a girl named Lyla, she was the first one to show up after my mother died.”
“How did she die anyway?” the Joker asked. I didn’t know if I should tell him or not. The more he knows about me the more leverage he has over me. But while I was thinking that Carmen, another personality, decided to take control. Carmen is very strait forward and blunt.
“Hi, I’m Carmen. I’m another personality. Her, or should I say our, mother died in a gun fight that broke out in the hotel/bar our father owned. Two idiots were arguing over a mafia deal and Skyler tried to step in. Mom went to pull him back and she got a stray bullet to the right temple. Skyler flew off the handle and killed both the men, served ‘em right. Nothing but low down mafia scum.
“I see. Carmen how do you feel about killing?”
“Tara and I have no problem with it. The way we see it, everyone dies sometime when you kill them you’re just bringing it around sooner. Lyla and Darrin are the peaceful ones and they hate anything to do with killing, Darrin’s a girl by the way. Weird name, huh? And Tara’s last personality is Victoria. She’s a cold blooded psychopath. I pity anyone who pisses her off. She’s Tara’s defense system in a way, and if anyone one hurts her Victoria comes out, so watch yourself.” With that Carmen receded and Tara came back.
“Whew. What did Carmen have to say?” I asked with a puzzled look on my face.
“She said that you don’t have a problem with killing.” The Joker said with a smile.
“And she’s right. I don’t.”
“Then, I have a proposition for you. How would you like to work for me? It’s either that or well, I won’t go into details…”
I thought it over a minute then looked him square in the eye, “Fine, I’ll work for you. But I have to tell you I don’t kill anyone under the age of 6.”
“And Why is that?” he asked with a haughty expression on his face.
“Because the way I see it they’re still innocent. Once you reach that certain age where you know right and wrong and you knowingly choose wrong, you lose your innocence. But little kids only know good and bad, what their parents tell them, so they’re innocent. I will not kill the embodiment of innocence.” I said crossing my arms.
“Fair Enough. Welcome to the crew all five of you!” He said and threw his arm around my shoulders. “Let’s go meet the rest of the House!”

this is what tara would look like but she'd have forest green eyes
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