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Chapter 8..

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The following morning, my mind was floated with thoughts still of what my friends were thinking of me.Where they embarssed of me being gay??,either though Mikey told me that they all still loved me,it was hard to believe.Since Mikey was well ....Mikey,he always lied to make people feel better.So I honestly don't know...
I got up and went donwstairs to catch some breakfast.Dad,mom and Mikey were already eating.
"Good morning,Gerard," my father spoke as he saw me sit down.
"Morning," We all sat down eating quietly,shooting stares across the table.
"Gerard you have a doctor's appointment this morning,so you won't be attending school today," my mother said looking up.
"Alright, it a normal check up routine or-"
"It's an appointment with a theripast,"
"what?! why."
"Because we think you maybe confused"
"We. Donna your the one who thinks that," spoke my father.
"Donald I want our whole family to be together in the after life.And I would not stand seeing Gerard not being with us,because of a small sin."
"sin-I'am not going-"
"your going whether you like it or not,and that's final"
I don't even know why our mom is so realigious,I mean who's together in the after life ?
No one knows for sure.I mean our dad and I are pretty cool about Gerard being gay,it's just my mom.
God I wish you brought some thunder and struck her,so at least some sense would go into that woman's head.
I got up and answered the phone.
"Okay so I'am Randy the captain from the Track team,and we heard you've been working out.So we decided to give you a second chance."
"Yup,just come tommorow after school and be prepared,":
Alrighty?? Can't I get more dorkier.
a/n;alright I just wanted to fill you in those two pov's. Gerard and Mikey's. I'll post ray and bob's later on this week.So I have to make this short and quick since I have to go to school.
So please comment and tell me what you think.
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