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Excuse me Michael?

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A/N: Hm... Okay. First off - thanks for all your reviews and I'm sorry it’s taken me a while to update.
I've been a little confused as to how to continue the story because it’s always been my plan to make it a frerard, but the stories hardly turned out how I expected it to, so it wouldn’t be too much of a big deal if it went in another different direction to what I had planned.
Some of you have been reviewing saying you'd prefer it if I didn’t make this a frerard, and some of you are desperate for the romance to begin x_x That’s left me a bit torn, because I want to keep everyone happy. However - fear not for I have reached a decision! Cue cheesy super hero stance Even though I wanna keep you guys happy, I'm also writing this story for me - and I personally want frerard :] But, to try and compromise I'm gonna keep all slashyness on the down low, so no smut... well, that’s the plan at least O. o
So, I hope that’s okay for everyone and if not then err... sorry..? : /
Okaaay - onto the chapter!
Rayray xox
P. S - I have nooo idea about anything to do with courts and sentences, so I hope it doesn’t sound too... unbelievable O. o

"May the dictator for the Jury please stand?" A man with grey hair and a receding hair line got to his feet. He had a pinched face with large round glasses perched on the end of his nose, he glanced down at Frank who was sat beside his lawyer in a deep black suit, nibbling his lip in the gap where his lip ring would usually rest - only mom had made him take it out before court.
"Have the Jury reached a conclusion?" Asked the judge, the man turned his attention to the female judge who sat on a chair behind a podium, a long grey wig atop her head.
"We have your honor." He nodded. I saw Frank pale and clutch his knees, my own nerves making my stomach squirm. "We find the accused guilty of all charges." I only just managed to stop myself from jumping out of my seat and cheering. Of course we had expected this to be the outcome; there was no way anyone could argue with the evidence against Frank’s father. The video tape of his confession had been shown in court and I had relished in watching Franks father go pale, he had been pleading not guilty for whatever reason and there was just no way he get away with this. I watched Frank get to his feet and shake hands with his lawyer as his father was pulled out of the court room, through the door in the back wall where he would be taken to jail. The sentence would be decided in an hour, until then we could either go home and come back, or hang around the court rooms. I got to my feet and followed mom and Mikey down the stairs leading to the lower floor where Frank was stood waiting for us.
"Oh Frankie darling well done!" Cried mom, enveloping Frank in a tight hug and rocking him back and forth as he laughed. "At last that horrid man is going to get what he deserves. I hope they put him on death row!" She declared. Frank gave an uneasy chuckle and mom gave him a sad smile as she pulled back.
"Sorry dear, I know he's your father but still. He deserves to rot in hell for what he's done." She said strongly, Frank gave a small smile and nodded.
"I know. I agree. I don’t think I'd care if he was put on death row, just so long as he's out of my life." He said slowly. Mikey stepped forward, pushing mom aside so that he could shake Frank’s hand.
"Great outcome man, you must be happy!" He said with a grin. Frank laughed and nodded.
"I am." He agreed. Mikey was then pulled away by mom who thwacked him round the head and started ranting at how rude it was to push others around. I chuckled and Frank grinned at me, stepping up and wrapping his arms around me. We seemed to have gotten closer in the last month. I had had helped him with all the legal shit building up to the two day court hearing we had just gone through, and helped him to keep everything hidden from students at school although the teachers had to be informed by what had happened. At first they had treated Frank a lot differently, trying to apologize for not realizing, to offer help and sympathy and it had made Frank uncomfortable. Which had then led to an awkward meeting in the staffroom where I almost pleaded with them all to just act like everything was normal. Thankfully, my pleading had worked.
Franks confidence had shot up too. He was still a little timid around some people, especially strangers. But he was starting to get noticed in school, other kids were asking to start a band with him, girls were starting to flirt with him, and he and Ray had become best friends. He was starting to become the popular punk kid I had first expected him to be. It suited him well, and my fears of being forgotten had completely dissolved, in fact, he seemed adamant to keep me a part of his life. I didn’t feel like his teacher. I felt like another one of his friends, some times it was difficult not to act like a teenager with him around the school.
"Thanks for everything Gee. You've been amazing." Frank grinned as we pulled apart. I smiled back and ruffled his hair.
"You're always thanking me Frankie. You don’t need to ya' know." I laughed. He smirked and batted my hand away, playfully hitting my arm.
"I know. I just cant help it, I feel like I can never thank you enough." He said sincerely and I pulled him into a one armed embrace.
"Trust me Frankie, its enough." I chuckled. He pouted at me and I laughed. He was so adorable, not that I would ever admit that to myself. Mom finally finished her rant with Mikey and came back up to us.
"Well, what do you boys want to do until the sentence?" She asked. I shrugged along with Mikey and Frank and Mom sighed. "You're about as much help as a -"
"Cock flavored lolly pop?"
"Excuse me!?" Mom turned to glare at Mikey who blushed and gave a guilty grin, holding up his hands.
"Sorry! Its a movie line - I didn’t mean to say it!" He cried.
"Michael James Way I am disgusted!" Mom snapped, hitting him round the head for the second time. I snorted with laughter and Frank bit his lip, giggling quietly. "I'm sure I don’t want to know what movies you've been watching!" Mom said angrily, causing Mikey to blush even more.
"It wasn’t anything dirty - it was just dodge ball!" He insisted. Mom tutted and turned away from him with a roll of her eyes.
"Whatever Michael. Gerard, I thought you'd be a better example." She snapped at me. I stared at her in surprise and frowned.
"What?" I cried.
"You're the eldest. You're supposed to lead him away from that sort of nonsense." Mom said firmly. I stared at her with my mouth wide open, feeling like there was no justice in that what so ever as Frank choked with laughter. I glared at him before glaring at Mikey who was still blushing.

"I hereby sentence Mr. Iero to life imprisonment without probation." The judge slammed down her Mallet and there was a scraping of chairs as the jury got to their feet and left the court room in a babble of conversation. Franks dad gave a cry of outrage at the sentence and was pulled forcefully out of the room by two large Policemen.
Frank gave a small nod of thanks to the judge before joining Mikey, mom and I at the door. We congratulated him and mom complained that a life sentence wasn’t nearly long enough, talking mainly to herself as she strolled ahead of us. I smiled down at Frank who was picking at his nails.
"You okay Frank?" I asked. He stopped picking and nodded, giving me a warm smile.
"Yeah... just a little... shell shocked I guess. I cant believe its really over. I keep thinking I'm going to wake up and it'll all be a dream." He said quietly. I rested a hand on his shoulder, loosening my tie a little as we stepped out of the court into the summer heat.
"Well, this is reality Frank. So enjoy it." Frank grinned and I pulled my hand away, going over to my car, waving goodbye to Frank, mom and Mikey as they headed towards mom car.
"Hey, Donna - can I ride with Gerard?" Asked Frank. Mom looked surprised but nodded.
"Sure, there’s no problem with that." She said, Frank thanked her and sprinted back over to me. I gave him a confused look and he smiled.
"I just wanted to go with you... you err... play the best music." He explained, sliding into the passenger seat of my car as I got into the other side.
"I cant argue with you on that." I chuckled, switching on the radio and turning it up. Frank rested his feet against the dash board and tapped his fingers on his knees along to the beat. I spoke to him a little about the sentence, but the conversation died quickly. I didn’t really want to talk about Frank’s dad anymore than Frank did, and we fell into a comfortable silence, following behind mom’s car towards her house.
"Hey... Gee?" Frank turned to look at me and I 'mmd?' a response. Frank paused for a second, passing his tongue over his lower lip as if he were nervous before clearing his throat.
"I just..." He stopped and looked away, biting his lip. I glanced over at him with a frown.
"What is it?" I asked, feeling worry gnaw at my chest. Frank shook his head and smiled over at me.
"Nothing... I was just going to say thanks again." He said quietly. I raised an eyebrow at him, not quite believing him but deciding it was probably best to drop it. It probably was just nothing...
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