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Not to be damaged again

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Some good news.

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"Fuck orf..." I slurred, slapping Mikeys hand away as he shook my shoulder.
"Come on Gee, you need to get up." He demanded, continuing to shake me, I ignored him and kept my eyes closed. I was so tired I could easily sleep with him here; it was no problem for me. He soon realized this and I heard him tut.
"Gerard stop being a lazy ass and get your rear end out of bed now!" He snapped. I ignored him and he started poking me in the ribs, but the thick duvet I was burrowed under blunted his blows and it made no difference. If I wasn’t so tired I would have given a smug grin but right now I felt like he was trying to drag me back from the dead, and death was being very warm and comfortable so I was pretty damn reluctant to leave.
"Fine then, have it your way." Mikey snapped and I heard him walking away. I burrowed deeper into the covers and pressed my face into the pillow. I had stayed over at moms with Mikey and Frank that night for no apparent reason. I was comfy and content in my old room in the basement surrounded by my old comic book drawings and random crap that I hadn’t taken with me when I left home. I felt like a teenager again, and though everything was a little dusty and my duvet cover was peach (it was the only one mom had spare) I didn’t want to leave.
"Okay bro', don’t say I didn’t warn you." I heard Mikey saying as he stomped down the basement stairs. I didn’t have a clue what he was going on about but I guessed it probably wasn’t important.
"I'm giving you three seconds to get up Gee." Mikey said in a warning tone as he knelt down on my bed, I could sense he was hovering over me and I pulled the duvet up over my head.
"Kish ma arsh." I mumbled, I heard Mikey counting under his breath. I knew the routine already, all he would do is jump on me for a while before giving up and walking away... at least, that’s what used to happen. Of course dearest Mikey was older now, and was actually starting to become quite mean in his old age.
"Times up!" He cried, whipping back the covers and throwing something wet and cold in my face. I cried out and thrashed around, getting tangled in the duvet as I grabbed what ever he had thrown on me and pulled it away, opening my blurry eyes and staring in annoyance at the dripping wash cloth in my hand. Mikey was cackling to himself as he ran up the stairs, disappearing before I could chase him.
"Mikey you ASS!" I shouted, throwing the wash cloth to the floor, groaning as I wiped my face with the duvet. I continued grumbling to myself as I decided I would just pretend that never happened and go back to sleep, but ma' appeared in the doorway, looking pissed off with her hands on her hips.
"Hasn’t Mikey woken you yet? The police are here Gerard, get up already." She snapped, walking away as I sat up. I felt dizzy as the blood flowed from my head to the rest of my body, the police were here? What did they want? Couldn’t I have at least one days rest? I groaned moodily as I swung my legs out of my bed, stretching before standing up and hunting for my jeans and T - shirt. I threw on the nearest clothes I could find, I had an old baggy shirt in here from when I did painting as a teenager and it fit quite well now - even if it was covered in paint splodges. I glanced in my cracked mirror above my desk covered in random bits of art and writing, my hair was a mess and I used my fingers to tame it the best I could. I still looked a mess, paler than usual with big black circles under my eyes but I didn’t immensely give a fuck. It was their own fault for waking me up so early.
"He's always been lazy, its a mystery how he manages to get to work on time every morning." I heard ma' saying as I entered the living room, I could smell coffee coming from the kitchen and I stopped for a second, breathing in the delicious scent before making my way into the kitchen where ma' was stood making coffee for everyone, Frank and Mikey sat at the table joined by Officer Bryar who was chewing on one of moms home made cookies.
"Talking about me mother?" I asked, glaring at Mikey who grinned back.
"Of course, and don’t call me mother Gerard - it sounds so formal." Mom said back, turning and handing me a coffee. I took it from her and flopped down into a seat opposite officer Bryar and beside Frank who picking at a cookie, a look of worry on his face. Mom handed out the rest of the coffee and sat down at the head of the table.
"Okay, we're all here - please say its good news Bob." She said with a pleading tone. I presumed Bryar was Bob and I looked at him, relieved to see a smile on his face.
"I'm happy to say it is." He grinned, I felt Frank relax next to me and release a breath of relief. Mom also seemed less tense, Mikey just looked distracted by the still warm cookies in the centre of the table.
"We got everything that happened in the conference room on tape and it took a bit of pressuring, but we've finally got his confession. I would hope that you're going to press charges Frank in which case this whole thing will go to court and you're dad will be sent to prison. Because you're almost eighteen it isn’t necessary to get the social services involved, as long as you're happy staying with Mrs. Way of course. We can offer you counseling too, if you feel like you want some. But that is you're own choice and personally I don’t think you'll need it, not with all the people already willing to help you get through this, I understand it will be a hard time for you, but I assume now that you're away from your father everything is going to get a lot easier." Bob paused and Frank nodded as I felt more and more relief washing through my veins. Franks dad had confessed, he wasn’t going to get away with this. Everything was going to be okay. I looked over at Frank to see him smiling, colour in his cheeks and a sparkle in his eyes I had never seen before. He looked... free.
"I will be wanting to press charges, definitely." Frank said, his voice shook slightly and I knew it was because of the fear he still felt for his father, and probably would feel for the rest of his life, and I respected him for being strong enough to make this decision.
"I want him locked up, I want him out of my life forever. And thank you for you're offer, but I wont be wanting the counseling. I think I have everything I need already." He added and Bob nodded, smiling brightly.
"I understand. Well Frank, that was everything I think." Bob pulled some paper out of a small satchel he had brought with him and laid it infront of Frank on the table.
"You'll need to fill these in and send them to the station with in the next week to confirm you want to press charges, and there’s some extra stuff about media involvement, i.e. - if you want this to go out into the press or not. And some extra statements to fill in, and lawyer stuff and what not. Its all very self explanatory. And we'll be in touch with you again soon." Bob smiled and got to his feet, the rest of us following suit to shake his hand and thank him again and again.
"Oh thank you so much Bob, keep in touch - maybe once this case is over you can come for Sunday dinner one week, I know we'd all love it if you did." Mom said enthusiastically, Bryar grinned and allowed her to kiss his cheek.
"Thank you very much Mrs. Way, I'd like that very much - but not until the case is finished, other wise it could get me in trouble." Bob said gently.
"Of course, after the case - no trouble." Mom said brightly, walking Bob to the door as I turned to Frank who was beaming at me. I smiled back at him, enjoying the look of pure relief on his face. I didn’t feel tired anymore, I felt filled with energy, I had the weird urge to go outside and just run around yelling at the top of my lungs.
"So, that’s good news huh Frank?" Asked Mikey, grabbing a cookie and stuffing it into his mouth.
"Yeah, it is." Frank laughed, stepping up to me and pulling me into a hug. "And its all thanks to you Gee. None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for you, and I'm so grateful." He grinned, I chuckled and cuddled him close.
"It was nothing Frank. I cant imagine not helping you." I smiled. Mikey winked at me from behind Frank and I glared at him, making him clamp a hand over his mouth to stop himself from laughing.
Stupid brother.

A/N: Gah, sorry its such a short chapter. More of a filler really. I just wanted to post something quickly while I had time. And eeeeeeeeh - green chapters! xD I'm so happy that you guys like this story so much, and I hope this chapter wasn’t too much of a disappointment =S
Rayray xox
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