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It ends tonight

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Frank faces his father...

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It had taken a surprisingly long time to get everything arranged, all the police officers in the building had to be aware of what was going on and armed officers had to be ready outside of the conference room incase Frank got hurt. I had to stay in the room with Bryar and Lloyd, watching everything on the monitors. I stood with Frank held tightly in my arms as we waited for the go ahead, he rested his head on my chest and kept silent. I assumed he was thinking of what he was going to do when he faced his father; I hoped that his plan would work - what ever it may be.
"Frank." Officer Lloyd walked into the room, Frank looking up to see her. "Everything’s ready. Officer Jenkins will take you down to the room, and we'll give you five minutes. Okay?" She asked, Frank nodded and gently pulled out of my grip as I gave him a longing look, he forced a smile at me and then disappeared out of the room. Officer Lloyd patted my shoulder as she walked past me.
"He'll be okay." She said, joining Bryar by the monitors, resting her hands on the desk infront of them. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair; my stomach was swirling with nerves and fear. If he hurt Frank I don’t know what I would do. I joined Bryar and Lloyd by the monitors and waited, chewing on my thumb nail as I watched Franks father sat on his own in the conference room, picking at a thread on his jeans. Time seemed to move in slow motion, each second ticking away like a minute as I waited for Frank to enter the room.
Bryar and Lloyd were watching the screens with the same intent impatience, waiting... waiting...
"Frank!?" Franks father jumped to his feet in surprise as Frank burst into the room slamming the door behind him before his dad spotted the officers waiting outside. He jumped as he saw his dad and pressed his back into the wall, wrapping his arms tightly around himself, something I hadn’t seen him do since the first month of working at the school.
"Frankie - what are you doing in here?" Franks dad approached him and I saw Frank flinch, pressing himself further into the wall.
"I - I came looking for you." He choked out, sliding along the wall as his father got closer, trying to keep the distance between them. Franks dad raised his eyebrows and smirked.
"Oh? Whys that?" He asked, Frank continued sliding along the wall, never taking his eyes off his father as I watched everything with wide, frightened eyes - tearing at my nail with my teeth.
"I want you to tell them the truth - I want you to confess everything." Franks voice was so quiet and timid that I barely heard it; his dad stopped and stared at him surprise before laughing loudly.
"Oh Frankie -" He chuckled, closing the gap between him and his son with three large steps, caging Frank against the wall with his arms. I noticed Officer Lloyd tense and she grabbed the walkie - talkie she had strapped to her vest, waiting for a moment.
"You know I'm not going to do that. And I know you cant make me." Frank trembled against the wall, and even through the monitors I could see the tears in his eyes. "You've been very bad today Frankie, telling the police everything - and you know what happened last time you did this." His dad twirled a strand of Frank’s hair round his finger.
"Dad p - please - Just leave me alone." Frank whispered through tears. His dad smirked at him, before slamming his hand against Franks throat, pinning him into the wall with a sudden force, it caused Bryar, Lloyd and I to all jump, Lloyd dropping her walkie - talkie and causing it to skid under the desk.
"NO!" She cried, dropping to her knees and scrabbling under the desk to grab the gadget. I stared at her in horror before looking back at the screen to see Frank being lifted into the air by his throat, he scratched at his dads hands, eyes wide with fear.
"D - Dad -" He choked.
"The problem with you son, is that you actually believed they'd believe you this time. Thought I wouldn’t get away with it, but what’s this Frankie?" His dad grabbed Frank between the legs and massaged him roughly as Frank tried to scream.
"I'm touching you, and no ones stopping me. Oh, what a shame." His dad snarled, chuckling darkly to himself as Officer Lloyd emerged from under the desk pressing the button on the walkie - talkie and raising it quickly to her lips.
"Get in there! Get in there NOW!" She cried. I looked back at the monitors with tears sliding silently down my cheeks as the door to the room was slammed open, police officers running inside. There was a blur of movement as Franks father was seized by the shoulder and thrown across the table, his arms being pulled behind him as his wrists were cuffed. Frank lay on the floor, shaking and whimpering as one of the female officer gently helped him get to his feet.
"Mr. Iero I am arresting you on suspicion of sexual abuse, you do not have to say anything but anything you do say may be taken in evidence which you may later rely on in court." Frank’s dad gave an angry roar and tried to break free from the police officer who kept him pinned to the table, but the officer was strong and Frank’s father stood no chance.
"Take him to a cell and lock him in there." Lloyd shouted down the walkie talkie, strolling towards the door, I followed her as Bryar began pressing buttons on the monitor, ejecting the tape and taking it into his hand.
I followed Officer Lloyd as she walked full speed through the hallways, my heart was hammering madly in my chest and I had butterflies in my stomach as I struggled to keep myself from just sprinting through the whole police station looking for Frank.
"GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF OF ME!" I recognized Franks voice as did Officer Lloyd and we quickened our pace, rounding a corner to see Franks father being dragged, kicking and screaming, down the corridor towards the cells. Police officers were everywhere, talking so quickly to one another I couldn’t catch the words. They all looked shocked, some angry, and the three female officers were surrounding Frank, trying to comfort him as he sobbed. I went to run to him but hesitated. Would he still trust me? So soon after his dad had just frightened him like that?
"Look, you're friends here." One of the women said, pointing to me and making Frank look up, tears running down his cheeks and dripping onto his shirt. Frank saw the uncertainty in my eyes and he approached me slowly, brushing through the crowds of Police Officers, whom Lloyd was now talking to, like a ghost. His chest was rising and falling rapidly from the force of his sobs and he reached a hand out to me as he grew closer, I hooked my fingers over his but didn’t pull him closer, wanting him to come to me in his own time.
"You don’t hate m - me now right?" He whimpered. My eyes widened as he finally stopped walking, hardly a foot away from me.
"Of course not. Why would I?" I asked. Franks lips were trembling as he choked out a reply.
"Because now you know w - what he's done t - to me." He whimpered, I shook my head and pulled him softly into my arms, resting my head beside his.
"I already knew Frankie." I pointed out and I felt him nod.
"You don’t care ... that he's t - tainted me... you still care about m - me?" He asked quietly, his voice thick with tears. I nodded and pressed my face into his hair, breathing in the sweet cherry scent.
"Of course I still care Frank. I wont ever stop." I promised, whispering it so that only he could hear. Though we were around so many other people it was like it was just the two of us, in a world of our own filled with pain and misery that was starting to slowly clear away. I heard him choke on his tears and his arms wrapped tighter around me and I pressed a kiss to his hair, so small that not even he would feel it.
"You did so well Frank. Everything will be fine now, they have all the evidence they need and he wont ever hurt you again." I whispered, my senses getting intoxicated by his arms tight around me, the scent of his hair so strong, I felt my heart aching for him and I just didn’t know why.
"I hope so..." Frank whispered, his lips so close to my ear I could almost feel them. I suppressed a shudder as I felt tingling down my spine. It was wrong to feel this way for him, I just knew it was, but I couldn’t help it.
"Mr. Way?" I broke apart from Frank as if I had just been electrocuted and turned to see Bryar giving me a concerned look. "Err... you okay?" He asked. I nodded and he smiled at me and Frank.
"Now we have all the evidence we need to prove Mr. Iero is guilty, you can both go home for the night. We'll be in contact in the morning." He said with a grin, I heard Frank sigh with relief and I nodded gratefully.
"Thank you." I said with an exhausted smile, I couldn’t wait to get home and sleep. I was just... drained. Frank stepped foreword and Bryar gave him a soft smile.
"You'll be okay Frank, everything’s going to get sorted out now. I'll be on the team making sure it does." He said genuinely, Frank smiled and carefully took Bryars hand in his, shaking it up and down with trembling fingers. Bryar smiled and patted him on the shoulder.
"You two head off home now, you both look exhausted." He said and we both thanked him once more, I shook his hand before leaving feeling relieved to know Bryar would be helping to get this whole case sorted, I felt better knowing he was on it. He seemed so genuine.

"GERARD! OH MY DARLING!" I was enveloped into a tight hug as soon as Ma' saw me. I had no doubts she and Mikey had sat in the waiting room the whole time we were here, just waiting for us.
"Hey Ma'." I smiled, cuddling into her. I didn’t care how old I was, I felt like a little kid again who was tired and in need of a serious mother snuggle. Mom babbled on about how terrible this whole thing was and if she ever saw Frank’s dad she'd kill him, before releasing me to pull Frank to her bosom instead. Frank held her back and I saw the way he clung to her, like a lost child who had just found their mother. I smiled before being dragged into Mikeys strong embrace.
"Hey bro!" He cried loudly down my ear.
"Hey Mikey." I choked out, struggling to breathe whilst in his surprisingly strong arms.
"I'm so glad this whole thing is finally getting resolved." He said brightly, releasing me just as Ma' released Frank. I nodded and agreed with him, but my vision was going blurry and I was only half paying attention, I just wanted to sleep. To sleep for days and days on end, in fact fuck it - I wanted to hibernate. Someone throw me a cardboard box and some straw and I'll be fine for the next five months. Frank looked as if he was thinking the exact same thing. Mom linked her arms through one of mine and one of Frankie’s, steering us towards the door.
"Come on you two, lets get you home."

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