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I watched with a heavy heart as Frank walked down the corridor accompanied by two police officers and a female doctor. He was visibly shaking and pale, I could only imagine how frightened his was, mom had gone with him and she had a stony look on her face, she had been told everything by officer Bryar and I don’t think I've ever seen my mother so mad before, she whispered something about Franks dad and hell before agreeing to go with Frank for his rape tests. Before she left she pulled me into a tight embrace and kissed me hard on the cheek.
"You did the right thing." She had whispered before taking Franks hand and whispering comforting words to him as they were led through the police station. I don’t know why but it meant a lot to hear ma tell me that, and I knew Frank would be okay with my mom there; she always made things better again. Mikey was currently having a slight bitch fit in the reception, he had gone to get everyone coffee and when he came back he was pulled aside with ma to be informed what was going on and since then hadn’t stopped ranting about 'sick people today'.
"Are you ready for you're next interview?" Officer Bryar had appeared at my side just as Frank turned a corner and disappeared from view. I was silent for a moment, staring at the spot I had last seen him with an emotionless look on my face before nodding slowly.
"Sure..." I mumbled, Bryar nodded and beckoned for me to follow him and I did so in silence. I was completely drained, it was now six in the evening and I had spent all day in the police station, having my emotions battered continuously as I watched Frank go through countless interviews with many different people, having his father deny all charges, then getting dragged into more interviews myself. The police told us that the rape test results would be the thing to sway the argument, since both Frank’s father and Frank had strong, believable stories. I couldn’t care less about Frank’s dad’s story; I just wanted to rip his throat out.
I entered the interview room to find another Police officer in there; she looked up as I walked in and gestured for me to sit down in the chair opposite hers. I flopped into the plastic seat as Bryar took the chair beside the police officer. She was a pretty woman I guessed, her long blonde hair had been pulled back into a tight bun and she had piercing blue eyes but I got the impression she was a soft person.
"Hello Mr. Way, I am Officer Lloyd and I will be helping to interview you this evening." She said gently, clasping her hands on top of the table. Her nails were short and red, and she had a small tattoo of a pink love heart on her thumb. I nodded and she waved a hand at Bryar who smiled encouragingly at me.
"You already know Officer Bryar." She stated without taking her eyes off me. I nodded once more and she reclasped her hands, smiling slightly.
"Right then, I understand you must be very tired Mr. Way so we shall try to be quick." She promised, I smiled and thanked her. I didn’t think I could handle another brain picking interview. They began with the same routine of my right to remain silent and was I aware I was being recorded blah blah blah, I nodded lazily as they did their job and then the recording began and the questions started flowing.
"Mr. Way, you earlier stated that Frank Iero first told you he was being abused one day some months ago. Can you remember what he said to you?" Officer Lloyd asked, regarding me closely. I wondered if she was one of those people who could read other people like an open book by observing their body language. I wasn’t sure whether I was worried about if she was or not, I had nothing to hide after all.
"I remember exactly what he said." I said quietly, staring down at my hands. How could I forget that day? The way he had told me everything through tears and fury. Bryar leant forward and took a deep breath.
"Can you tell us what he said?" He asked. I nodded and looked up, making sure to keep eye contact as I told them everything Frank had told me. About how he had thought what his father did to him was so that he could keep God happy, that he had been told he would get to see his mom in heaven if he did as he was told, how it had taken him until high school to realize his father was a liar, and a rapist and how his fear for the man had grown to the point where he didn’t dare fight back. Officer Bryar and Officer Lloyd listened silently, taking everything in and though they kept their faces a mask of no emotions, I could see the pain and disgust in their eyes.
"And, what did you do after Frank told you all this?" Officer Lloyd choked out once I had finished my story.
"I promised him I would help him. I told him that I would never let his father hurt him again, and by the end of that week end it had been arranged for him to live with my mother." I said honestly. Officer Lloyd nodded and wriggled in her seat.
"And was Frank’s father aware of this arrangement?" She asked. I shook my head.
"No, he wasn’t. He was away that weekend and Frank left before he returned. The plan was that his dad wouldn’t find him, obviously that plan wouldn’t work if he knew about Frank leaving." I said, shrugging. Lloyd and Bryar exchanged glances, it was clear that they felt I had done the right thing, but the law would probably disagree.
"Are you aware, Mr. Way that by taking Frank away from his home without his parents’ permission is in affect, kidnapping?" Officer Lloyd asked softly, I felt my stomach lurch at the word. Bryar gave me a sympathetic look as I struggled to think of what to say next, my mouth opening and closing like a gold fish as I went to say things and then changed my mind.
"B - But, Frank is seventeen. He'll be eighteen in October, it’s up to him whether he leaves home or not. Its legal for him to leave home as soon as he reaches sixteen, all I did was give him a place to stay." I pointed out, I wasn’t sure that was enough to justify Frank leaving his house but the smile that graced the two officers faces melted away my doubts.
"Of course, yes. That’s right." Officer Bryar said with a sigh of relief, scribbling something out on his clipboard. "Forgive us, we didn’t think about his age when his father accused you of kidnap." Bryar sounded genuinely happy that I couldn’t be charged for kidnapping Frank and I smiled and nodded, Lloyd apologized too and I smiled at them both.
"It’s fine." I said honestly. Just so long as it turned out they couldn’t arrest me for kidnapping Frank I didn’t care whether they'd missed out a few minor details. Officer Lloyd went through some of the papers on her clipboard, stopping at one and looking up at me.
"When Frank told you about the abuse he was suffering, was this the first you had heard of it, or had you had suspicions before hand?" She asked.
"I'd already got my suspicions." I said instantly, not waiting for them to ask me to continue before telling them about the day I had gone to Frank’s house and caught a glimpse of him through the bedroom door with his shirt half ripped from his back. I even remembered the exact date which not only impressed Bryar and Lloyd, it impressed me too. I usually never remembered important times or dates. After that I spent the next half an hour filling them in on every little detail, until there was nothing more to tell. By the time the recorder was switched off I felt even more exhausted than before, but a lot happier. I knew my story was the truth, and I was just glad to have it all out in the open.
"Thank you Mr. Way, you've been most co-operative." Officer Lloyd said with a smile, shaking my hand as we all rose to our feet. Bryar nodded and took over the hand shake as soon as Officer Lloyd let go.
"Yes you have - as far as I can tell there are no holes in you're story, but we will have to analyze it and compare it to Mr. Iero's story, hopefully this whole thing can get sorted out as soon as possible." He said, his hand clasped tightly around mine. I nodded and thanked him.
"What happens now?" I asked as we left the interview room.
"You will be taken back to you're cell as we re-interview Mr. Iero, and we will wait for the results from the rape test to arrive within the next -" Officer Lloyd checked her watch before continuing. "Hour or so. We will let you know what progress is being made as soon as we can." She finished, smiling warmly at me. I didn’t much like the idea of going back to the cell again, but I nodded and thanked her anyway before following Bryar back through the corridors. My eyelids felt heavy and my muscles were aching more than they had done all day. Bryar glanced over his shoulder at me and gave me a sad smile.
"I know it’s been a trying day Mr. Way, but you've been great, as Officer Lloyd said - very co-operative. Mr. Iero has been quite argumentative and violent today, so that will stand in you're favor." He said quietly and I smiled at him. I had to admit, I had felt like having a mad fit numerous times today but had forced myself to stay on my best behavior just because I knew that would help my case.
"And if it’s any consolation to you, I believe you and Frank. I think his father doesn’t have a leg to stand on right now." Bryar added and I looked at him with a wide grin.
"Really?" I asked. He nodded and smirked at me.
"Yep. I wish I could tell you the tales he's been coming out with but its confidential information. Lets just put it this way - all eight of his stories aren’t adding up." Bryar grinned as I began to laugh, my hopes soaring. Did this mean they'd believe us? Would Frank’s father finally get what he deserved? Bryar opened up my cell and stood aside to let me go in. I sat down on the metal bench/bed thing and Bryar observed me for a second, seemingly contemplating something.
"Hm... Okay, strictly saying I'm not allowed to do this but - don’t suppose I could get you a coffee or anything?" He asked kindly, I smiled broadly at him. I decided I liked Officer Bryar, I liked him a lot. I figured if anyone was going to get Franks dad locked up - then Bryar would.
"If it’s not too much hassle, and if you won’t get into trouble anything then I would love a coffee." I admitted. Bryar nodded and smiled.
"I'll be five minutes. And don’t worry, I'm like a ninja." He grinned before walking out of the cell and closing the heavy door behind him.

When I woke up I was insanely disorientated. I hadn’t been asleep long, but my face hurt from where I had laid across the metal bench. The polystyrene cup which had once been filled with coffee was now empty and had rolled across the floor whilst I was sleeping. It took me a moment for me to remember where I was, and once I did I began to wonder what the time was. I wasn’t kept wondering long before the door was pushed open and Officer Bryar appeared. He had a solemn look on his face, and I began to panic.
"Mr. Way, if you would like to follow me please." He said quietly. I slowly swung my legs off the bench and followed him silently out of the cell and down the corridor. I wanted to ask what was going on but I didn’t feel like I should, Bryar didn’t seem prepared to say anything anyway. I wondered if something was wrong. Was Frank okay? Had his dad said something to make them suspicious of me again? I felt like a deer caught in head lights, I didn’t know what to do, where to run. I was taken to a room I had never been to before and Bryar turned to look at me as he gripped the door handle.
"He's a bit... angry... We think you're the only one who can calm him down." He said quietly. I raised an eyebrow at him.
"Who is?" I asked, already knowing the answer.
"Frank. The rape tests came back positive and he's been allowed to watch his fathers’ current interview, but it’s upset him." Bryar seemed to think this was an extreme understatement and I stared at him with worry as he pushed the door open. Inside Officer Lloyd was trying to calm Frank down as he shouted at the TV monitors showing his father being interviewed by two police officers.
"Frank?" I walked swiftly into the room and he turned to see me, his eyes blazing.
"Gerard!" He ran to me and wrapped his arms tight around me, burying his face into my shoulder, something that was becoming quite a habit.
"Frankie, are you okay?" I asked, for now all I cared about was making sure he was alright. I knew he had been scared to death about the rape tests.
"No - he keeps lieing Gee. He won’t stop lieing!" Frank cried, trembling slightly in my arms. I turned my gaze to the monitors where Frank’s father was sat with a confident smirk on his face as he was interrogated. I felt my own hatred run swiftly through my veins and I swallowed deeply, trying to keep myself calm.
"Make him stopping lying Gee... I want him to stop lying..." Frank whimpered. Officer Lloyd watched me with sad eyes as I hushed Frank, gently prying him away from me.
"Its okay Frankie, they won’t believe him because his story just won’t add up." I said firmly, looking him directly in his shining hazel eyes as I gripped his shoulders. He looked at me with trembling lips before looking down at the floor, his body sagging with defeat.
"I just wish he would die." He whispered. I sighed and pulled him into my arms once more, closing my eyes as his arms wrapped around me tightly. I wished his dad would die to, God only knew he deserved it.
"Oh, he's just being told about the rape rest results." Officer Lloyd cried, every ones focus going back to the monitors. She turned a small dial on the TV and the volume went up, it was like watching some weird drama.
"Mr. Iero, we have just been informed by the hospital that you're sons rape tests came out positive. Do you know what this means?" Asked one of the officers. Franks dad shrugged.
"Tell me." He answered casually. I saw Franks eyes well up with angry tears as he watched the screens and I wrapped my arms around him from behind him, he stepped back into my embrace until his back was against my chest and his hands came up to hold onto mine. It didn’t occur to me this might seem a bit... intimate, I just wanted to comfort him.
"It means that you're son has been raped." Snapped the second officer, Franks dad raised his eyebrows. "You raped him didn’t you Mr. Iero? You raped you're own son and told him it was all for God. Isn’t that right Mr. Iero!?" The police officer was practically yelling, his body leant forward and fists clenched. Franks dad gave a look of hurt.
"How dare you suggest I would do such a thing! If my son has been raped then I can assure you it is not of my doing, what kind of a sick man do you take me for? It was probably that art teacher of his!" He snapped. Frank broke out of my arms and ran to the screen, smashing his fist against it.
"LIAR! YOU FUCKING LIAR!" He shouted. Bryar ran forward and pulled Frank away from the screens as he continued to try and punch them. "GERARD WOULD NEVER DO THAT! YOU FUCKING LIAR!" Frank broke out of Bobs grip so forcefully he fell to the floor, he pulled himself into a sitting position and buried his face into his hands, his body shaking as he cried.
"Frankie -" I knelt down beside him and allowed him to crawl into my arms. "Its okay, they won’t believe him." Frank nodded into my shirt but Bryar and Lloyd refused to meet my glance.
"They won’t believe him... right?" I asked. Lloyd bit her lip and Bryar sighed.
"I don’t know. We might have to interview you and try to find evidence. But that’s only because his father accused you, not because we believe him." He said truthfully, I felt my stomach drop. I wasn’t sure I could take much more of this. Frank looked up in horror and stared at Officer Bryar.
"But Gerard hasn’t done anything! All he's done is help me! Let me go in there!" Frank struggled to his feet and approached Bryar warily, fists clenched. "Let me go in there and get him to admit it. We'll pretend that the officers are going for a break and that I snuck in there without anyone noticing - I can make him admit it, I promise I can." Frank gave Bryar and Lloyd a pleading look and they glanced at each other.
"I don’t think you should Frank. It might be dangerous..." Bryar said slowly.
"No it won’t!" Cried Frank. "You guys will be in here watching everything, if he tries to do anything you can stop him straight away! Please let me go in there! I can make him confess everything, I know how to do it - and you'll have it on tape too, it'll be the perfect evidence." Frank cried, determined not to give up. I bit my lip thoughtfully, Frank had a point - if it worked we would have the perfect evidence. Bryar and Lloyd looked at each other.
"What do you think Jenny? You're the chief of police, you're the only one who can give permission for Frank to go in there." Bryar said quietly, I stared at Officer Lloyd in shock - she was the chief of police? Jenny sighed and looked at Franks pleading face, the tears spilling out of his eyes.
"Please..." He whispered, his voice shaking. Jenny ran a hand through her hair and bit her lip.
"Five minutes." She said slowly. "We'll let you in there for five minutes, that’s all."
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