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How can i let this go?

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It was just his face. A face I never thought I would see again. A face I should never be able to see again. so why was i? Repost because no-one read it hope it's okay x

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Hi this is my first fic so yer it's not going to be the best
there might be some bad spelling and grammar but i'm working on it.
its a repost because last time i got a bad rate -1 so no-one read it :(
so i reposted it and i beg you to give me a chance because i really enjoy righting
so yer review tell me how to make it better
if your going to rate it bad, fair enough but please can you explain why so i can imporove my work
okies well if you read all this thanks


Chapter one: This awkward silence it won’t let me go.

“Go frank, quick!” I couldn’t see the source of the voice.
There was too much smoke, but I knew who it was. I could feel them underneath me
As they desperately tried to save us from the burning building.
“Gee I can’t do it” My voice was small and strained due to lack of oxygen.
“Just try to pull your self out frank” I stuck my arm out of the small window and once again tried to pull myself through, Gerard pushing me up from below.
I didn’t think I was going to make it.
But I did.
Finally I managed to drag myself out of the tiny window. The cold air hit me and I greedily gulped it down.
I had made it, I was alive.
I felt so invincible, so amazing so... A sudden strangled cry brought me back to my senses.
Gerard was still trapped.
My heart stopped as I crawled over to the window.
But I couldn’t see anything there was so much smoke it was like a thick black blanket smothering everything in darkness.
“Gerard?” no reply
“Gee!” There was a muffled sob from far below.
“GEE! GEE GET OUT QUICK!” I screamed down into the nothingness.
I could here people behind, I could here the women yelling at me to run, but I wasn’t paying attention.
I wasn’t going to leave Gerard. I tried again screaming out to him
“GEE, CAN U HEAR ME?! GEE I’M GONNA GET YOU OUT OF THERE!” My voice was breaking, why wasn’t he climbing out?
“Frankie” I heard him, his weak voice calling out for me.
“GEE I’M HERE, ARE YOU OKAY GEE?” I was panicking now.
He sounded so weak, so far away so lost.
NO he wasn’t lost he was getting out.
“Frankie, it’s too late, I’m sorry” I screamed tear filling my eyes.
It wasn’t too late. we were going to get him out of there.
I was about to go back in when strong hands grabbed me around the waist
“GEE!” I struggled in protest as I was dragged away from Gerard.
“Frank stop! Its okay, you’re safe now. Its okay” What was she talking about? How can it be okay why wasn’t she helping Gerard?
There was a sudden loud explosion and we were knocked of our feet.
I turned around, but there was nothing to see.
It was all rubble, and smoke and ash.
The place were we had been seconds before was just a pile of rocks.
Gerard didn’t make it.
Gerard got left behind.
Gerard was never coming home.
He was gone, and it was my fault.
I closed my eyes, not wanting to see anything anymore.
He was gone.. I had lived and he had died… Gerard.
“Frank?” I turned away from the woman; I couldn’t face people right now.
“Frank?” I groaned why won’t she leave me alone?
“Frank!” I swear one more time and I’m gonna….
“FRANK!!!” I sat up suddenly, covered head to foot in a cold sweat.
My mum was crouched down at the side of my bed.
It was a dream, just another dream.
“That’s the third time this week sweetie, what did you dream about this time?” I looked at her, trying my best to blink away the images infused into my brain.
She stared right back at me, Worry and concern spread over her delicate features.
“I…” a huge lump appeared suddenly in the back of my throat.
“It... it was the fire… but it was worse this time, I could taste it, mum I heard his voice. His last words to me, I… mum it was my fault…”
She gathered me up in her arms, rocking me as I cried into her shoulder.
Yer I know, I’m sixteen years old and I still cry to my mum well screw you.
It took ages for me to finally fall back into a dreamless sleep.


Triple physics.
Ow the joy note the sarcasm.
I hated this lesson with a vengeance.
First science wasn’t one of my “strong” subjects.
In fact I’d go as far as to say it was my very worst subject.
Second the teacher was like the biggest paedophile in the history of all purvey teachers.
I mean serious, he would drop a pencil on the floor and get some girl with big tits to bend over and get it for him, in front of the whole class!
And third HE was in this class.
He being Mikey way, I mean don’t get me wrong. He was one of the nicest kids you will ever meet.
He just wasn’t nice to Me.
I don’t think he ever forgave me for killing his brother.
We used to be best mates.
Me and him, funny how things change so fast isn’t it?
He changed a lot in appearance as well as personality, before he was small, rather skinny. With Messy hair and huge glasses that were always on the end of his nose. Now though he had straitened brownish hair, that’s always covered by a hat or a hoodie.
His round harry potter glasses replaced with a new modern model.
Ted baker or something. His once warm kindly face is now cold often plastered with some dirty smirk that didn’t look like it belonged there.
So there are my three reasons for hating physics, And it just happened to be one of those annoying lessons that would drag on and on and on, almost as if Time had actually stopped.
15 minutes left Mikey’s friends and are him glaring at me.
10 minutes left Mikey threw a paper ball at me.
5 minutes left Mikey threw a book at me.
3 minutes Mikey is passing a note to his mate with a picture of me being stabbed on it.
1 minute planning my beating after school
30 seconds. Make sure have everything, yep got it.
5 get ready to run
4 ready
3 come on go faster god damn you
4 wtf!?!?!
1 yes!
Finally the sound of the bell filled the room.
Freedom at least!
I grabbed my shoulder bag and made for the door, leaving the class before anyone had the chance to even stand up.
Once free of the over crowded, over-heated class rooms I mad my way to the lunch hall joining, the small group in the far corner of the room.
There weren’t many of us.
Most of us had drifted of to other groups or left.
We were the misfits of the school.
No wait that was an understatement.
Even the misfits hated us.
We were like invisible.
The rejects.
There weren’t that many of us only me, bob, ray, molly, . Most of us had been friends for years. Bob and ray were even there when Mikey was our friend. They were there when… gee.
As I walked over to the table I noticed another person. They had longish black hair covering there face which made it hard to work out what he looked like (I was pretty sure it was a he) I sat down opposite, greeting everyone as I did so. No-one seemed to be paying him any attention to the new kid. Maybe he’s a spy from the scene table… or maybe he is one of the jocks… no his shirt is to dark, and he has black skinny’s on… why won’t he show his face. I cleared my throat getting ready to talk when he looked up. I fell of my chair backwards in shock. It made everyone jump. But I didn’t notice there laughing or concerned faces. It was just his face. A face I never thought I would see again. A face I should never be able to see again.. It was him…. It was Gerard….


so yer that is chapter one
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