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Do what it takes to survive

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All the trust Gerard had built up in Frank, Frank just threw away. Rated for swearing.

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A/N: I am so sorry! I know I've been killing a few people with the cliff hanger. Thanks to everyone who reviewed! I really do appriciate it :D
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Gerard's P.O.V

I went to grab his ankles but just as I reached him, they disappeared out of the window. My hands grasped thin air. I lent out of the window to see Frank's small body lying against the roof of the building below. He slowly stood up and started walking forward. What was he playing at? As he began to wobble slightly I decided enough was enough. I sat on the windowsill then twisted my body round so my legs were hanging out of the window. I slid forward and felt my feet touch the slates of the roof. I eased myself down and took some time to get my balance. Taking a few wobbly steps forward I managed to catch up with him.
"Frank Iero!" I yelled "What the fuck do you think you are doing?!" He carefully turned around.
"I dropped something out the window" He explained.
"You'll break your neck up here!" I scolded "C'mon." I grabbed his hand and began leading him back to the window. We began walking back towards the window. Frank seemed a little shaky on his feet. Without warning I felt a tug at my arm. I toppled backwards. Everything was spinning around me. Before I knew what was going on, my legs hand no support. The only thing stopping me from tumbling to my death (or at least a very savere broken bone) was Frank holding onto my hand. He better not fucking let go. He began pulling me up. Oh my God he was strong for such a little guy. When I was half up I slipped my hand out of Franks grasp and swung my legs onto the roof. I took a second to get my breath back and to try and calm down. I could feel myself beginning to shake. When I had calmed down I glared a look of death at Frank, grabbed his hand roughly and practially dragged him to the window. I pushed him through it then jumped up and swung my legs over. We stood in the bathroom to take a second to realise what just happened. Frank stared at me terrified. Good. The bastard could've killed me.
"Gerard..." He stared. I didn't want to hear it. I just stormed out of there.


Frank's P.O.V
Damn. Fuck. Shit! And so on. I nearly killed him! I nearly killed Gerard, just when he may have wanted to get a little closer. Okay so he didn't show it, but he came looking for me. That meant something right? Well if it did its ruined now. I decided to follow him. Why I do not know. As I ran to search for him, I realised I was growing more than fond of Gerard. Why else would something as little as trying to find me mean so much to me? Why else would I be looking for him when he clearly didn't want to even look at me? I decided to tell him how I felt. I don't know why I decided that either. Maybe He'd realise that some one loves him? That there is someone out there who cares about him and wants to make sure he's safe. So I'd only known him for a few hours but I had seen so much already. I had seen the cuts, the bruises, I could see the pain and hurt he tried to keep hidden. I could see I wanted to make it all better. I found him hiding under the main stairs. Slowly I approached.
"Gerard?" He didn't reply. I crept closer until my outstreached hand brushed his arm. Instantly he jumped back, looking up at me with fearful wide eyes. I took a step back and pulled my arm away showing him I wasn't going to hurt him. When he realised he was safe he stood up straight.
"Gerard I'm sorry I didn't mean to....well nearly kill you. And I completely understand if you hate me or whatever. It's just....theres one thing I think you need to know.....I...Oh Christ....this is tricky." I chewed at my lip trying to find the best way to tell him everything I felt. I realised there was only one way. I slowly walked towards him, until we were in close proximity. I gently ran a hand down his hair and face, ignoring his green eyes widening again, ignoring the way he pulled against my grasp as my arm slid around his waist. I leant in and kissed him.

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