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damn starngers

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damn strangers are so rude and wired these days.... Xrandom shitX

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erm i like wrote this in about 5 mins so is prob shit
but read and tell me what you think
I tried to focus on whoever it was that was there with me. But everything was blurry. The last thing I remember before passing out was a boy, with long black hair, pick me up, like a baby.
“I’m sorry I’m so sorry” was the last thing I heard before the darkness took me completely.

I groaned. My head hurt. My arm hurt. I hurt. I opened my eyes dreading what I might see. I couldn’t really remember what had happened. It was all a bit fuzzy. I was shore that I was in the bathroom. There was blood, lots of blood, my blood. I was upset. I had been crying. I couldn’t remember why. I blinked a couple of times. Letting my eyes just to the light. When I was finally able to see. I found myself in my room, in my bed. Perfectly normal right? Except I don’t remember walking to my bedroom. I sat up, looking around. Everythings were it was supposed to be. I frowned. Everything was so Normal yet so abnormal. Damn all this thinking was making me head hurt. I bought my hands up to rub my eyes but stopped. They were bandaged. My whole arm was bandaged. Now that is not normal. After examining them for a couple of seconds I decided to see how damaged my arm was. I reached for the corner of the bandage. Trying to undo the tight not they had made (they being whoever the hell had put it on me because it shore as hell wasn’t me)
“Don’t take that off” I froze. There was someone in my room. Someone I didn’t know. ow shit. shit. shit. okay frank calm calm.
“Who I-is t-there?” my voice was shaky.ow great job dumbass let the rapest know your scared as hell
“Why did u do that Frankie?” Male okay, the voice was male definitely male. but he knew my name. how'd he do that?
“Who are you?” I asked again. For some reason I wasn’t scared. okay i was a little. okay a lot. happy?. I heard the boy sigh. There was a silence. I waited. Half of me wanted to run, but the other half told me to stay. So I did. I stayed. Waiting.
"I...I can't really say" I rolled my eyes at the empty room.ow great. the rapest won't tell me his name
"Don't worry i'm not going to rape you" The boy laughed. i shrugged. i was just going to do exacly what the hell he told me.
"Well can i see you?" I wasn't that scared anymore. really. he hadn't attacked me yet. and he obviously had bandeged my arms up and shit so...
"erm maybe thats not the best idea" i sighed drematically. there was somthing about him i recognised and it just made me trust him.yer i no i'm wired deal!. i heard the boy sigh
“Okay…I….u need to get up” I did as the voice instructed. I pulled the blankets back and stood up. I was extremely self conscious and noticed that I had been stripped down to my boxers.
Okay now like close your eyes” Once again I did as the voice instructed I closed my eyes. I felt kinda wired. i was closing my eyes in my room, in my boxers. with some random boy i may or may not know. After a couple of seconds the room seemed to get colder. I wounded if he had opened a window or something. I suddenly felt someone standing next to me. They were really close. I was yet again reminded of my near nakedness I went to open my eyes but was stopped as a hand was placed over them. Blocking all view.
“You can’t see me yet. Your not… I’m not…” he sounded upset by the thought. For some reason I didn’t want him to be upset.
“It’s okay, I won’t I promise” he removed his hand from my face placing it in my hand. Normally I would have objected to this. I didn’t like people touching me in any way shape or from not after….. But this was different. It felt so familiar. h steped closer. wow he was really fucking close to me right now.
I went to say something but there was a sudden pressure on my lips. They were there for only about a second- maybe two- before that wonderful pressure was gone.omg did... did he just kiss me? OMG!. i lifted my hands to feel for him but He was gone. My eyes shot open. Scanning the room. There was no one there. My heart seemed to break. I don’t know why but I felt like I had just lost something important to me, like when someone dies and you can feel it. You know that there gone. I didn’t move. Fuck. I didn’t even breathe. I heard my mum come in downstairs but my mind was all over the place. I was so confused. Hurt. god damn that stranger! I clenched my fists. That’s when I felt the paper in my hand I opened it and read the note. Midnight graveyard. Tomorrow. If you know what’s best for you…..

Ok I hope that was okay
Yer I know short and lame but I’m going to post more really soon like Sunday
So tell me what u think
Ow and thanks to black like my coffee 
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