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Chapter 01

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Harry/Tonks post OOTP

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Disclaimer: All characters are the work of J.K. Rowling, I am merely playing with them.


Chapter One

July 7th

Harry Potter lay upon his small lumpy bed in the smallest bedroom of number 4 Privet Drive, staring up at the cracked ceiling. His eyes were bloodshot and dry from lack of sleep and unshed tears. All he could think of was Sirius being hit by Bellatrix and falling through the veil, Hermione being struck by the curse from Dolohov and falling to the floor. Over and over these images played through his mind. Between the images and the guilt he felt over causing them to occur he hadn't had more than 5 hours sleep in the last 6 days. The constant nightmares of seeing his parents, Cedric, Sirius, and others killed before his eyes were just too much. Harry Potter The-Boy-Who-Lived, savior of the wizarding world lay in depressed silence broken only by the occasionally hooting of his beloved snow white owl Hedwig. Hedwig had tried to get her pet wizard to talk to her and would try occasionally to nip at his ears or fingers to bring his attention back to her. He would look at her eyes and nod, stroke her under her feathers then return to staring at the ceiling. Hedwig decided she would go out and bring her pet wizard back a present, maybe a nice juicy frog would help to cheer him up. She'd place it on his pillow in the morning for him and maybe be able to rouse his spirits, with a soft hoot and a last peck to his ear she was off.

Outside of number 4 Privet Drive hidden beneath an invisibility cloak, Nymphadora Tonks stood on watch. Wondering exactly why she and the other order members had to just watch Harry without being able to talk to him had her feeling a bit conflicted. While Albus Dumbledore said it was to keep an eye out for threats against Harry, she had the distinct feeling that it was more than that. She felt it almost seemed like he being guarded from escaping rather than having a lookout. While she had only known Harry for a short time, what she did know of him was rather impressive. Leading a group of 5 students to the heart of the ministry and defeating 12 death eaters, before the cavalry as it were showed up was nothing to laugh at. Even though her cousin Sirius was killed she held no blame towards Harry, that was all her Aunt Bella's fault and Tonks knew that for a fact. While she was sure Harry held himself to blame there was nothing she could do about it at the moment being forbidden by Dumbledore to show herself to Harry. After 4 nights of Harry watching Harry off and on, she was starting to really get fed up with Dumbledore's edits. While she was thinking along those lines all of a sudden there was a bright white flash and a piercing scream coming from Harry's room. While she had heard him cry out a few times while she was on guard duty she had never seen or felt any displays of magic. This time however there was a definite pulse of magic that accompanied the scream.

Deciding Dumbledore could be upset later about breaking rules, she apparated into Harry's room and quickly looked around for any intrusion or attack. Seeing nothing but Harry tossing about on the rather small frail looking bed, she took a closer look at him. He was twisted into the sheets and trashing around mumbling names it sounded like. Sweat coated him and matted his dark hair to his scalp, his scar was glowing red and leaking small drops of blood down his forehead. She rushed towards him and conjured a washcloth and quickly cast alow level aguamenti spell and soaked the cloth with cool water. Placing it on his head directly over his scar she could feel how hot he was. His trashing slowly stopped and his breathing slowed a bit. He seemed to be calming down from whatever it was that had happened to him. His eyes started to flutter just a bit and slowly opened. His eyes slowly cleared and came into focus, the deep emerald orbs were flashing with grief and hurt and anger as they slowly cycled from bright to deep green.

"Tonks?" Said Harry.

"Wh ... Wh... What are you doing here?"

"Shhhh Harry it's alright, you were having a nightmare. I think it's alright now, do you know what was happening?" Tonks asked.

"N...No, not really. I think it was just more of the same, but it felt a bit different this time, more I don't know real maybe" Harry whispered.

"What do you mean more of the same?" Tonks asked.

"Nothing Tonks it doesn't matter." Harry croaked.

"Of course it matters Harry, it looked like you were in pain and then there was this flash of light and I heard you scream, so I popped in here to check on you." Tonks argued. "Now was it a nightmare or something else?" She asked..

"Another nightmare like all of them, I see Siri... Sirius getting hit and falling through the veil, Cedric getting struck by Wormtail, Hermione falling in the Department of Mysteries, then it got different." Harry replied.

Tonks conjured aglass and cast the aguamenti spell again and filled the glass handing it to Harry. "Drink this, your lips are cracked and you look dehydrated." She told him.

"Thanks." rasped Harry.

"Take your time Harry, it looks like you've been through a lot in the last week. Have you got any sleep or eaten in the last week?" Asked Tonks.

"Not really, maybe a chocolate frog or two from my trunk I think." Harry said.

"Ok Harry, it's alright just try and relax." Said Tonks as she dabbed the cloth against his scar before taking it away. "Now can you tell me anything about how this nightmare was different?"

"Well, towards the end it wasn't just me seeing them fall but it .. it .. I think it was me striking them down, and I felt... happy about it I think, like when Voldemort was in my head before the night that we all went to the Ministry and I was trying to save Si... Sirius. Then I don't know, I just knew I couldn't be doing that and thought it was Voldemort in my head, then I just concentrated on hurting him and I felt this surge of magic flare up and then the connection was broken I think." Gasped Harry.

"Okay Harry, so you can feel You-Know-Who in your head sometimes?" Asked Tonks.

"Yes it's the scar, sometimes I can feel what he's feeling, when he's really upset or something." Harry replied.

"Wait a minute, you never said why you were able to hear me scream out, are you watching me or something? It's not enough I have to come back here every summer and be tortured." Harry spat. "I suppose now I have to be watched and kept in my cage until it's time to use the weapon right? Thanks alot Tonks but I don't need it, you can go back and report to Dumbledore his weapon is just fine and sheathed in its cage. Now just get out!" Harry snarled.

"Harry please, Ireally was worried about you I wasn't spying. I'm not even supposed to let you see me." Tonks pleaded.

"So what you just wanted to come up and see if the weapon is fine and run back and tell Dumbledore not to worry?" Asked Harry.

"Weapon, what the hell are you talking about Harry? I was concerned about you, I just wanted to check on you, I won't say anything to Dumbledore if you don't." Tonks stated.

"So... you really won't tell Dumbledore about the dream?" Harry asked.

"No, if you don't want me too I won't say anything. Now what did you mean about a weapon?" Tonks asked.

"Ummm..." stalled Harry. "Damn I didn't mean to say that" he thought "I guess she doesn't know about the prophecy."

"Tonks, do you know about the prophecy?" Harry asked.

"You mean the one from the Department of Mysteries? I know about it, but it was destroyed wasn't it, no one heard it." Tonks asked.

"No, Dumbledore was the one who heard it, and he told me when we got back from the Ministry when we were in his office." Harry said.

Harry took on afaraway look in his eyes and spoke in a monotone voice. "The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... and the Dark Lord will mark him as equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives ... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies."

"WHAT!" Tonks screamed."He told you that just after you lost your godfather and saw all of your friends and everyone hurt".

"Yeah, it got me a bit upset too, I trashed his office and destroyed a lot of his little trinkets" Harry told her.

"So who knows about the prophecy, I mean I don't think anyone in the order's been told?"Tonks asked.

"Well, I guess Dumbledore, me, and now you, I don't know if Dumbledore has told anyone else and you're the only one I've told" Harry said.

"Well Harry, I'm sorry but I don't care what Dumbledore says if you need someone to talk to about anything, Sirius, the prophecy, Vol.. Vol... You Know Who, I'm here for you Harry." Tonks said with empathy in her voice.

"Thanks Tonks, that means a lot to me, you always treated me more like an equal than just akid like everyone else has." Harry replied.

"Well Harry, Ifigure after everything you've been through,and what I know about you, that you deserve to be treated like an adult." Tonks said.

"Now are you going to be okay? Do you want to talk some more, or eat something maybe, you have to be starving?" Tonks inquired.

"Well I guess Icould maybe eat something, but I don't really feel up to going down the stairs and maybe running into any Dursleys." Harry.replied.

"No worries Harry, I can pop out and bring us something back, you like Chinese?" Tonks asked.

"I don't know, never had it before." Harry told her.

"Well here's to trying something new, I'll be back in half an hour Harry, you just lay back and get some rest." She told him.

"Well that was certainly something unexpected maybe she is someone I can talk to ,unlike Ron, who just gets jealous and wants to talk Quidditch, or Hermione who badgers me until I finally just tell her some version of what's bothering me. With Tonks it just feels easier somehow, like she just listens and doesn't tell me what to do or judge me about it, It's rather a very nice feeling." Harry thought.

Tonks meanwhile was thinking of what she had just done. "Well let's see, I've violated Dumbledore's orders, learned something from Harry that apparently Dumbledore hadn't decided to share with the rest of the order, and found out that despite being very thin and apparently dehydrated Harry filled out quite a bit while playing Quidditch and was actually rather an attractive young man when he wasn't thrashing about and bleeding. Hmmmmmm now where did that come from?" Tonks thought. "He's almost 6 years younger than me and probably has half of Hogwarts available to him anytime he wants, what would he want with a freak like me, no one ever wants me for me always wanting me to change this or look like this other bird etc. Besides he really just needed a friend and someone to talk to and after seeing what all he had on his shoulders I wouldn't want to complicate things for him anymore." Tonks made it to an all night Chinese takeout place she knew of and grabbed two orders of takeout with soup and wontons. After bagging up everything she apparated back to number 4 Privet Drive and looked around quickly before apparating back to Harry's room.

"Wotcher Harry." Called Tonks as she popped back into his room.

Harry still sat on his bed but he'd put a t shirt on and it looked like he had washed his hair and appeared in a bit better condition than when she had left.

"Welcome back Tonks." Harry replied.

"So what did you get?" He asked.

"Well I thought I'd keep it simple since you said you'd never had Chinese before. One order of sweet and sour chicken and another of pepper steak, with some soup and wontons on the side." Tonks replied.

"So ready to dig in?" She asked.

"Sure Tonks."Harry said with a grin.

Tonks started to unpack the food and set the containers on his desk by his small bed. She set next to him on the bed as it was the only seating available besides the floor. As she reached over to grab the container of pepper steak she started to slip off the bed and almost fell before Harry's quick seeker reflexes kicked in and he reached out and caught her around her waist, steadying her on the bed.

"Thanks Harry, almost got tossed on my bum there." Tonks said smiling.

"Wouldn't want that to happen now would we Tonks, it's too cute of a bum for that" smirked Harry.

"Oh wow did Harry just flirt with me", Tonks thought. "If so that was a good sign that he may be coming around a bit and open up to her," she hoped. "Maybe she could tease him back a bit and see if she could help lighten his mood a bit more."

"So you've been checking out my bum then have you Mr. Potter." She said cheekily.

"Um, er, no, Imean yeah, I mean uhh sorry Tonks I didn't mean anything by it." Harry stammered.

"It's ok Harry, Iwas just teasing you, besides it's rather flattering for a girl to hear from time to time." Replied Tonks.

They sat back on the bed and got a bit more comfortable, Harry and Tonks setting side by side with their backs against the wall and legs stretched out across the bed. They traded bits of the Chinese food back and forth and Harry quickly finished his soup. Harry thought it was the most relaxed he had felt in the past week, somehow he wasn't thinking about Sirius or Cedric or anything but being in Tonks's company at the moment and it felt rather nice.

"So you want to talk a bit more Harry?" Asked Tonks trying to get him to open up a bit more.

"I guess so what did you want to talk about Tonks?" Replied Harry.

"Well what exactly did you mean by being a weapon, I mean I get the prophecy and how you're the one who is supposed to kill You-Know-Who". She trailed off.

"Voldemort, his name's Voldemort. I mean it's just a made up name, cor call him Tom if you want."Said Harry angrily.

"Huh? What do you mean Tom?" Tonks asked with confusion.

"His real name is Tom Marvelo Riddle, he made up the name Lord Voldemort by mixing up the letters of his name to come up with 'I Am Lord Voldemort', I mean honestly I don't know why everyone is afraid of a made up name." Harry said heatedly.

"Wow I've talked with Harry for like 30 minutes so far and I've already learned more about the Dark Lord and all that has been going on than I have in the last year from the Order." Tonks thought.

"Blimey Harry Ididn't know that, I don't think anyone in the Order does it's certainly not something that's come up!" Exclaimed Tonks.

"Well that's Dumbledore for you, always hiding everything from everyone so he's the one in control of everything." Harry said hotly.

"Look Harry, after everything you've already told me I've got some words for the Headmaster. I think and I'm gonna let him know about it come the next order meeting." Tonks replied with rising ire.

"No Tonks, don't do that, it will just end up getting you in trouble, knowing you've been talking to me and I don't want you in any trouble, you've been so kind to me this evening." Said Harry.

"Well ok, I'll put it off but I'm definitely having words with Dumbledore next order meeting about why we can't talk with you or let you know we are guarding you." Tonks replied.

"What do you mean'we' Tonks?" Asked Harry. "Who else is watching me besides you?"

"Well I really shouldn't be telling you this, but since we're already breaking the rules why not, it's usually me, Mundungus, or Mad-Eye keeping a watch." Replied Tonks.

"Damn, I can't even be left alone without having that old man having his eyes on me." Harry spat out.

"Harry listen, Idon't care what Dumbledore or the order says, when it's my shift to watch you I'm just coming straight here to your room and we can visit and talk. I'll bring some food with me and we can make a date of it." Tonks said letting her eyelashes grow out a bit and batting them coyly at Harry.

"Ummm, a date Tonks?" Questioned Harry, with a bit of a blush creeping up his cheeks.

"Sure why not I'm sure you've got tons of girls at Hogwarts all over you, or am I too old and not pretty enough?" Asked Tonks while shifting her features a bit to look like acute schoolgirl from 6th or 7th year.

"Oh ummm, well, Idon't... I mean, I haven't really had a date or anything before, there was Cho but that wasn't really a date we just kissed and she cried a lot on me." Said Harry shyly.

"Really Harry, Iwould have thought you'd been through half of Hogwarts by now." Tonks said cheekily.

"No Tonks, I'm not any good with girls really, most of them just want to know The-Boy-Who-Lived or the famous Harry Potter, nobody wants to get to know just Harry." He said rather sadly.

"Wow, I never thought he would feel like that." Tonks thought. "Maybe he might understand how it felt to be ametamorphmagus and having no one want you for just you." She hoped.

"Well Harry, you've certainly been a nice date so far." She said happily.

"Huh, what do you mean, Tonks we've just been talking?" Harry questioned.

"Well, I don't know about you but having a nice dinner and a good conversation is most certainly one definition of a date you know." She said while giving him a peck on the cheek.

Harry blushed bright red at that and said "Well thank you Tonks, I just wanted to let you know how helpful you've been, I already feel better." Harry said gratefully. "Listen Tonks, do you think I could ask another favor of you maybe, I mean you've already done so much, what with the food and helping with the nightmare and all?"Asked Harry.

"Sure Harry, what can I do?" She asked.

"Well, I was just thinking that, well I was wanting to do some training or something this summer, I mean if I have to be the one to fight Tom, then I really need to start to learn some things and Dumbledore doesn't seem to be helping me." Said Harry.

"Ok, what can Ihelp you with, what do you want to learn?" Tonks asked.

"Well you're an auror and all, and I'm sure you could teach me loads of spells and tactics for dealing with the death eaters and maybe some physical conditioning." Said Harry.

"Of course I can do that, tell you what, I'm supposed to be on duty watching you 4 nights a week so how about I bring over some auror books and some on dueling and I'll tutor you during the time I'm supposed to be watching you, does that sound ok?" She asked.

"Yeah Tonks, that would be great, I'd really appreciate that. " Harry said gratefully.

"Umm Tonks, do you know anything about Occlumency or Legilimency?" Asked Harry.

"Yeah sure, all aurors are taught the basics of it. I've got a little more experience with Occlumency as it helps a bit with the metamorphmagus abilities I have, why do you ask"?

"Well Dumbledore had me taking Occlumency lessons with Snape this year and lets just say it didn't go very well." Harry spat.

"So what was he teaching you about it?" She asked.

"I wouldn't exactly call it teaching really, more like assault, he would tell me to clear my mind then shout /Legilimens/ and pull up every bad memory I had." Said Harry his voice dripping with venom.

"Well that's not how it's supposed to be taught that's for sure. Listen, I'm sure I could go over the basics with you and help you learn it much better than Snape did for sure. I'll bring some books on that with me tomorrow night as well, and we can start on that since you can't practice magic outside of school, that's at least one thing we can both begin to work on." She said.

"Great Tonks, Ireally appreciate this." Harry said with relief.

"It's not aproblem Harry, I really do enjoy spending time with you, I've found out more talking with you than I have in the last 10 meetings of the order I've been at."She stated.

They had continually been picking away at the Chinese food for the last hour or so while talking and had finished it up about 20 minutes ago and sat the discarded cartons on the desk by the bed. Tonks quickly took out her wand and banished the containers and leftovers away. She looked around the room a bit more and saw just how small it was and in how bad of shape the bed and other furniture in the room was in. She decided to make things a bit more comfortable for Harry, if he was going to be stuck here until he was moved to Grimmauld Place after his birthday.

"Hop up off the bed Harry" said Tonks as she stood up and promptly lost her footing again on astray piece of dust on the floor.

Harry quickly jumped up and caught her from behind wrapping his hands around her waist once again. She steadied herself and leaned back into Harry wiggling her bum a bit more than she probably should have. She spun around and faced him and put achaste kiss on his cheek.

"My savior once again Harry." She said batting her eyes at him demurely.

"Umm, I just didn't want you to fall again Tonks." He said, his cheeks brightening a bit but not as much as before.

After they both got back on their feet Tonks took out her wand and began to cast a few cleaning charms on the floor and walls to remove the dust and such. She then transfigured Harry's desk into something a bit sturdier and in better condition. Then she looked at the bed and enlarged it a bit to a queen sized and replaced the sheets with much more comfortable ones.

"Well, what do you think Harry?" She asked.

"It's great Tonks, thanks so much, it looks so much better and the bed reminds me of the ones at Hogwarts." Harry replied. "Well I am getting rather tired I think I might be able to sleep for once tonight." Harry said.

"No problem Harry, so you ready for bed then?" She said smiling at him flirtatiously.

"Yeah I think so, thanks again Tonks; the bed looks much more comfortable now." Harry said as he turned towards the bed.

"Good, then go ahead and hop in and get comfortable." She told him.

While Harry was turned around she quickly transfigured her Weird Sisters t-shirt and her pants into a short nightgown that was just a bit above the knees. Harry turned around on the bed after settling in and looked over to see Tonks in her short, somewhat sheer nightgown and his eyes widened in shock.

"Um, what are you wearing Tonks?" he asked. "My bed clothes silly, now scoot over and make room."she said.

Harry quickly shot to the edge of the bed next to the wall and made as much room as he could.

"Harry its fine just relax, it's just two friends sharing a bed right, I trust you not to do anything, well not too much anyway." she smiled and hopped into the bed.

Harry settled in under the covers a bit more and tried to relax with the incredible attractive Auror lying next to him.

"Look Harry just relax and get comfortable." said Tonks.

"Uh ok Tonks." he said somewhat shakily. Harry settled in and began to relax a bit, Tonks scooted over a bit and was suddenly pressed up against his back and slowly stroked her hand through his unruly mop of raven black hair.

"Relax Harry, you're too stressed it's ok we're just sleeping, you need some real rest and I'm just going to make sure you're all right tonight with no more nightmares to disturb your sleep okay." she said soothingly.

"Kay Tonks." he said sleepily.

Harry slowly started to drift off to sleep as he felt the heat and the softness of Tonks'very female anatomy pressed against his back and her hand still running through his hair. Tonks continued to slowly stroke his hair as he drifted off. She wondered if he would sleep through the night without anymore nightmares with her sleeping next to him. He seemed to relax earlier when she first apparated into the room and saw him thrashing and bleeding once she placed her hand and the cool rag to his brow. So she figured having someone to hold him tonight was just so he could get some well deserved rest. Harry's dreams were much less haunted that night as he dreamed of a certain sexy, much underdressed witch smiling and kissing him on his cheek while just listening to him talk. Harry woke the next morning around 5:30 and immediately realized he wasn't alone. He had turned around in his sleep and had his arm around something that was soft and warm and felt amazingly nice, his hand was cupped around something even softer and warmer than his arm and he realized with a shock he was groping Tonks and hoped she was still asleep and wouldn't notice as he quickly removed his offending hand.

"Umm feels nice."Tonks mumbled in her sleep and snuggled closer to Harry wiggling her bum more firmly against him. Not wanting to make things even more embarrassing than they already were in his mind he scooted back away from Tonks' shapely bum and she rolled over to face him while slowly opening her sleep filled eyes and looking into his deep green orbs.

"Morning Harry, sleep well." she mumbled.

"Err, yeah I did Tonks, very well actually." he said softly.

"Good but you woke me up when you stopped holding me, I was very warm and comfortable actually." she said with a hint of a smile.

"Sorry Tonks Ium... just wanted to change position a bit didn't mean to wake you." said Harry.

"S'kay Harry, Ineed to get up anyway, have to get out of here and report into the Ministry in about an hour anyway." she replied.

"So you're going in to work today?" asked Harry.

"Yeah an Auror's work is never done after all." she said laughing.

Tonks got up and stretched and the nightgown rode up a bit higher on her well shaped thighs as Tonks shook out her hair and it flashed from red to green to pink, and finally settled on a bright electric blue. She transfigured her nightgown back into her normal attire of weird sisters t-shirt and tight muggle jeans before pulling aset of black robes and a blue cloak from a bag she had stuffed in her pocket.

"Well off to the grind I guess Harry, I'll be sure and pick up those books and some other things from the office before I come back this evening." she said. "I should be back around 6 or so this evening, I'll bring us some pizza for dinner how's that sound?"

"Sounds great Tonks thanks again for, well for everything, I don't think I've slept that well in years actually." said Harry.

"No worries Harry, it was good for me too, especially the feeling up I got to wake up too."she said quickly while giving him a quick peck on the cheek again before apparating out with a small pop.

"Damn." said Harry after she popped away, "I hope she's not upset with me".

Harry actually felt better than he had in the last week and realized he wasn't still grief stricken and as out of it now that he had Tonks to talk with. Maybe he could open up and trust her. He had already told her about the prophecy last night and she didn't freak out and didn't treat him like a kid.

Harry realized he really liked Tonks and enjoyed just talking with her, she already said she wasn't going to say anything to Dumbledore and that was a real plus on her side for Harry. She had also agreed to help him train. Maybe he would stand a chance against Riddle if he had someone like Tonks helping him and could possibly learn something useful this summer. As he got up he began to think about getting in better physical shape this summer.

He was confined to this room pretty much but he could manage to do some physical exercises in the small space. He began to do a set of crunches and then pushups until his arms were too weak to push anymore and he was dripping with sweat. He stumbled to the bathroom to shower and soak under the hot water to relax his muscles and thought more about what he wanted to accomplish this summer. He hadn't heard from his friends since he returned to privet drive and Hedwig wasn't getting much to do so far.

Hedwig, he had almost forgotten about how he had been treating his beloved familiar and hoped to make it up to her. She had stayed by him through the whole of last week when he was unresponsive and grief stricken. He'd have to do something to make it up to her, hopefully a full scratching of her full white feathers and a few owl treats would be a start. As he walked back to his bedroom to dress he spotted Hedwig sitting on the headboard of his new transfigured bed looking down at his pillow. Resting in the center of it was a large dead frog that was dripping into the pillow. With a soft hoot and a batting of her large soulful eyes Hedwig swooped over to land on his shoulder and give him an affectionate peck on his ear.

"So you brought me a present did you Hedwig?" Harry said while stroking her feathers.

"Really Hedwig Idon't deserve it after ignoring you all week." Harry spoke as he took the frog from the pillow and placed it into Hedwig's cage and then got out a couple of owl treats to feed her.

Harry stripped the pillowcase from the pillow and tossed it into the hamper in the corner to be washed later. Well he still had over 10 hours before Tonks was due to come back and he didn't really want to deal with the Dursleys just yet so he took his schoolbooks out and got started on revising his work from the last year and going over all of the spells in his transfiguration and charms books. He already knew the DADA books like he had written them himself as he had used those in the DA.

"Hmm if Icontinue that then I will definitely have to change the name of it, I'm not Dumbledore's lapdog anymore, I'm my own man from now on. If something needs to be done then I'm just going to make sure it gets done. Hopefully I can count on Hermione's and Ron's help after I get to Grimmauld Place." He thought.

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