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Chapter 02

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Disclaimer: All characters belong to J.K. Rowling. The interpretations of said characters are all mine.

Chapter 2

Around 6:15 that evening Tonks popped back into Harry's bedroom with two steaming boxes of pizza and a six pack of coke. "Wotcher Harry, you ready for pizza?"she asked.

"Yeah Tonks, sounds great, so how was your day?" he asked.

"It was good. I managed to catch up on some paperwork and pick up a few books that may help with your training." she replied.

Tonks sat the pizzas and sodas down on Harry's desk and looked around a bit before pulling out her wand and transfiguring one of the pillows into a simple table that she placed in front of the bed. She picked up the pizzas and cokes and put them on the table before plopping down next to Harry on the bed.

"So you ready for our date cutie?" she smirked at him.

"I've been looking forward to it very much actually Tonks." Harry said with astraight face.

"Well good, but you could have at least dressed up a bit you know." she said with aglance at his baggy pants and too large shirt.

"Well it's the best thing I have to wear around here really, all of my clothes are hand me downs from Dudley. I don't really have any clothes of my own except my school robes and I didn't want to wear those." said Harry with a bit of embarrassment.

"Damn Harry. I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything by it, was just joking around you know, don't worry about it. Out of curiosity why don't you? I'm sure you've got some money at Gringotts." she asked.

"Well yeah my vault actually has quite a lot of galleons in it, but I've never had achance to really buy anything other than my school robes and supplies and such at Diagon Alley." said Harry.

"Well we can fix that I'm sure, how would you like to make a shopping trip this weekend?" she asked.

"Really, you think we could do that, you think the Order would let me out of here to go shopping?" he asked.

"Well I'll bring it up to Dumbledore at the Order meeting tomorrow night. Sorry but I'll be off guard duty tomorrow, but I'll be back Friday evening and we can go Saturday morning if you want." she said.

"Wow thanks Tonks, I hope you can persuade them to let me go, it would be good to get out of here for awhile." he said.

"Don't sweat it Harry, if Dumbledore says no we'll just find a way to get you out of here for a bit okay, I told you I'm on your side in this, after everything you've been through I just can't agree with how the Headmaster is treating you."she said emphatically.

"So come on dig in to the pizza, then when you're done we'll start to go over some of the basics on the Occlumency okay." she said.

"Sure sounds great Tonks." Harry replied.

They ate a few slices of pizza each and finished two cokes each before they both got rather full. Harry put the leftover pizza into one box and sat it on his desk then cleared off the table before Tonks transfigured it back into a pillow. She then pulled out a bag and removed 5 books from it and placed them in between them on the bed while facing Harry.

"Okay, so I picked up the Auror's handbook on dueling and another with a few useful shield and other defensive charms in them, I figured we could go over those some since you can't practice magic out of school." she said.

"Then there is a book on apparition, I figure we could go over the theory and such since you can't really practice that yet either." Harry groaned a bit at that.

"The other ones are on Occlumency and Legilimency and while you can't really practice the Legilimency yet, at least until you get further along with your Occlumency, we can practice the Occlumency without any restrictions since its just passive magic really." she explained.

"Okay, well that's at least good news then, so how do we start?" asked Harry.

"Well basically Snape was sort of right when he told you to just clear your mind, but it's much more than that really." She stated.

"What you really need to do is focus on maintaining just one thought at the front of your mind and I'll try and use Legilimency to get into your mind and see that thought just to start with okay." she asked.

"Sure I think I can do that, um, what kind of memory should I think of?" asked Harry.

"Well seeing as how you said Snape would find your worst memories and go through them over and over why don't we try the opposite of that, just focus on a happy memory and I'll try and get in and see it okay".

Harry tried to think of a happy memory but all he could think of was Sirius falling through the veil and he didn't want Tonks to see that. Then he thought of last night with Tonks laying next to him in bed and the next morning when he woke up first with his hand on... Ok maybe not that exact thought.

"Okay I think I'm ready Tonks." said Harry.

"Legilimens"Tonks said quietly.

Harry felt a presence in his mind but it was nothing like with Snape, this one was much more peaceful and comforting. He saw himself lying next to Tonks in bed with her stroking his hair and him relaxing into her arms.

"Wow, Harry what made you think of that?" asked Tonks.

"Well you said to think of a happy memory and that was the only one I could really come up with, sorry I didn't mean to embarrass you or anything." he said thinking she saw where his hand was when waking up.

"No it's ... it's alright Harry" she said with a slight rise in color to her cheeks before her metamorphmagus abilities fought it down.

"Really it was very flattering actually, I really made you feel happy?" she asked.

"Yeah Tonks, it's the first time anyone has really held me like that or anything, it just made me feel really nice." said Harry honestly.

Tonks leaned over and gave Harry another quick kiss on the cheek and the color rose in both of their complexions.

"It really is quite nice to know I could make you feel a bit of happiness after everything." she said.

"Okay, well that went rather well. How did you feel when I was in your head?" she asked.

"It was a lot different than with Snape that's for sure." said Harry.

"It didn't feel like you were pushing or trying to force your way in or anything."he said.

"Well I wasn't, I was just looking for what was right at front of your mind." she said.

"Okay I'm going to try again, this time try and think of something you want to keep hidden and try and block me. In your mind think of putting up a wall or something to keep your memories behind alright" said Tonks.

Harry thought about that and decided to make a castle like Hogwarts in his mind and put all his thoughts into the room of requirement so they would stay hidden.

"Okay, I think I'm ready Tonks." he said.

"Legilimens."Tonks whispered.

She was in Harry's head but instead of seeing a large wall like she expected she saw the imposing structure of Hogwarts with the front gates sealed shut. She approached the gates and tried to open the door, it resisted at first but she pushed it open. She was in the castle like she remembered it but could find no sign of anything, just empty halls and bare walls. She moved around through the castle looking for any memories of Harry's but just found more empty halls. She was starting to get frustrated when she felt herself grabbed from behind by Peeves and dragged to the front gates and tossed out the doors. She came back to herself and shook her head. She had always hated Peeves at school for his constant teasing of her and lewd comments directed at her, it was quite the shock seeing him in Harry's head.

"What did you do Harry?" she asked.

"I thought about what you said about making a wall and just decided to think of Hogwarts and then tried to put all my thoughts and memories in the Room of Requirement so you couldn't get to them. Then when I could feel you getting close to the room I thought of Peeves coming and chasing you out." he said.

"Harry that was a mindscape you had, are you sure you didn't learn anything from Snape?"she asked.

"No, he just always said clear your mind so I didn't do anything but that with him."said Harry.

"Well you may be a natural Occlumens then, I've never heard of someone having that developed of a mindscape without months of practice." she said with a bit of awe in her voice.

"I think we can leave off for there for tonight, with that we'll work on it some more later, right now you've got a very good grasp of it just keep that image of Hogwarts in your mind as a shield for your thoughts and you'll be great at Occlumency by the time were done training you." She said.

"So what else did you manage to do today?" she asked.

"Well I revised my 5th year transfiguration and charms works and managed to understand some of the spells a bit better than I have before." he said.

"That's great Harry, I think you'll be well on your way to NEWT level in some things by the time you start back at Hogwarts." said Tonks.

"That sounds great Tonks, I hope I can get a chance to practice some actual spell work before starting back." said Harry.

"Okay, well I have to run for now the order meeting is starting in about 30 minutes and I have to be there, I'm going to ask Dumbledore if I can take you to Gringotts Friday to get some money from your vault to buy your schoolbooks for next year and your supplies. I think that will make a good cover for our shopping trip this weekend." said Tonks. "I'll be back here when the meeting is over okay?"

"Sure Tonks, thanks again for the food and all your help, I'll pay you back when we get to Gringotts this weekend." Harry replied.

"Don't worry about it Harry it was my treat, besides you can buy lunch and dinner this weekend while were shopping." she said.

"Deal."said Harry.

Tonks stood up and almost tripped over a slice of pepperoni that fell on the floor from the pizza earlier but Harry reached up and steadied her with a hand on her back.

"Thanks Harry, you're always keeping me on my feet." she smirked before popping out and over to headquarters.
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