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Chapter 03

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Chapter 03

/"Well that was ...nice." /thought Harry.

"I wonder if she really likes me or is just being her playful, flirty self when she kissed me. Of course she doesn't like me; I'm a skinny depressed 15 ok soon to be 16 year old kid marked for death. How could someone as beautiful, and smart as Tonks like someone like me." He thought.

"Oh well, it's still nice and she's been so helpful so far so even if she doesn't like me that way at least she's becoming a good friend it seems. I wonder if she will be able to keep helping me this summer or if Dumbledore is going to catch on and put a stop to it. She sure seemed to be inclined to go against him after last night though." He thought not for the first time.

After apparating to the park near headquarters Tonks was lost in thought for awhile before she was ready to go to the meeting. She needed to get her thoughts together and think of how to bring up the idea of being able to escort Harry to Gringotts to Dumbledore.

"Harry really seemed to open up to me last night, I'm so glad he felt able to talk with me about everything. I'm definitely going to help that boy. No, after all he's been through he's not a boy anymore, he's a young man. A very cute young man if she was going to be honest. Arghhh, Tonks stop it you can't get involved he's too young."

/"No he's not" /a small voice in the back of her head said. "Ok well lets think this through he's almost 16 and your just 21 it's not that big of adifference and he certainly doesn't act like a 16 year old. Plus he might be thin but Quidditch has done wonders for his build he's got muscles, he just needs to eat more and get some exercise. Ok you're getting away from yourself again."

She would just play it cool and see where things went; she really liked him and was looking forward to getting to know him better. Maybe she could keep up the light flirting and see how he responded.

"Oh hell Tonks he wouldn't be interested in you, he probably just sees you as another member of the Order and someone to help him study. But he flirted back with you a little last night, didn't he" the little voice in her head said.

/"Ok so maybe he did", /she would just continue as she was, helping him study and train, and well there was always the sleeping arrangements.

Maybe she could feel him out about how he felt about her when they were getting ready for bed later that night. That was it, she would just go slow and continue to help him and get to know him better before acting on the impulses she felt towards him.

Tonks jumped up from the bench she was sitting on and started approaching number 12 Grimmauld Place. She walked up to the door and was just about to ring the bell when she remembered Mrs. Black's portrait and decided to lightly knock on the door. A minute or so later it swung open to reveal Mrs. Weasley.

"Oh hello dear, glad you could make it everyone else is here and the meeting is just about to start, come on in Tonks." Molly said.

"Wotcher Molly, how's everyone?" asked Tonks.

"Oh everyone is fine dear, come on let's not keep everyone waiting." spoke Molly.

Tonks walked through the hallway towards the kitchen and almost tripped over that stupid umbrella stand but just managed to avoid it.

"Ha avoided that and Harry didn't even have to catch me." She thought with a bit of asigh, she really did like the feel of Harry's arms around her last night. Shaking her head a bit to clear it, she walked into the kitchen where everyone was already seated.

Sitting around the table were Molly and Arthur Weasley, Remus Lupin, Minerva McGonagall, Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody, and Professor Dumbledore. Well at least Snape wasn't here, that can only make for amore pleasant evening.

"Ah so glad you could join us Nymphadora." spoke Dumbledore.

"Professor Dumbledore, I've asked you not to call me that please." Tonks said a bit harshly.

"My apologies Nymph, er, Tonks, I shall endeavor to remember that." Albus said a bit sarcastically.

"Well, shall we get the meeting started now?"spoke Albus.

"There has been no activity on Voldemort's part since the night at the Department of Mysteries, Severus is with him at the moment trying to gather information on the status of the Dark Lord." stated Dumbledore.

"No recent attacks from his death eaters have occurred as of late as well, it would seem that young Harry managed to inflict some harm upon him during the battle." "How is young Harry, Nymph, er, excuse me Miss Tonks." He asked after corrected himself.

"Well he seems to be okay I've only seen him acouple times while he was outside, he looked healthy enough if a bit ragged." Spoke Tonks. "That reminds me Headmaster, why can't we talk with him or let him know we are watching him? Surely you don't want him left all alone until his birthday?" she asked.

"No, I don't believe it would be a good idea to let him know we are watching him, after his reaction in my office I think Harry needs to be left alone to come to terms with how he feels" spoke Albus with authority.

"Excuse me, but I think that is the last thing he needs" spoke Tonks vehemently.

"Now Nymph, Tonks I'm sure you understand Harry feels responsible for what happened that night in the Ministry, and should be left alone to deal with his feelings" Albus said once again.

"No Professor I don't understand he just lost his godfather and hasn't had anyone to talk to about it, Sirius was my cousin as well and I miss him too." Tonks said.

"I think Harry needs someone to talk with about it and I'd like to talk with him about it, I mean Sirius was close to both of us and I think I can help him." She said quietly.

"Hmmm very well, Miss Tonks you may approach him the next time you have guard duty, but do not tell him anything about what the order is planning or speak of order business with him." He said finally.

"Thank you" spoke Tonks. "I'll be sure and remember that, I just want to see if he can open up about Sirius and how he is feeling."

"I'm sure you have his best intentions in mind Tonks, just remember he has been through quite a lot recently and he needs time to see things the right way." Said Albus knowingly.

"I'll remember that" she said.

Well she didn't get a chance to bring up taking him shopping that weekend, but it was only Thursday and she could bring it up tomorrow with the Headmaster after she had returned to Harry tonight. She could tell him she visited with him tonight and talked a bit and that Harry had asked if he could go to Gringotts to visit his vault and purchase some books he wanted to keep him occupied until he was moved to Headquarters. Yeah that would work she was sure of it.

"Well if we have no more new business to discuss, let us adjourn this meeting of the Order of the Phoenix until we have word back from Severus on how the Dark Lord fares" said Dumbledore.

Everyone started to get up and make their way out the door, Remus stopped Tonks after she had gotten up and everyone else had filed out.

"Tonks, you've seen him, how is Harry really?" he asked.

"Um what do you mean Remus I've just been watching him only seen him outside once or twice he looked ok I guess." Said Tonks."Come on Tonks it's me, I know you've been close to him, I can smell him on you ... werewolf senses you know, don't worry I won't say anything I just want to know how he is doing". He said sadly.

"Well... Ok, he's doing better, he was in really bad shape when I first saw him though" she said.

"What do you mean bad shape?" asked Lupin.

"Well he looked like he hadn't eaten since he got there, and he was dehydrated, but he's doing a lot better now" she said. "Please don't tell anyone about this Remus, I'm going to go back and stay with him tonight and see how he is, okay?"

"Sure Tonks I'm glad he has someone to talk to, please let him know... I don't know just let him know I care okay". He spoke sadly.

"Sure Remus no problem" replied Tonks

/"Okay well that went well," /thought Tonks, as she left Headquarters and prepared to apparated back to number 4 Privet Drive. With a soft pop Tonks was back on the corner of Privet Drive and walking slowly towards Harry's home. Looking around before preparing to pop back in to the bedroom she didn't see anything out of the ordinary, and popped back into Harry's room.

"Wotcher Harry, miss me" she said happily.

Harry was lying back on his bed reading through the Occlumency text she had left him.

"Hey Tonks, yeah I did" he said with a small smile. "So, how did things go at the meeting" he asked with a bit of trepidation in his voice.

"Pretty well actually, I didn't get Dumbledore to agree to let me take you shopping, but only cause I didn't ask" she said.

"Huh... Why didn't you ask, he didn't find out about you talking to me did he?" Harry asked.

"No he didn't find out, but I did get him to agree to let me visit with you and talk with you, so we don't have to keep that hidden anymore" she said.

"Well that's good then I guess at least you won't be getting into trouble over me" he sighed.

"Hey Harry don't worry I still plan on getting you out of here this weekend, at least for just awhile okay? I'm going to bring it up to Dumbledore tomorrow, tell him you wanted to go into Gringotts to get some galleons so you could get some reading material for this summer since you're locked up here at least until your birthday." She said.

"Hey that's not a bad idea Tonks that may just work" said Harry enthusiastically.

"Well that's the plan anyway we'll see how it goes with the Headmaster tomorrow, if he doesn't agree we'll think of something else alright Harry". Tonks said.

"So how's the book Harry" asked Tonks.

"It's pretty good, I'm learning a lot reading this, much more so than Snape ever let me know about the subject that's for sure" said Harry.

"It really makes sense to me about visualizing and creating a mindscape, I've been practicing a bit more with Hogwarts in my head"said Harry.

"But I think I may have overdone it just a bit, I'm starting to get a bit of a headache. I think I'm going to get to sleep Tonks."

"Okay Harry, ummm, did you want me to stay again tonight or..." she trailed off.

"Yeah Tonks I'd like that, I've never slept as well as I did last night it was nice having a beautiful woman to wake up next to as well" he said with a rising blush to his face.

"Really Harry, you think I'm beautiful" she said shyly.

"Yeah Tonks you are, I mean you're attractive but... I don't know what you really look like, you're always changing your hair and such, but I meant just you, you've been so helpful and kind and comforting how could I not think you were a beautiful person" said Harry honestly.

"Oh that's the sweetest thing anyone has ever told me Harry, thank you" she said with a bit of moisture coming into her eyes.

"Ok turn around now I'm going to transfigure into my night clothes okay." She said.

"Sure Tonks" Harry said as he rolled over towards the side of the bed and faced the wall.

"Ok all ready Harry you can turn back" she said. Tonks had changed into a bit more revealing nightwear than last night Harry noticed. She was wearing a sheer golden hued night dress that came to just below her mid-thigh, under which he could just make out a set of red laced bra and knickers."

"Oh wow Tonks I mean sorry you just um... " Harry trailed off with his mouth left hanging a bit open.

"What do you like it Harry," Tonks said teasingly,"I just thought you'd like the colors, you are a Gryffindor aren't you?" she said with a wink while sliding under the covers.

"He seemed to like the change in nightclothes,"Tonks thought. "Still I don't want to get too carried away I'll have to tone it down a bit and take things slow." Tonks lay back on her side of the bed and looked over towards Harry. He was lying on his back with his eyes closed and has a very peaceful look on his face for once. Tonks leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek and whispered goodnight before scooting just a bit closer to him so that their legs barely touched. She let out a soft sigh and drifted off to apleasant sleep. Harry on the other hand was wide awake and trying to determine just how he felt about Tonks sleeping with him. While he was sure it was just because she didn't want him to be disturbed by the nightmares again a small part of him wondered if she felt as good as he did. It was then when she leaned over and placed a chaste kiss to his cheek and whispered goodnight before she moved just a bit and their legs were lightly touching. He thought that he could get used to this. He decided to stop analyzing everything and get a good night's rest.
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