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Because I need more...
Than a substancial peice of proof...
Because I want more..
Than just a little truth.
Because Im not perfect...
I dont want perfection..
Because I am a woman
I still long for attention.

Because I crave Intelect...
I Love you for your mind.
But Because I am flawed..
I feel I'm the one you'll never find.
Because I'm inexperienced,
I'm not one quick to leap.
Because I believe in romance...
I don't do... before speak.

Because I could wait forever..
It's not fair that I must.
Because I want love...
I wont settle for lust.
Because of all these things..
and because of my beliefs..
I wont be pushed
or mistreated.

Because I met you...
I am clouded by my heart.
Because I love you...
I feel Im falling apart.
Because I needed more..
than it seemed anyone could give..
Because you are everything...
I could have ever needed.

But Because you are gone...
I may never see you again...
Because theres no answers..
other than what we are given.
Because I will always..
Have a flame inside for you...
I will never turn away...
Because my love is true.
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