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Chapter 05

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Chapter 05

After Tonks got back to her flat she made a quick sandwich and grabbed a coke (she was quite fond of the muggle drink) and sat back to think over how to go about asking Remus to join her and Harry tomorrow. "I guess I can just floo call him and see if he would come over in the morning before heading to Harry's."

She walked over to the floo and grabbed a pinch of the powder from over the fireplace, tossed it in and spoke clearly "Number 12 Grimmauld Place."

Sticking her head in the flames she called out "Anyone there?"

"Hello Tonks" Remus answered "What can I do for you?"

"Hey Remus, I talked to Dumbledore earlier and wanted to check with you to see if you were available in the morning to come with Harry and I to Diagon Alley" she asked.

"I'm sure I can, it would be great to see Harry. Is he doing alright?" he asked with concern.

"Yeah he's doing much better. We were planning a bit of ashopping trip actually, had to talk to Dumbledore first but he agreed as long and you and I were with him" she said.

"Ok then, where and at what time should I meet you?" he asked.

"Just floo over to my flat around 7:30 or so and we'll leave from here to meet Harry at his house around 8:00 am" she replied.

"Sure I'll be there.... I'm glad he was able to find someone to talk with Tonks, thanks for looking out for the cub" he said gladly.

"Not a problem Remus, he and I seem to be getting along really well. I've even been helping him study and some things" she said.

"That's great, I'm happy he is doing something other than grieving" replied Lupin "So I'll see you in the morning then?"

"Sure thing Remus, see you then" Tonks said, removing her head from the flames.

Tonks went back to the couch and sat down for bit to think of where all she was going to take Harry in the morning. While she was glad Dumbledore had agreed to let her take Harry out, she was a bit disappointed that it wouldn't be just the two of them. Maybe she could get him alone for abit while they were out. She really did enjoy his company and was finding herself drawn to him more and more.

With that in mind she went to shower and change into her sleeping attire which was a bit skimpier than the last outfit she wore to bed with Harry. Normally she just put on a light somewhat shear satin nightgown and her knickers under it. Crawling into bed and pulling up the covers she realized just how much she had come to like sleeping next to Harry and found herself missing him more than a bit as she drifted off to sleep.

Tonks woke up the next morning around seven o'clock and proceeded to get dressed in a short black skirt and a tight purple weird sisters t-shirt. Trying to decide how to wear her hair that day she settled on a somewhat longer than she was used to, light shade of violet that came down to her shoulders and added just a bit of curl to it. Her eyes she flashed to adeep violet color a bit darker than that of her hair.

Heading out to the living room she started some tea and had it prepared just before Remus' face popped up in the floo.

"Morning Tonks, you ready for me to step through?" he asked.

"Wotcher Remus, sure come on over" she replied.

Remus stepped out of the floo and dusted himself off a bit before joining her on the couch and taking a cup of tea.

"So you ready to take the cub out for a day on the town with me as chaperone, huh Nymphadora" he smirked.

"Watch it with the name, you know how I hate it Remus" she growled while smacking the back of his head.

"Sorry Tonks couldn't resist" he smirked at her.

"Fine just see you don't do it again and play nice no teasing Harry today. .. that's my job" she said with a grin.

"Alright, alright, I'll lay off it will just be good to see him you know" said Remus.

"Well then you ready I'll just apparate over to Harry's bedroom and you follow in about 5 minutes ok?" she stated.

"Sure Tonks, I'm sure you want a bit of alone time with the handsome young man anyway" he grinned.

"Oh stop it already I told you no teasing him today" she replied.

"No problem I wasn't teasing him. I was teasing you actually" he said cheekily.

Tonks responded with a muffled grunt and a soft pop and she was gone.

Tonks apparated into Harry's bedroom to find him sitting on the bed in his school dress robes and reading the Occlumency book she had brought him.

"Wotcher Harry" she said with a smile.

"Hey Tonks I'm so glad you made it, I've been looking forward to getting out of here for awhile" said Harry.

"Glad to see you're up for it, we're going to have a bit of company with us though. I hope you don't mind, but Dumbledore insisted on it"she said.

"What, who else is coming? Not Mad-Eye I hope, he'd stick out for sure in the muggle areas" said Harry.

"No its Remus, he really wanted to see you as well, he's been asking about you" Tonks replied.

"Oh, well, okay then I guess. I hope he's not too upset with me" said Harry sadly.

"What why would he be upset with you Harry?" asked Tonks.

"Well I know how close he and Sirius were, and it's all because of me that he's gone and I just thought he wouldn't want to see me or ...." Harry trailed off.

With a soft pop Remus Lupin was standing next to Tonks and looked over to see Harry with a very sad and moody expression on his face.

"Hey cub what is it everything alright, the young lady here didn't smack you for being too fresh did she" he said with a wink.

"Uh... er no nothing like that Professor Lupin" said Harry with a bit of a flush to his face. "It's just that well."

"Harry was afraid you would be upset with him and not want to see him" Tonks interjected.

"Why ever would you think that Harry?" questions Remus. "and it's Remus or Moony, I haven't been your professor for 2 years"

"Well I just knew how close you and Sir, Sirius were and after everything I've done I thought you might just hate me or not want anything to do with me" Harry replied.

"Harry, I could never hate you, and Sirius was not your fault okay. He chose to go, he wanted to go, and if he had to die that's the way he would have wanted to go, by your side and going down fighting" Remus said forcefully. "Now, I don't want to hear anymore about you blaming yourself for any of this. It wasn't your fault it was Voldemort, and Bellatrix who killed him, not you, do you understand?" Remus almost shouted at him.

"Okay Pro... Remus, I'm glad you don't hate me, but I still think it was mostly my fault" Harry said dejectedly.

"That's enough of that Harry" replied Tonks. "You are not to blame for his death so stop thinking that way okay. We've talked about this; everything is going to be okay. Now come, on lets get ready to head to The Leaky Cauldron alright"

"Sure Tonks, I'm ready when you are" replied Harry with abit less guilt in his voice.

"Okay just grab my arm and hang on tight and I'll apparated us to The Leaky Cauldron alright" said Tonks.

Tonks held out her arm a bit for Harry to grab on, but Harry put his arm firmly around her waist and had a good hold of her.

Turning to look at Tonks, Harry said with a slight smirk"Thought this would be easier for when we show up at the Leaky Cauldron, I'll be a step ahead of catching you before you fall."

"Oh just ever so thoughtful aren't you Harry, or are you just trying to grab a quick feel" she replied with a quick wink and apparated them both to the Leaky Cauldron.

After almost stumbling over a stray dust particle on the floor she was glad for Harry's arm around her as he steadied her and made sure she didn't trip.

"Thanks Harry, guess you were just being a gentleman" said Tonks before giving him a quick peck on his cheek.

"No problem Tonks glad to have been of service" said Harry.

Remus Lupin apparated in next to them and they all walked towards the rear wall and Tonks tapped the stones and revealed the entrance to Diagon Alley. They all walked through and headed for Gringotts.

As they left the Cauldron and entered Diagon Alley, Harry pulled the hood up over his head to help hide his appearance from the casual observer. They walked towards the goblin bank with Remus and Tonks on either side of Harry.

As they approached the large structure the two goblin guards out front opened the ornate doors to allow them in. Entering the bank it was not too crowded and Harry made his way to a teller.

Harry approached the goblin at the station and asked,"Excuse me I'd like to make a withdrawal from my vault and then exchange some galleons for pounds."

The goblin looked up and with a snarl said, "Key please."

"Of course," replied Harry.

"Right this way Mr. Potter" the goblin said after hopping down from his stool. "Follow me to the cart," he said.

Harry followed the goblin and they approached the cart, they both climbed in and the cart took off at a frightening speed. Harry loved the cart rides it was almost like flying on a broom with the speed and the turns it took as it descended into the caverns.

After a couple of minutes of the wild ride the cart slowed to a stop and the goblin got out followed by Harry.

"Here we are vault 687" said the goblin.

"Thank you I'll just be a moment" replied Harry.

Harry opened his vault and was still amazed by the loads of gold strewn about the vault. He quickly gathered up about 1000 galleons and put them in the money bag he had from his first visit from years ago.

"Ok I think I'm ready to head back up and exchange some of these for pounds" said Harry.

They got back into the cart and proceeded back up to the lobby of the bank. After arriving back at the lobby Harry looked around and spotted a familiar looking goblin. Walking over and approaching the goblin Harry questioned, "Erm, Griphook?"

"Yes, may I help you, oh Mr. Potter how good to see you again. I'm surprised you remember me most wizards never call us by name."replied Griphook

"Well it's kind of hard to forget the first goblin you've ever seen Griphook, and please call me Harry." Harry said with a smile.

"Thank you, Mr. er Harry, what can I do for you?" asked Griphook

"Well I wanted to exchange some galleons for pounds if it would be possible?" asked Harry.

"Of course, Harry no problem at all how many would you like to exchange?" asked Griphook.

"About 500 galleons I would say, I plan on doing a bit of shopping in both the wizarding and muggle world today" spoke Harry.

"Certainly follow me" said Griphook.

Harry followed Griphook over to his desk and took a seat while Remus and Tonks followed him and sat to either side of him.

"Here you are Harry," Griphook replied, handing him a large stack of 50 and 100 pound notes, "will that be all today Harry."

"Yes I think that was it thank you again Griphook" replied Harry.

"You're quite welcome Harry, always a pleasure to do business with you, I'll be seeing you soon then I'm sure" replied Griphook.

"What do you mean?" asked Harry.

"Well the will reading coming up of course, you should be receiving our letter in the next couple of days with the details" Griphook replied.

"Uh, will reading?" questioned Harry.

"Yes the reading of Sirius Black's will, it should take place on your birthday I believe, it's all in the letter we will be sending out, I will see you then again I'm sure." Griphook stated.

"Oh er,, ok then well thank you again Griphook, may your business be profitable" said Harry as he stood up and got ready to leave.

"And you yours Harry have a pleasant shopping experience"said Griphook.

"Oh he will, I'm making sure of it" Tonks said with amischievous look in her eye.

"Come on Harry, loads to do and not a lot of time, first lets head to Madame Malkins for some dress robes and a new set of school robes"said Tonks grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the doors to the bank with a bounce in her step.

Harry glanced back to Remus to see him grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

/"Uh oh that can't be good," /thought Harry.

"What are you grinning about Remus?" Harry asked.

"Oh nothing really, just glad it's you getting to play dress up doll with Tonks rather than me is all" he said with a laugh.

"Stop it Remus, your just jealous you won't look near as good in the new clothes he's gonna be trying on as he will" Tonks replied while dragging Harry towards the door.

They exited the bank with Tonks still holding Harry's hand and leading him towards Madame Malkins. Harry followed along enjoying the feeling of holding Tonks hand.

"Come on Harry it's going to be fun, I'm going to enjoy this so much" she said.

"Ok Tonks I'm coming, why are you so excited? It's just clothes shopping" Harry replied

"Just clothes shopping he says" mumbled Remus. "You have no clue, do you cub?"

"Huh, what do you mean Remus?" said Harry as Tonks practically was dragging him towards the clothing shop.

"You've never went clothes shopping with a woman before have you Harry?" asked Remus with a huge grin.

"Well no, just with Mrs. Weasley and everyone in 3rdyear, but we just got a couple school robes, how's this any different" asked Harry.

"Oh Harry this is going to be so much more fun" replied Tonks, leading him in the clothing shop.

Tonks was starting to worry Harry just a bit as she was bouncing up and down, almost jumping in place after they entered the shop. Harry was pushed into the shop and Tonks called out "We've got a live one here, he needs a bit of everything" to one of the salesgirls in the shop.

The girl came right over and told Harry to go stand on asmall step by some mirrors. She took out a measuring tape and started holding up all around him taking measurements from all over his body.

"So what do you need?" the salesgirl asked Tonks.

Harry thought that was a bit odd since it was him they were supposedly shopping for.

"Oh at least 3 sets of dress robes and 5 new school robes to start with, maybe some new boots and some accessories, Oh, and a new cloak"said Tonks with more of her giddiness showing.

After about 2 hours of Harry being poked and prodded and sent into the changing room more times than he could count, they emerged from Madame Malkins with 3 sets of new dress robes. One in dark black with a bit of a silvery sheen to it under the right light, another in a very deep red with gold trim with the Gryffindor patch on the breast, and another set that Tonks said she just loved and looked perfect on him. This set was a shade of emerald green that almost matched his eyes and had black trim. It made of some very lightweight shimmering fabric.

Harry also got two new pairs of dragon hide boots, both in adeep black color, and 5 new sets of school robes.

"Ok Harry we got your wizarding clothes, now we need to get you some decent muggle clothes to wear and burn those horrid hand me downs"Tonks said with none of her giddiness gone.

"Sure Tonks, thanks for the help picking everything out by the way, I would have never known what to get" said Harry.

"That's why you have me with you for my impeccable fashion sense," she stated.

Harry did have to admit he liked Tonks sense of style but didn't think it would fit his tastes; however the clothes she had picked out for him were definitely better than anything he would have chosen. They left Diagon Alley and headed back to the Leaky Cauldron. After stepping through into the Cauldron, they decided to grab a quick bite to eat and something to drink.

"You're going to need it Harry, have to keep up your strength for what's coming next" said Remus with a knowing grin.

"Huh, what do you mean Remus I thought we were just going to pick up some muggle clothes and head back, you have something else planned?"asked Harry.

"Oh no nothing else planned, well Tonks may have some ulterior motives but not me" he said with a wink towards Tonks.

"Stop it Remus I warned you" Tonks hissed at him.

"Sorry" Remus said.

"No I meant that little expedition was nothing compared to what I think Tonks has planned for you in the muggle world" he said with alaugh.

"Come on Remus I'm not that bad, how often do I get the chance to get to play dress up with such a handsome real life action figure, it's every girls dream you know" she said.

"Now I'm starting to get a bit worried" Harry said with ahappy grin while looking at Tonks.

"You'll love it Harry I promise" Tonks said while giving him a quick hug and another peck on the cheek.

"Now come on hurry up and eat we have a ton of shopping to do" said Tonks.

Four hours and 3 shops later the three of them were loaded down with packages of clothes and two new sets of trainers for Harry. Tonks, Remus and Harry stepped out of the last shop loaded with bags and boxes. Stepping into an alley that was obscured from any muggles, Tonks took out her wand and shrank all the bags and packages and put them in a pouch in her robes.

"Ok I guess were done then finally" said Remus, "I'll just be heading back to headquarters, Harry I really enjoyed getting to see you and hope your going to be ok the rest of the summer. If you ever want to talk I'll be here." Said Remus with a quick hug, before he apparated out with a soft pop.

"Alright Harry you ready to head back home now" asked Tonks

"Sure" he said.

"Ok grab on,, we'll pop back to your room and I'll un-shrink all these packages and see if we can't find a spot for them alright" replied Tonks.

Harry put his arm around her waist again and pulled her in close to him as Tonks side-along apparated them back to his bedroom. Of course Tonks started to trip over the loose floorboard in his room and Harry made to steady her. She was way overbalanced though and all Harry managed to do was steer her towards the bed so she wouldn't land on the floor. They ended up sprawled on the bed tangled up with each other, with Tonks laying half on and half off of Harry, laughing. Harry was stuck by just how beautiful she was when she was laughing and how nice she felt pressed against him. Tonks was surprised at how strong Harry's arms felt around her for being so thin, he was all muscle.

As they lay there laughing and tangled up in each others arms, Tonks brought here face up and gave Harry a small kiss on his lips. She pulled herself up into a sitting position and looked at Harry, who had asurprised look on his face.

"That's for being such a gentleman Harry and for letting me treat you as my own personal dress up doll today" Tonks said with a huge smile.

"Than, thanks Tonks, I really had a good time today and I really appreciate all your help. I wouldn't have known what looked good and what didn't." Harry replied with a huge grin.

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