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Chapter 06

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Disclaimer: All characters belong to J.K. Rowling. The interpretation of said characters is all mine.

Chapter 06
Tonks got up off the bed and stood up to look around the room. She glanced at Harry’s dresser and the small closet he had in his room. Taking out her wand she pointed it at the dresser and waved it a couple of times, and then she opened the closet door and did the same. Harry noticed the space in the closet tripled in size and assumed the same for the dresser.
“Well there that should be a bit better, at least now you’ll have enough room for all of your new clothes” said Tonks.
“Thanks Tonks I didn’t know where I was going to put all this stuff” he replied.
“No worries Harry, now let’s expand all these packages and get this stuff put up, and I want to destroy all those ratty hand me downs you’ve been having to wear” she said with a huff.
Tonks proceeded to take all of the old baggy clothes from Harry’s dresser and closet and pile them in the middle of the floor, before waving her wand and vanishing them away. Then she started to unpack all of the packaged she had shrunk. Taking a nice set of black dress pants and a deep emerald green dress shirt she handed them to Harry.
“Here take these and go grab a shower and change and I’ll get us something to eat while you’re gone okay” Tonks said firmly.
“Alright Tonks be right back, thanks again” replied Harry.
Harry took the clothes and went to the bathroom, making sure to avoid the Dursley’s that were downstairs. He had managed to avoid them since coming back home almost 2 weeks ago and didn’t want to have to deal with them if he could help it.
Tonks quickly finished getting all of Harry’s new clothes put up and apparated out to go pick up some food. She was very pleased with how Harry had responded to her using him to play dress up all day. She had really had a very good time and Remus had managed to fade into the background and give them plenty of time alone while they were shopping. She enjoyed flirting a bit with him during the day and wanted to show him tonight how much she had enjoyed it. She didn’t want to pressure him or anything but found herself really quite attracted to him more and more the more time she spent with him. She hoped he may see her as more than just a friend soon, but wanted to wait until after his birthday before trying to move things along anymore than she had. Tonks picked up a couple of orders of fish and chips from a small cafe that was near her flat and apparated back to Harry’s bedroom.
Harry was dressed in the new clothes and they really made all the difference he looked extremely handsome and the shirt really brought out the color of his eyes. Harry had settled onto the bed and was looking over the book she had bought him on auror level dueling, when she got back. Tonks had taken off her robes and was wearing just the short black skirt and tight purple shirt.
“Hey there handsome” said Tonks as she popped back into the room holding two bags and another six pack of coke.
“Hey Tonks, wow you look beautiful, I really love your hair and the way it goes with your shirt” Harry stated.
“Thanks Harry, I’m glad you like them, so you ready to eat, I brought fish and chips” she replied.
“Sure, but I thought I was going to buy dinner tonight you didn’t have to do that” he said.
“No worries Harry, you can pay when we go on a proper date” she said with a wink.
“Um … a proper date… you mean you would really go out with me sometime” asked Harry.
“Well yeah I would” she said as she sat next to him on the bed and placed the bags on the table in front of the bed.
“Listen Harry we should talk I think” she said somewhat hesitantly.
“Ok sure” replied Harry.
Great thought Harry, here is where she tells me she likes me as a friend and has just been teasing with me and not to take her too seriously.. like someone like her could really want to date you.
“Well” she said while taking his hand in hers.
“I like you Harry, I really do, I know we’ve been around each other the last few days and I’ve gotten to know you a lot better, and well I’m just worried how some people may feel” she said.
“What do you mean how some people will feel, we’re just friends right” said Harry.
“Yeah I guess so if that’s all you want” she said a bit sadly.
“What more could I want I’m friends with a beautiful woman, who has been helping me with everything this past week, you’ve done more for me in the last week than anyone I can think of before” Harry said.
“Well I don’t know about what more you could want but I know I’d like something more” Tonks whispered.
“What … what do you mean Tonks” asked Harry.
“It’s just that I’ve well Harry I think I may have a bit of a crush on you” she said hesitantly.
“WHAT” Harry almost yelled?
“I understand Harry, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to upset you I just felt I should tell you, I’ll still help you train and all if you want even if you don’t see me like that” she said with a sad sigh.
“NO, it’s not that Tonks, I’ve been crushing on you since we started talking, I mean you’re so beautiful and fun to be around and you treat me like an adult and not some kid, I really like you too Tonks.” Harry said.
“Really… you do” asked Tonks with a bit of trepidation in her voice.
“Yeah I just didn’t think you’d ever be interested in me like that I mean you’re an auror and so attractive and all I just figured you must see me as some depressed kid you felt sympathy for” He replied.
“No Harry not at all you’ve been through so much and you act very mature for your age, I’ve just gotten more and more attracted to you over the last week or so, I guess what I’m trying to say is I’d like to go out with you and be more than just friends” she said quickly.
“Oh Tonks I’d really like that are you sure you feel that way, what about the age difference and what people will say” he asked.
“Well I’ll be honest with you Harry, I don’t think we should really do anything about it until your birthday to be honest, it could cause all sorts of problems if we were to do anything before then” she said.
“Well my birthday is only like 2 weeks away, so I guess we could use the time to get to know each other better and see how things go after that if you’d like” said Harry.
“Oh Harry I’d like that so much, are you sure you feel that way, I mean I’m just silly, clumsy Tonks, I’m sure you could do much better than me, you must have half the girls at Hogwarts wanted to date you” she said a bit sadly.
“Tonks I already told you I don’t want any of those girls at Hogwarts all they see is the bloody boy-who-lived, not Harry, you see me for who I am and accept me for that, you have no idea what that means to me” he said passionately.
“Oh Harry” she cried as she wrapped him in a tight hug and squeezed him as tightly to her breast as she could.
She released him from the hug and looked into his eyes and almost lost herself in them they were so full of desire and compassion. She leaned forward and lightly brushed against his lips with hers. His lips were so soft and warm and it felt so nice to just let go and kiss him like she had been wanting for so long. Her tongue brushed lightly against his bottom lip seeking an opening. Harry’s lips opened slightly and Tonks lightly pushed her tongue thru his lips and played softly with his tongue.
Harry was surprised Tonks had just leaned forward and kissed him full on his lips, it was the greatest feeling he had had, nothing like kissing Cho, and her lips were so soft and full. He felt her pressing against him and her tongue lightly pushing against his bottom lip, he opened his mouth slowly and her tongue pressed in to wrap with his. He was lost in bliss as they snogged for what felt like hours but was only a minute or so, before she slowly drew back.
“Wow” said Tonks
“Wow” gasped Harry.
“So that’s what a proper kiss is like” said Harry with a huge smile on his face.
“Oh yes, I’ll say that was a very proper kiss Harry, are you sure you haven’t done that before” she said breathlessly.
“No, not really just a couple messy wet kisses with Cho” he replied.
“Oh.. so you’ve had some hot messy kisses before then” she said with a hint of jealousness in her voice.
“No, not like that we just kissed once or twice and she was always crying so they were always wet and messy, nothing like that… that was wonderful Tonks” he said
“Oh sorry Harry I didn’t mean to tease you really” she said softly.
“It’s ok Tonks I really liked that” he said.
“Ok well we should probably leave it at that for now I don’t want to get carried away and if you kiss me like that again I don’t think I can control myself, so why don’t we just sit and eat and talk for awhile okay” she asked.
“Sure Tonks so what did you bring” he asked.
“Oh just fish and chips but it’s from a really good spot I think you’ll like them” she replied.
“So how did you sleep last night without me” she asked with a sly grin.
“Actually not very well, I had another nightmare last night” he replied.
“Oh I’m sorry Harry, was it bad” she asked?
“Yeah it was I’d rather not talk about it really, it’s over with and I’m ok” he stated.
“Okay we don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to, do you want me to stay again tonight” she asked a bit shyer than he thought she did the other night.
“Yeah I’d like that a lot Tonks, I don’t seem to suffer the nightmares when your with me” he said honestly
“Alright then Harry, listen we should take things slow for now, we can go on a real date after your birthday and see how things go from there is that okay” she asked?
“Sure Tonks I don’t want to rush you into anything I really just enjoy your company and spending time with you” he replied.
With that they finished dinner and Tonks cleared away the leftovers and the mess. Harry got up to go to the bathroom to change and get ready for bed. While Harry was out she transfigured her clothes back into the nightie she had worn the other night in the Gryffindor colors. When Harry returned from the loo, Tonks was already curled up in the bed with the covers over her. She patted the bed next to her and Harry climbed in and got comfortable.
“Goodnight Harry” Tonks said leaning over to give him a full kiss on his lips.
“Goodnight Tonks” Harry replied after she broke the kiss.
They snuggled into each other and both drifted off to sleep.

A/N: Short Chapter but just wanted to move their relationship on a bit further in this one. The next Chapter should have the will reading and some surprises in store I hope.
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