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Chapter 07

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Disclaimer: All characters belong to J.K. Rowling. The interpretation of said characters is all mine.

Chapter 07

Harry awoke the next morning to find himself curled and cuddled up next to Tonks. His arms were around her and she had hers around him. He leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on her forehead, her eyes fluttered open a bit and she looked up, violet eyes met deep emerald ones and they both shared a quiet smile. They continued to stare at each other for awhile neither saying a word but both feeling very happy.

"Well I guess we should get up" Harry finally said.

"Why, it's Sunday I don't have any plans and I'm perfectly happy laying here next to you, now come on lay back and just snuggle for awhile Harry" she said playfully.

"Well alright when you put it like that it's really hard to refuse you know" said Harry with a grin and a soft kiss to her lips.

As they lay in each others arms and just enjoyed the feeling of each other, there was a soft hoot from the window as Hedwig came flying in. She swooped over the head of the bed and looked down on the two of them with an amused look it seemed. She gave another contented hoot and shook her leg in Harry's direction. He noticed she was carrying a few letters for him.

"Hey girl how was your flight, not too tiring was it" he asked while reaching up to stroke her feathers.

"Oh so I've got competition it seems" Tonks said mischievously, while ruffling her fingers thru Harry's mop of wild hair.

"Well I wouldn't say competition but Hedwig was the first lady in my life Tonks and she'll always have my affections" he said with agrin.

Hedwig gave an important hoot and looked down at Tonks as if to say, /he's my wizard you know/, she then gave Harry an affectionate nip on the ear and flew over to the desk.

"Well if that don't beat all I think she's a bit jealous Harry" replied Tonks.

"Nothing to be jealous of Hedwig will just have to learn to share, won't you girl" Harry said to his familiar with a quick wink.

Hedwig seemed to be ok with this as she just gave a happy hoot and shook her leg towards Harry again.

"Oh ok I'll get up and see the letters, thank you for bringing them Hedwig," Harry huffed.

Harry got out of bed and walked the two steps over to his desk and removed the letters from Hedwig's leg, then handed her an owl treat and let her nip at his finger for a bit. He saw 4 letters and started to open the first one, before turning back towards Tonks, who was still in the bed with the covers pulled around her.

"I wrote to everyone who came with me to the Ministry the other day, I wanted to apologize to them and see how everyone was." He told her.

"That was very thoughtful of you Harry, but I'm sure they don't want your apology there your friends and I don't think you could have stopped them from coming with you" said Tonks while rolling over to look at him.

The covers moved a bit down and Harry could see the top of her full breasts and one bare shoulder where the nightie had slid down a bit. His breath caught in his throat as he realized just how lovely she really was, she still had the same light violet hair but it was all straight now and a few strands where in her eyes as she smiled up at him.

"Uh..uh thanks for saying so Tonks" he managed to get out while he came back to his senses.

"Do you want me to give you some privacy for a bit to read them Harry, I need to use the loo anyway" she asked.

"Oh you don't have to but thanks Tonks" Harry replied.

"Sure thing Harry" she said while getting up and giving him a kiss on the cheek before dashing to the loo.

The first one was from Ron and Ginny, Harry started to read it.

Dear Harry,

We are both fine and were glad to come with you. We both just wish we were a better help to you in the fight. Mom was a bit spare there for awhile but she got over it. We hope to see you on your birthday at Headquarters and of course we are still your friends.

Ron, and Ginny.

Well that was good at least they were both ok and were looking forward to seeing him. He was looking forward to getting out of the Dursley's and seeing everyone at Headquarters even if it would remind him of Sirius. He took the next letter and saw it was from Neville.


I'm fine and was honored that you wanted me to come with you. Don't worry about my wand, Gran took me to Ollivanders and got me a new one as soon as she heard what we had done. She was so proud of me and told me my parents would be proud. The new wand works much better for me and I hope to do much better next term with it. Thank you for saying I was a true Gryffindor and I'm pleased to call you my friend, hope to see you soon.


Wow that was better than he expected, maybe Neville really was coming into his own. He certainly showed he was a capable wizard that night and was with him till the end. He too was happy to have Neville as afriend and promised to himself to spend more time with him in the future.

The next letter was from Luna.

Dear Harry,

Wow my very own letter from the Harry Potter, oh I'll have to frame it and show it too everyone. (just kidding Harry I know how much you hate the fan girl stuff). Thank you for your kind words and friendship and I was honored to come with you to the Ministry. I'm glad my words at the end of the year helped get rid of the nargles you had surrounding you at the leaving feast. They can be rather pesky at times. I'll be sure and stop in on the train to say hello.

Love Luna(your devoted fan girl) just kidding, must be the whisperwisps in my head making me tease you like that.

Ok that was definitely Luna for sure, still he was glad she was ok and appreciated her attempt at humor.

That left the last letter being from Hermione; he was looking forward and dreading this one a bit actually. Well best to get it over with and see what she had to say.

Dear Harry,

I'm fine, I still have to take a potion twice a day but that will be over in another 3 days. Don't blame yourself Harry, I chose to go with you, and it was my choice. I'm going to be just fine, I may have a bit of a scar but that's a small price to pay. I'm glad to hear you are doing ok and truly surprised are you actually studying and not just saying that to make me feel better. I'll always be here for you Harry, I hope you know that, you were my first real friend and I won't forget that. I hope to see you at Headquarters soon; my parents said I can come for two weeks after your birthday. Write back soon and I'll see you for your birthday

Love Hermione.

Okay well that was a relief, still he couldn't help but worry she may have been more hurt than she let on. Well he would write her again before leaving for Headquarters if nothing else he should tell her some about Tonks and how she was helping him, maybe not about them dating though.

Tonks came back in about a minute or two later and gave him a tight hug and a quick kiss on the lips. She had changed or transfigured her night clothes back into a pair of tight pants and a white t-shirt, which had his eyes roving to look at her chest. He pulled his gaze back to her face and gave her a slight smile.

"See something you like Harry" she said saucily.

"Yeah I do and it's right in front of me" Harry said his eyes never leaving hers.

"Oh Harry you are just too sweet," she said as she gave him another longer kiss "Well I need to go for a bit I've got to grab some things from my flat if I'm going to keep staying over like this, it's getting hard on my nightclothes to keep transfiguring them all the time."

"Oh ok Tonks so does that mean you plan on staying over again" he asked hopefully.

"Yes Harry, besides you said you had nightmares the one night I wasn't here, and if having me stay with you stops them, how could I not" she replied.

"Well it certainly helps I don't think I've ever had as much sleep as when you've been next to me" Harry told her.

After another hug and another heated kiss she stepped back and apparated back to her flat with a pop. Harry went to the loo to shower and get dressed in some of his new clothes that Tonks had picked out for him. He decided on wearing a pair of loose fitting jeans and a plain black t-shirt. As he sat on his bed and picked up the book on dueling he had been reading through, there was a peck at the window and Hedwig gave a hoot. Looking up Harry saw a large jet black owl outside of his window. He went over and opened it further so it could come in. It was a huge black owl with the seal of Gringotts around its neck on a small token. Attached to its leg was a note and the owl stuck its leg towards Harry.

Harry removed the note and unrolled it to read.

Harry James Potter,

You are requested to appear at Gringotts Bank on Monday the 31st of July at nine o'clock a.m. in regards to the will reading of Sirius Orion Black. The will reading will begin at ten o'clock a.m. your presence is required at least one hour before the reading of the will to handle some affairs that are not in the public will reading.



Director of Inheritances

Harry read through the letter twice before sitting back on the bed and slowly curled into a ball and wept. He was gone really gone and he hadn't really thought about him in the last few days, after his time with Tonks. He felt guilty for ignoring his grief and for feeling happy. His godfather was really gone and wasn't coming back. Harry didn't want the money any of it he just wanted Sirius back.

It was this scene Tonks found when she apparated back to Harry's bedroom. Harry curled up on the bed crying silently and shaking.

"HARRY" she yelled "what's wrong what's the matter are you okay?"

Harry just pointed to the letter he dropped on the floor and continued shaking. Tonks sat on the bed and gathered her arms around him, holding him close and stoking his hair, whispering comforting words in his ear. He pulled away and snarled "NO I don't deserve it I almost forgot about him, and he he's gone he's really gone."

"Stop it Harry, he wouldn't want this he would want you happy, he wouldn't want you to suffer this guilt, now come here" she commanded.

Harry slowly stopped shaking and leaned back into Tonks'arms. She wrapped him in a comforting hug and kissed his forehead and held him for awhile. Finally releasing him he sat back and tried to give her a small smile.

"Thanks for that Tonks I think I needed that, I still can't believe he's really gone, but that that letter proves it, it just makes it more real" he said sadly.

"Oh no what was I thinking he was your cousin I'm sorry Tonks I know you must be upset too" he said quickly.

"Shhhh it's okay Harry, I know I'll always miss him but Iknow he's gone and he'd want us both to be happy" she replied.

She picked up the letter and read through it then smoothed it out and put it back on his desk, "did you read the back of the letter Harry"she asked.

"No" he replied.

"Well you should have, it says the token on the owls neck is for you, it's a portkey to take you to an office in Gringotts at 8:55 a.m. on the 31st." she said taking the small token from around the owls neck.

Harry gave the large black owl a treat and a bit of water. After gulping down the treat and a quick sip of water the large bird flew off. Hedwig swooped over to land on Harry's shoulder and gave his ear a bit of anip.

"Don't worry girl she can't compare to you" he said while giving her a treat and refilling her water dish.

Hedwig gave him a contented hoot and heading back to her cage to eat the remainder of her meal from last night.

The next two weeks went by pretty quickly for Harry and Tonks, she had had to make a couple of meetings for the order and continue with her auror duties. She helped him with his Occlumency training and was surprised at how well his morning exercises had helped define his body with only a couple of weeks of work. Amazing how much having a steady diet of food could help him pack on some muscle mass in just two weeks. He was now rather filled out and the clothes she had helped him pick out fit him even better and looked great on him.

Tonks had managed to stay with Harry for all but 3 of the nights over the last two weeks and after each o f those 3 nights he had said he had nightmares but didn't want to talk about them. She left it at that as he didn't seem to upset by them. They had managed to sleep in the same bed and not have anything more than some heavy snogging and a bit of heavy petting but hadn't let it get too out of control.

The day before Harry's birthday they had both awoken to asoft trilling song filling the room. Fawkes had arrived and was sitting over the two of them singing on the headboard. Harry got up and Fawkes flew to his shoulder before dropping a letter in his lap and then leaping up and disappearing in a burst of flame.

"Well looks like Dumbledore has a word to say to me I would guess" Harry said.

Harry unrolled the letter and began to read it, Tonks could see he was getting more and more upset as his eyes ran down the page.

"What is it Harry, what did he say" she asked.

Harry just shoved the letter towards her before getting up and walking to the loo.

Dear Harry,

It's come to my attention that the will reading of Sirius Black will be held on your birthday at Gringotts bank. While I wish I could allow you to attend I fear that the risk is just too great for you to be spotted and attacked by the Dark Lords followers. Therefore I will attend on your behalf and arrive afterwards to take you to Headquarters. Please do not leave the house until I have arrived to escort you to Headquarters, and refrain from using your owl to send anymore letters to your friends, she could easily be intercepted.

Also we have much to discuss after your birthday regarding what I need to have you learning this next term at Hogwarts. I'm sorry but you will again be unable to be a prefect as I have already arranged your schedule, I will have you and your friend's owl results with me when we arrive at Headquarters on your Birthday.


Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

Headmaster Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, Chief Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confederation of Wizards.

Harry came back into the room a few minutes later, Tonks could tell he was still quite upset and looked up and patted the bed next to her. Harry came over and sat next to her. She put her arm around him and leaned into him.

"Harry don't worry about it everything is going to be okay"she said.

"I'm just so tired of him trying to control everything in my life he has no say in this Sirius was my godfather, he's just the Headmaster of my school, I'm going and he can't stop me" Harry said with finality.

"Your right Harry he can't and I'll be with you ever step of the way If you want" she replied.

"Of course I do Tonks I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without you I'm just so happy to have you in my life" he said while giving her a light kiss.

"I'm very happy to be in it Harry, so what should we plan on for tomorrow Dumbledore is not going to expect you at the will reading" she said.

"I'll think of something I'm sure all I know is it's my godfathers will and I'm going to hear it whether that old man likes it or not, I'm done with having him control me and tell me what to do" he spat.

"Ok we'll leave it at that then I know you can handle yourself Harry, if you need me just let me know I'm here for you" she said.

"Speaking of which, we have all day today let's not worry about Dumbledore right now, in fact since I'm not listening to him anymore, how would you like to go out" he asked.

"Out you mean now" she asked?

"Yeah you and me, now, how about we get out of here and you let me take you on a proper date" he said.

"Oh well I'll need to get ready then, where did you want to go" she asked?

"I'm not sure but someplace nice, you deserve the best and Istill owe you a dinner you know" he said with a grin.

"Alright I'll be right back I'm just going to pop over to my flat and shower and get all dressed up for you, be sure and wear something really nice Harry, and dress muggle I know the perfect place" she said before popping out of his room.

Harry went to go shower and change, he put on one of the two custom tailored dark Armani suits that Tonks had helped him to pick out, and he had to admit he did look pretty good in it. Harry went to his trunk and got out the rest of the pounds he had put away, he still had quite a bit even after the hefty shopping spree the two had went on. He also took out the necklace he had found for Tonks while they had been shopping. He managed to get Remus to distract her for long enough by insisting that Tonks took Remus to get fitted for a suit as well.

Harry had quite the time getting Remus to agree to that part of his little plan he really hated dressing up. The necklace was a thick link chain made from white gold with a teardrop shaped pendant made from a stone that shifted from purple to a light pink when the light hit it. He couldn't remember the name of the stone but he knew it was perfect for Tonks when he saw it, as it was the colors she usually chose for her hair. He placed the necklace in its box and put it in his pocket to give her when she returned.

After about another thirty minutes Tonks popped back into his room, dressed in a gorgeous long black evening gown accented with sparkling sapphire earrings. She wore her hair long past her shoulders and with a bit of curl in it but it was a light honey brown instead of the usual striking pink or violet she wore. He was glad she wasn't wearing a necklace.

"You look breathtaking Tonks, I um have something for you"he said breathlessly.

"You look quite dashing yourself Harry, that suit really fits you" she replied.

Harry took the necklace from his pocket and handed the box to her.

"Here I got you this, I hope you like it" he said.

"What how did you get me a gift I never saw you go out to pick anything up" she asked.

"I picked it up on our shopping trip while you were distracted with Remus" he replied.

She opened the box and her jaw fell open, it was absolutely gorgeous and had to be very expensive. Then she saw the pendant attached to it and her eyes sparkled.

"It's beautiful Harry, but why did you get it for me" she asked.

"Well the pendant is what caught my eye it reminded me of your hair actually, why are you wearing it that color, not that it doesn't look nice." he said.

"Oh well I thought we could go to a fancy restaurant I heard of and well I thought I'd tone it down a bit didn't want you to look like you were out with some weirdo" she said.

"Tonks I like you for you, wear your hair the way you like and who cares what others think, I got the pendant with the hair color you usually wear in mind you know" he said truthfully.

Tonks held the necklace out to him and turned around for him to put it on her. As he fastened the clasp behind her she let her hair change to a soft light violet to match the stone with just a hint of pale pink streaking through it.

"There now that's much better" Harry said as she turned around.

She pulled him into a hug and pressed her lips to his and soundly kissed him. Harry returned the kiss with passion and ran his hand lightly through her hair and pulled her closer with his other hand in the small of her back. Tonks sighed into his mouth and melted against him. They broke the kiss and stepped back from each other each a bit out of breath.

"Well I guess we should go then" Tonks finally gasped.

"Sure so where did you have in mind" asked Harry.

"It's this wonderful French place called Le Caprice in central London, supposed to be very romantic" she said smiling.

"Sounds perfect" said Harry.

"I hope so, we can apparated to the Leaky Cauldron and catch a cab from there to take us ok" she replied.

Harry put his arm around her waist and pulled her close as she side along apparated him to in front of the Leaky Cauldron.

"Our cab should be here any minute I called them from my flat and had them meet us here, oh there it is" she said.

They got into the cab and spent the next 20 minutes to the restaurant holding each other's hand and just enjoying each other's company. Tonks kept stealing glances down to look at her necklace and pendant and then looking up at Harry with a huge smile on her beautiful face.

They spent the next 3 hours enjoying a wonderful dinner and dancing on the beautiful dance floor to the admiring stares of the other diners. After they had finally had enough dancing they left the restaurant and took a taxi back to Tonks' flat. Tonks told Harry he should stay with her tonight at her flat since they would be leaving for Gringotts in the morning and he had the portkey with him as he didn't want to leave it lying about. Tonks led Harry to her bedroom where she slowly started to get undressed. Harry removed his suit jacket and shirt, and then kicked off his shoes. As he was unbuttoning his trousers he looked up to see Tonks standing before him in just her knickers with the pendant flashing in the light between her breasts. He was stunned it was the first time he had seen her topless and his mouth dropped part way open and he was stuck staring at the sight in front of him. Tonks looked shyly up at him and stepped towards him grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the bed.

Harry finished getting his trousers undone and stepped out of them standing in just his boxers. Tonks stepped forward and pressed against him and pressed her lips to his. Slowly deepening the kiss she pulled him back towards the bed to fall back upon it dragging him with her. She pulled them under the covers and planted small kisses all over his lips and neck. Purring softly against him and slowly rubbing her body to his. Harry returned her kisses and wrapped his arms around her enjoying the feel of her warm body against his. They proceeded to snog and caress each other for an hour or so before Tonks pulled back from him a bit.

"Harry we should sto.. stop we've got along day ahead of us tomorrow and we need to get some sleep" she said breathlessly.

"Ok Tonks your right we have a lot to go through tomorrow, thank you for a wonderful evening" he replied a bit out of breath himself.

"Your very welcome Harry and I promise after your birthday I plan to make it an even more pleasant evening for you than tonight"she said with a sultry purr and wink.

They lay in each other's arms just holding the other and slowly drifted to a peaceful sleep.

A/N: Ok I'm going to end this chapter there and the next will be the will reading and the drama that ensues from that. I just wanted to leave this chapter to end on a happy note.
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