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Chapter 08

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Chapter 08

They both awoke at around seven o'clock the next morning still wrapped in each other's arms. Harry reached his hand up and brushed Tonk's hair from her face and leaned in for a small kiss. Tonks sighed and leaned into his touch, nestling closer into Harry's chest. Harry held her close to him for a few minutes before saying, "We should probably get up now."

"Yeah we should." Tonks replied, making no effort to move.

They continued to just hold each other for a few more minutes before Tonks rolled off of Harry, gathering a sheet around her and heading towards the loo. Harry laid there and just enjoyed the lingering scent of Tonks in the bed, before climbing and gathering up his clothes that were strewn about the room.

Tonks stepped out of the shower and was wearing just a towel with her hair back short and spiky pink. She gave Harry a beaming smile saying"The showers all yours" before heading towards her closet.

" Uh Tonks, I didn't bring any spare clothes last night and I don't know if we have time to head back over to the Dursley's to get anything" Harry said as he made his way towards the shower.

"It's okay Harry I managed to take a couple things from our little shopping spree with me to keep here in case you ever needed them, hang on I'll grab them" she said.

Tonks went over to the dresser and pulled out a pair of black trousers and a dark green shirt, along with a set of black dress robes. She carried them over and put them in his arms and gave him a tap on his bum and sent him into the loo to shower and change.

After they were both dressed and ready to go Harry took out the Gringotts seal portkey. There were about ten minutes until it activated.

"Well are you ready for this Harry?" asked Tonks.

"Yeah, as ready as I can be I think. I wonder what the goblins want to discuss with me before the will reading?" he replied.

"I'm not sure, but it probably has something to do with the will" Tonks mused.

They both took hold of the portkey and felt the tugging sensation at their navels and a whirling sensation before landing in an office with an older looking goblin behind a desk staring at them. Tonks and Harry both promptly landed on their bums in the middle of the office.

"Bloody portkeys" they exclaimed simultaneously, then looked at each other and laughed.

"Welcome to Gringotts, Mr. Potter, and Miss ..." the goblin started

"Tonks sir, her name is Tonks"

"Welcome then Miss Tonks, my name is Triphook. I was expecting only Mr. Potter; this conversation is to be conducted in private"

"I'd like for Tonks to remain Triphook if that is alright, and you can call me Harry" Harry replied.

"Very well then please have a seat, would you like refreshments?" Asked Triphook.

"No thank you" they both replied, eager to see what this was about.

"Good then we should get right down to business, we have much to discuss before the reading of the will. I was to understand that you were not to be attending the will reading and was somewhat surprised to see you arrive by the portkey this morning"

"Who told you I would not be at the will reading?" asked Harry, already thinking he knew the answer.

"Headmaster Dumbledore sent a letter saying he would be representing your interests at the reading of the will, which I am glad to say, is not the case." said Triphook.

"No I will be attending it myself."

"Well then, that brings up another matter we should discuss before bringing up the matter of what is in the will" Triphook started. "Do you know who your wizarding guardian is Mr. Potter?"

"No I don't. I didn't even know I had one actually, and please call me Harry" Harry said, once again.

"Well, your wizarding guardian was supposed to be Sirius Black, but due to his unfortunate stay in Azkaban that was changed by Headmaster Dumbledore to himself" said Triphook.

"Tell me Harry, have you seen your parents will?" Triphook asked?

"No I wasn't aware they even had one" Harry replied, sounding slightly confused.

"Oh yes they most assuredly had one, a family as old as the Potters would definitely have a will. Would you like to see it now" he asked?

"If it would be possible, then yes I would like to see it"replied Harry his voice cracking a bit.

Tonks reached over and squeezed his hand and gave him asmall smile.

"Thanks" whispered Harry.

Triphook reached into a stack of papers he had behind his desk and handed one over to Harry. Harry took the parchment and began =reading through it carefully. It basically stated that all moneys and properties were to be given to Harry when he came of age, with the stipulation of a trust vault set up for him until he gained access to the rest of the vaults. It also stipulated the people to become his guardian in case of his parents death; Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Frank and Alice Longbottom, or Ted and Andromeda Tonks. It also stated that under no circumstances was he to be given into the care of his Aunt and Uncle.

Harry was furious he had never known of his parents will, never known of any other vaults, and was never supposed to be given to the care of the Dursleys. He was shaking and his fists were clenched in rage. Magic started to spill out of him in increasingly large waves and a shimmering red aura started to form around him. Small objects in the room started to shake as Harry stood fuming. Tonks reached out and grasped his arm, "Harry calm down"she said softly.

"Please try and calm down Harry, it's alright, everything is going to be okay" she said soothingly.

"I WAS NEVER SUPPOSED TO GO THERE, HE DID IT ITS ALL HIS FAULT, NEVER AGAIN, I'M NOT EVER LISTENING TO HIM AGAIN" Harry yelled. Harry started to relax into her touch and the aura faded away and the waves of magic subsided as he took a breath and sat down.

"What do you mean, you weren't supposed to go where" Tonks asked.

"Look" Harry said thrusting the paper at her.

Tonks read the parchment and then wrapped Harry in a hug,"It's alright Harry you won't have to go back, I promise you"

"Ahem" the goblin cleared his throat. "Is everything okay"he asked, after Harry seemed to have calmed down some.

"Yes, it was just a bit of a shock is all" replied Harry.

"Well then if we could get on with business, the will reading is scheduled in less than thirty minutes and we still have much to discuss" Triphook stated.

"Okay I'm ready. I do apologize for my behavior, it just came as a bit of a shock to me to learn I was never supposed to go to my Aunt and Uncle" replied Harry.

"Understandable" Triphook replied. "Now I believe we should discuss the matter of Mr. Blacks request in his will."

"His request?" asked Harry

"Yes, it was Mr. Black's intention to adopt you as his son and heir, while he has passed his wish was made prior to that and everything was in order except for your acceptance" Triphook began.

"He... he wanted to adopt me?" Harry said softly.

"Yes he made that quite clear, if you are willing, he also made another request if you were to agree" Triphook said.

"What was it?" asked Harry.

"It was his intention, that in the event of his death, that you were to be emancipated if you were over the age of sixteen. I believe it is your sixteenth birthday today, if I am not mistaken" replied Triphook

"What would that mean, if I was emancipated that is" asked Harry.

"It would mean that you would become a legal adult in both the wizarding and muggle worlds, able to practice magic freely outside of the underage restrictions, as well as becoming the head of both Houses Potter and Black, along with a few other titles" Triphook explained.

"Well I think I'd like that then, what do I need to do"asked Harry.

"It's a simple matter really, sign a couple of papers and adrop of your blood to formalize the adoption" explained Triphook.

"Ok then where do I sign" asked Harry.

Triphook handed harry two sets of papers and pointed where to sign on them, and then he asked for Harry's finger and poked it with a small sharp blade. Drawing a drop of blood the goblin placed it on a piece of parchment he had on his desk. The parchment flared blue for a second then returned to normal.

"There it is done that will be on file at the Ministry and will be a record of your adoption into the House of Black as Head of house, your emancipation and record of Head of House Potter is on file now as well"said Triphook.

Reaching into his desk Triphook pulled forth two small boxes, sat them on the desk in front of Harry and opened them. In each there was a ring, the first ring was made out of platinum and had a large onyx stone on the face of it was a large stylized B. The second ring was made out of yellow gold and bore a ruby stone with a large P underneath the stone's face.

"These are the rings of the Heads of House Black, and House Potter, please put the Black family ring on your right ring finger and the Potter ring on your left" stated Triphook.

Harry took the Black family ring and placed it on his right ring finger, he felt a pulse of magic wash over him and the ring flashed blue for a second.

"The ring acknowledges you as the rightful heir to the House of Black" stated Triphook.

Harry then took the Potter family ring and placed it on his left ring finger, the feeling of magic was greater this time and left him a bit winded but feeling his magic surge through him stronger than he had ever felt it before.

"Well I believe that concludes our business for the moment Lord Black-Potter, here are the keys to your family vaults" Triphook said handing Harry two small golden keys.

"What do you mean Lord Black-Potter? I asked you before to call me Harry" Harry questioned

"It is a formality to be observed, as the Head of both House Potter and Black your title is Lord and you have two seats on the wizengamot. Your full name is now Lord Harry James Black-Potter, congratulations and happy birthday Lord Black-Potter, may your business be profitable" Triphook said as he gave another short bow and walked out of the room.

"Well that was something wasn't it my Lord?" Tonks said with the hint of a smirk on her face.

"Yeah I've gotta say I didn't see that coming, well I guess we should probably get to the will reading" said Harry.

Harry and Tonks walked out of the conference room and entered the lobby. Standing in a group about thirty feet away were; Arthur, Molly, Ron, Ginny, Fred and George Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Remus Lupin. Hermione caught sight of him and rushed over grabbing Harry in a huge hug, burying Harry's face into her bushy hair.

"Harry, oh I'm so glad to see you. What are you doing here?We weren't supposed to see you until we got the Headquarters? Are you ok, why are you here?" she fired off in a rush.

"Hey Hermione, good to see you too, I'm here for the will reading. I'm fine, how are you" he asked pulling back from her and looking her over with concern.

"Oh I'm fine Harry, really no problems. I'm just surprised to see you, the Headmaster said we wouldn't see you until we got to Headquarters" replied Hermione. "Oh hi Tonks I didn't see you there."

"Hi Hermione" Tonks said a bit stiffly as she stepped closer to Harry and took his arm.

"Oh Harry, dear how are you, what are you doing here Ithought Albus told you he would let you know what happened when he came to get you" said Molly Weasley.

Harry went stiff and pulled away from Molly at the mention of the Headmaster's name.

"I'm here for the will reading Mrs. Weasley, as is my right as a beneficiary" he said coldly.

"But your safety Albus said." Molly started.

"I don't care what the Headmaster said, I'm here as is my right and that's the end of it" Harry stated, "If you'll excuse me I'd like to say hello to the rest of my friends Mrs. Weasley"

"Harry, really I must insist." Molly started again, "Let him be dear, he's here, let him say hello to his friends" Arthur Weasley said while steering Mrs. Weasley away from Harry.

"Come on Tonks, let's go say hi to the gang shall we" Harry said while patting Tonks hand that was still on his arm.

"Hey Ron, Ginny, Fred, George, how are you all?" asked Harry.

"I'm good mate, just surprised to see you here is all"replied Ron.

"Hi Harry," Ginny said while stepping forward to wrap him in a hug, dislodging Tonks from his arm as she did so.

Harry returned the hug for just a second before pulling away and taking Tonks hand again. Hermione gave him an odd look that said something like 'we'll talk about this later'. Ron and Ginny looked at him jealously it seemed, and Fred and George just looked at him with a grin on their faces.

"Hey there," said Fred, "oh dashing, lucky business partner"finished George.

"Hi guys, it's good to see you, and what do you mean partner?" asked Harry.

"Oh we, "started George

"Made you a partner" said Fred

"In the joke shop" finished George

"10 percent cut of the" said Fred

"Profits" finished George.

"Okay stop that you're making me dizzy" replied Harry."Besides that was a gift I didn't want to be made partner."

"Too" said Fred

"Late, already done" finished George.

"Ahhh Harry, my boy, I see you decided to attend. I told you I would handle everything" came the voice of Albus Dumbledore.

"It's my right to be here Headmaster, not your choice" said Harry stiffly.

"Be that as it may it's far too dangerous for you to be out, now come with me we still have time to take you to Headquarters before I come back and finish up with this" Albus replied.

"No thank you Headmaster, I'll be staying for the reading. Come on Tonks, let's go" said Harry taking Tonks arm, leading her towards the conference room.

Harry and Tonks walked side by side into the conference room and took two vacant seats near the middle of the room. The Weasleys had already filed in and taken seats in the front of the room, while Remus Lupin was sitting behind them. Harry noticed two others in the room.

"What are you doing here, Potter?" snarled Draco Malfoy.

"I'm here for the reading of my godfathers will Malfoy" he replied not rising to the desire to strangle the idiot.

"Sit down Draco" came the lilting voice of his mother Narcissa Malfoy.

"Greetings Mrs. Malfoy" said Harry stiffly.

Mrs. Malfoy gave him a quick look of shock before inclining her head slightly towards him.

"Hey Harry, how are you doing?" asked Remus from behind him with concern.

"I'm doing better Remus, I'm doing better" Harry said while reaching over and taking Tonk's hand and smiling a bit.

"It's good to see you Harry, very good to see you, and you as well Nymphadora" Remus smirked.

"Watch it Remus or I'll have my boyfriend beat you up" She replied while batting her eyes at Harry.

About that time a ferocious looking goblin walked into the room followed by Albus Dumbledore. The goblin took a seat behind the desk and Harry heard a few slight gasps from the Weasleys. Dumbledore fixed his gaze on Harry and caught his eye. Harry felt someone approaching the wards of Hogwarts in his mindscape and sent a pulse through the wards to repel the intruder. Dumbledore broke eye contact with him with a slight twitch to his eyebrow.

"It's not nice to pry Headmaster" Harry stated.

"Ahem, if we are all gathered" the goblin spoke.

"I am Director Ragnok and I will be officiating the reading of the last will and testament of Sirius Orion Black. If everyone is settled and ready I will begin" spoke Ragnok.

Not waiting for a reply Ragnok began to read.

"I Sirius Orion Black being of sound mind and body do hereby... oh posh I'm sane and now I'm dead and I'm about to give away all my stuff. There that's out of the way now on to the good part."

"To Albus Dumbledore I leave the sum of 100,000 galleons to be put to use for the good of the order, and a word of advice; leave Harry alone, I've taken steps to make sure you won't be an undue influence over him any longer, leave it at that and we'll shall part on good terms, all previous sins forgotten and forgiven, cross me and I'll haunt your old bones till you join me Albus."

"To my good friend and fellow marauder Remus Lupin I leave 100,000 galleons and a collection of decent robes, for Merlin's sake would you please wear something nice you old wolf."

"To Arthur and Molly Weasley, I leave the sum of 50,000 galleons in thanks for being the family to Harry that I was unable to be, use it to make your own lives that much richer."

"For Fred and George Weasley I leave 20,000 galleons and the notes from our days as marauders with the hope you will use them to further your career in the art of the prank."

"To Ronald Weasley, I leave the sum of 10,000 galleons and season tickets to the Chudley Cannons for the next 10 years, I hope this will curb your jealousy of Harry and allow you to remain fast friends."

"To Ginerva Weasley, I leave 10,000 galleons and an amount in a trust vault to pay for her remaining schooling at Hogwarts."

"For Hermione Granger, I leave 10,000 galleons and the library at Headquarters for your undying love of books."

Hermione squeaked just a bit at that. Blushing she composed herself and sat still.

"To my dearest cousin Nymphadora, ha ha can't hit me now Tonks, I leave the sum of 100 000 galleons and the request that follow your heart it will bring you much happiness."

Tonks took Harry's hand and smiled up at him. Harry squeezed her hand back and returned the smile with a wink.

"Now on to the bad stuff, Narcissa Black-Malfoy, and Draco Malfoy I leave the sum of one Knut and strip the name of the House of Black from you, you are no longer my family and have no business left here, get out."


"Draco control yourself" hissed Mrs. Malfoy. "We will be protesting this Ragnok, you can count on that."

"I would not bother Mrs. Malfoy the will has been upheld and everything is in order you received your inheritance, now please leave" Ragnok replied calmly.

"You haven't heard the last of this the Dark Lo..." Draco started.

"Shut up Draco" snarled Mrs. Malfoy.

Two goblin guards opened the doors to the room and escorted the two Malfoys from the room.

"Well then back to the conclusion of the will then shall we"Ragnok said after everyone had settled back into their seats.

"The remainder of the Black family fortune as well as all properties and businesses I leave to my heir and son Harry James Black-Potter"said Ragnok.

There were gasps of surprise at this from Arthur and Molly Weasley, as well as shaking of Dumbledore's head.

"If everyone will please step outside there will be a goblin to present your keys and other items that were willed to you" Ragnok stated.

He waited for everyone to leave the room before turning to Harry, and saying "Please stay for a moment Lord Black-Potter."

"Please Director Ragnok just call me Harry" said Harry.

"Very well then, please call me Ragnok, will you have aseat, ah Miss Tonks would you excuse us please" spoke Ragnok.

"She stays, I'd like her here" said Harry sternly.

"Of course Lord... Harry, well it's just a couple of quick things I should let you know, as you are now aware you are emancipated and the Head of two of the Ancient and Noble Houses. You have received the keys to the Black, and Potter family vaults I assume?" asked Ragnok.

"Yes Ragnok I have, I was curious though would it be possible to have a list of what was contained in the vaults, before I visit them?" asked Harry

"Of course Harry, I have the paperwork here with me, I would be happy to go over it with you, as well as discuss what needs to be done with some of your properties" replied Ragnok.

"My properties?"

"Yes you hold the deeds to quite a few homes and locations now as head of two Noble Houses" Ragnok stated.

Harry sat back into the plush leather chair next to Tonks and took a deep breath.

"Well I guess I should find out everything I now own before I go down to the vaults" Harry said.

Ragnok reached into his desk and withdrew two thick leather ledgers. Taking one that was a light tan color and inlayed with what looked to be runes. Opening the ledger he glanced through it quickly before speaking to Harry. "We will start with the assets in the Potter vaults if that is alright with you Harry".

"Yes that's fine Ragnok"

"Very well the monetary figures are approximations until afull audit can be performed. Thirty million galleons not including the five million galleons in loose gemstones, and another two million galleons worth of jewelry and family heirlooms and artifacts. Again a full audit can be made after you visit the vault. In addition the vault contains the deeds to the village of Godric's Hollow in Wales, the deed to the Potter family estate also in Wales, and the deed to the Castle of Yester located in Scotland. There are also considerable stocks and holdings in various muggle and wizarding businesses. I believe that covers the majority of the contents of the Potter family vault." Ragnok explained.

Harry sat next to Tonks in his chair with a complete gob smacked expression on his face. Tonks for her part had her hair cycling through a multitude of colors.

"Cor Harry I had no idea the Potter's were that well off, Imean your own bloody castle, did I hear that right?" she exclaimed.

"You are correct Miss Tonks, the Castle of Yester to be precise, located about 25 miles from Edinburgh I believe" replied Ragnok.

Director Ragnok placed the brown leather ledger with the Potter crest upon it down on his desk and picked up a large black leather ledger with silver inlayed runes upon it. He opened it and glanced through it once before speaking again.

"Now on to the Black family vault. The holdings are as follows; twenty million galleons, eight million galleons in loose gemstones, and another five million galleons in jewelry and family heirlooms. I must warn you some of them are quite dark in nature; again there are several stocks and holdings of various wizarding companies as well. The deeds to the following properties as well, the Black family mansion in London, a chateau in southern France which, I believe is near the Beauxbatons school, a Vila in Grimaldi near Montecarlo, and a private island Petit Mustique in the Grenadines" Ragnok rattled off in clipped tones.

"I will have a more detailed portfolio drawn up including which stocks and holdings you own sent to you within a week if that is satisfactory, Lord Black-Potter?" Ragnok continued.

"Ummmm yeah, that would be fine sir" Harry stammered.

Harry and Tonks both sat stunned in their chairs with their mouths open and a dull look in their eyes. They just sat in shocked silence trying to take in the enormity of Harry's holdings and newfound wealth.

"Harry would you and Miss Tonks care to visit your vaults now, there are a few things I need to go over, then I can discuss your various properties with you once you return." Stated Ragnok.

"Um, yes I think that would be fine Ragnok." Harry said.

"Very well then I will have Griphook escort you to your vaults."

The large ornate doors to the conference room opened and Griphook walked in.

"Ah Griphook would you please take Harry and Miss Tonks to visit his vaults, there are some things I must go over before I continue with Lord Black-Potter." Ragnok stated.

"Of course Director Ragnok, if you will follow me Lord Black-Potter, Miss Tonks." Griphook said.

"Certainly Griphook, and please t call me Harry." Harry replied.

Harry and Tonks followed Griphook out of the conference room and across the bank to the carts that descended into the depths of Gringotts where the vaults were located. A large cart, much more ornate than the ones Tonks or Harry had seen before appeared in front of them. The cart had plush leather seats that were much more comfortable than the normal carts normally used. As they settled themselves into the seats and prepared for the ride into the caverns, Griphook said "Please keep your arms and legs inside the cart at all times, we shall be visiting the Potter Family vault first."

The cart started slowly down the track steadily picking up speed as it descended into the cavern. Soon they were flying along at an impressive speed, and the vault numbers started decreasing. Past the seven hundreds, then past Harry's old trust vault 687, as they reached the ones numbered in the five hundreds, the cart slowed. Another track appeared to the left and the cart switched to the new rail. The cart started to drop faster and faster, it was like a muggle roller coaster going at full speed. The vault numbers stated to decrease at a must faster pace, passing the four hundred and three hundred numbers. Once again the cart slowed and switched to another track, this one much steeper than the last. Tonks grabbed onto Harry's arm and clung tightly as they dropped so quickly their stomachs were in their throats. The air was becoming hotter as they descended and as they reached the vaults numbered in the double digits, bursts of flame could be seen from side corridors.

"What are those flashes of flame Griphook?" Harry asked.

"Ah those would be the dragons we use to guard the oldest vaults we have." Griphook stated with a fearsome looking grin.

The cart slowed to a stop in front of vault number 87 and Griphook got out and motioned for Harry and Tonks to follow him. The two got out of the cart and stood next to Griphook in front of the large vault door.

"Please step forward and place your hand upon the door Lord Black-Potter, the vault will key to you and open." Griphook said.

Harry stepped up to the vault and placed his hand upon the large, ornate bronze and silver door. The door flashed with a golden light for a brief second and Harry felt a sharp tingle in his hand and travel up his arm. The door slowly swung inward, allowing Harry entrance to the Potter Family vault. Harry stepped through the door and entered into the large vault chamber and gasped at what he saw.

The room was huge, at least 80 feet long and 40 wide, with atowering ceiling, filled with boxes, cabinets, and stacks and stacks of coins. Harry heard Tonk's voice from outside the vault asking if she could enter.

"Of course" he replied.

"Harry you will need to formally state your desire to allow Miss Tonks or anyone else for that matter to enter into the vault" Griphook told him.

"I, Lord Harry James Black-Potter allow Nymphadora Tonks access to the Potter Family vault" Harry spoke in a clear and commanding voice.

"Thank you Harry." Tonks replied as she stepped into the vault and moved to his side, wrapping him in a quick hug.

"You're very welcome, I'm not sure I could go through with this on my own." Harry spoke with a slight hitch in his voice.

"It's okay Harry, I'll always be here for you, I hope you know that by now." Tonks told him while placing a hand to his cheek and giving him a small tender kiss on his lips.

"Now how about we see what all is in here before we go on to look at the Black Family vault" Tonks said.

"Sure thing it does seem to be quite a lot of stuff to go through, perhaps we should just take a quick look about and we can come back another time to go through everything more thoroughly."

Harry began to look over the vault again and ignoring the stacks of gold coins, he walked over to the cabinets and began to open drawers. The first drawer he opened contained row upon row of emeralds in various sizes laid out on dark red velvet. The second drawer contained aglittering assortment of diamonds arranged in the same manner but displayed on black satin. Each drawer of the cabinet contained more gems of various colors and sizes. He stepped over to another cabinet and found it contained various types of jewelry, necklaces and rings and pendants, of all types and colors. Tonks meanwhile was looking through some of the boxes along the other side of the vault. They all appeared to contain portfolios of various stocks and holdings in various wizarding and muggle companies. There were scores of boxes and cabinets in the vault.

Harry walked further towards the back of the vault and found a large, ornately carved chest at the back of the vault. Stepping up to the chest and looking it over he found a small indentation in the front of the chest. He placed the Potter signet ring into the indentation and heard a soft click from the chest. Lifting the lid on the chest he saw a small ring box inside and nothing else. Taking the ring box from the chest and opening it he found what appeared to be another signet ring. It was made of gold and contained a large cabochon cut ruby with a stylized gryffin rearing under the stone.

Tonks had wandered over to Harry's side while he was looking through the trunk and let out a gasp.

"Harry do you know what that is." she exclaimed!

"Um, not really I thought it just was another signet ring."He replied.

"That's Godric Gryffindor's signet ring Harry; it's been lost for the last millennium." Tonks stated breathlessly.

"So why is it here in the Potter Family vault then, you don't suppose the Potter's are descended from Godric do you?" Harry asked.

"I suppose it's possible, perhaps you should ask Director Ragnok when we get back topside." Tonks replied.

"I'll be sure and do that." Harry replied, slipping the ring into his pocket.

"Well I guess we are done here for now, should we continue on to the Black Family vault and then go check in with Ragnok."

"Sure sounds good to me Harry, I'm glad to see you handling this so well, I know it can't be easy for you." Tonks said giving him another tight embrace and a quick kiss on his cheek.

Harry and Tonks walked back to the entrance to the vault, after exiting the heavy bronze doors closed behind them and sealed with a flash of silver.

"We're ready to visit the Black Family vault now Griphook"spoke Harry.

"Of course Lord Black-Potter." Replied Griphook.

"Please Griphook, call me Harry, all this Lord business is just not what I'm used to. I prefer my friends to call me by my first name."Harry stated.

"I shall try and remember my Lor... I mean Harry" Griphook said with a tight smile.

/"He truly is unlike any other wizard I have ever known/,"thought Griphook.

They piled back into the cart and got back underway. They continued down deeper into the caverns and after a few minutes the cart slowed and came to a stop in front of a vault numbered 27. They all got out of the cart and stood in front of another set of large bronze doors.

"The same as last time Harry, just place your hand upon the doors and they will open for you" Griphook said.

Harry stepped forward and placed his hand upon the doors and with another flash of silver and a muted click they began to open.

"I Lord Harry James Black-Potter grant Nymphadora Tonks access to the Black Family vault." Spoke Harry in the same clear and commanding voice as earlier.

"Arghh I don't think I'll ever get used to referring to myself as a Lord, Tonks it just sounds so arrogant to me." Harry said with atrace of bitterness in his voice.

"Oh Harry, never lose that sense of modesty you have it's one of your most endearing qualities." Tonks cooed at him while running her hand through his messy hair.

The Black Family vault was even larger than the Potter one and seemed to be almost the size of a Quidditch pitch. It stretched on and on it seemed. Rows and rows of cabinets lined the walls and trunks and boxes were scattered all about the area. Towards the back of the vault were bookcases filled with books and scrolls. There must have been thousands of books and even more scrolls it seemed.

"This is just too much Tonks I don't think I can go through all of this right now, it's far too much to take in." Harry sighed.

"It's okay Harry, we can just get a listing of what the vault contains from the goblins later, there's no need to look through everything if you don't want to." She replied.

"Thanks Tonks, I thought I'd be able to go through all of this but it would take a lot more time than I have right now, although I'm sure Hermione would love to get a look at those books and scrolls, perhaps I can take her to visit it sometime with me later." Harry said.

"I'm sure she would love that Harry, and I'm glad to see you thinking about your friends while going through all of this. It's good you haven't lost perspective on things. However I'd be sure and have someone with you to look over everything for any dark artifacts, the Blacks trafficked in all sorts of dark items." Tonks told him.

"Well let's go, we should get back and talk with Ragnok before we leave." Harry stated.

Tonks and Harry made their way back out of the vault and got back into the cart with Griphook.

"I think we are done for the day Griphook, we should get back top side so I can meet with Ragnok, if that's alright with you?" Harry asked.

"Of course Lo... Harry, we shall be back to the bank lobby in a few minutes." Griphook replied.

The cart ride back was just as fast and exhilarating and as the ride down, Tonks whooped and yelled while clinging to Harry as the cart twisted and turned on the narrow tracks. After arriving back at the top of the caverns they all exited the cart and followed Griphook out into the lobby.

"This way Harry, I believe Director Ragnok said he would be waiting for you in his office." Griphook stated.

They followed Griphook to Ragnok's office and entered into the large ornate room. Director Ragnok was seated behind a huge black marble desk which was covered by piles of papers. Ragnok stood and stepped around his desk and waved Harry and Tonks to sit.

"Please Harry, Miss Tonks have a seat, there are a few things I should go over with you before you leave for the day." Ragnok stated.

"Certainly Ragnok, oh I do have a question for you if Imay?" Harry asked.

"Of course Harry, what would you like to ask?" replied Ragnok.

Harry withdrew Godric's ring from his pocket and handed it to Ragnok.

"I found this in a chest in the Potter family vault and was curious as to what it was" Harry said.

Ragnok took the ring and began to examine it closely.

"Harry, you said this was in a chest in the Potter vault correct?" asked Ragnok.


"Well it seems to be the signet ring of Godric Gryffindor, if you will give me a moment I will check into something. If it is true then we have even more to discuss and it would explain a few things as well." Ragnok stated.

Ragnok spoke to Griphook for a moment and then Griphook left the room.

"While I have Griphook fetch someone to inquire about the ring I believe we can discuss some of the particulars about your properties and the wards upon them." Ragnok said.

"Very well, does this concern Grimmauld Place in particular?" Harry asked.

"Yes it does, we can have a team of ward experts come sometime tomorrow afternoon to renew the wards and key them to you, giving you complete control over the property, would this meet with your approval?" Ragnok asked.

"Yes I think that would be fine Ragnok and thank you for all of your help with everything so far, I really think I would be lost without your advice today." Harry said with genuine thanks in his voice.

"It is my pleasure Harry. I would like to think we could have a good working relationship between us, you are unlike any wizard I have ever known." Ragnok said with a crooked smile on his face.

"I would rather think of you as my friend Ragnok, and hope we can continue to work together to the benefit of both of us." Harry stated with a smile.

There was a knock upon the door. Ragnok waved his hand and the door swung open revealing Griphook and another older goblin carrying a long slim package in his hands. Griphook walked over to Ragnok and whispered a few words to him before stepping back.

"Ah Harry it seems there is even more to you than we previously had thought." Ragnok said with a grin.

"The ring is indeed that of Godric Gryffindor and it would seem the Potters are the last family to have a direct decent from his line. If you would be so kind as to slip the signet ring on the same finger as the Potter Family signet ring is on."

Harry took the Gryffindor signet ring and placed it on his finger just above the Potter Family ring, there was a brief flare of gold and red magic and the two rings combined into one. The new ring was still made of gold and had a large ruby on it but underneath the stone was the stylized Gryffin and on the left side of the stone was an ornate letter P and on the right was a large G.

"The ring accepts you as the true heir of the Gryffindor line, with all the rights and privileges that entails. This includes the Wizengamot seat that has been empty for the last 800 years and also the Gryffindor family lands and estates." Ragnok told him.

Ragnok motioned to the older goblin that entered with the long package to approach. The old goblin shuffled forward and handed the package to Ragnok. Ragnok unwrapped the package and pulled forth an elaborate, jeweled leather scabbard.

"Harry please accept this as yours by right, it is the scabbard to Godric Gryffindor's sword. Alas the sword has been lost for many hundreds of years, but I have an idea if you are willing to try it." Ragnok said.

"Um... sure, what did you have in mind?" Harry asked.

"Please put the scabbard on and then think of the sword, it should call it to you." Ragnok said.

"You mean the sword I used to kill the basilisk in second year?" asked Harry.

"You killed a basilisk when you were 12?" exclaimed both Ragnok and Tonks.

"Well yeah I thought Dumbledore would have told the order Tonks, it was when I saved Ginny from Riddle in the chamber of secrets." Said Harry, as if it was just an everyday event.


"Please Harry, try to summon the sword to you now." Ragnok said with genuine awe in his voice now.

Harry squeezed his eyes shut and thought about the sword that came to him in his second year. He felt a tingle run through his right arm and when he opened his eyes he could see that he was grasping the jeweled encrusted sword. It felt right in his hands more so now than when he was 12. He felt a thrill of power and magic wash over him and felt stronger and more alive than he could ever remember.

"Ahh, it is as I thought, you truly are the heir of Gryffindor Harry, and it is truly an honor to be counted as your friend. We have much to discuss Harry, but the hour grows late and you are surely being missed. We shall speak again tomorrow when the goblins come to recast the wards upon your home." Ragnok told him.

"I look forward to it Ragnok, and once again thank you for all of your help and for your friendship. I truly look forward to speaking with you tomorrow, for now though I think Tonks and I have some things to discuss." Harry said with a wink towards the pretty pink haired Auror sitting with her mouth agape in the chair next to him.

Harry slid the sword back into the ornately crafted scabbard the goblins had provided him and adjusted it around his hips to a comfortable position. Harry adjusted his robes so that they were covering the scabbard and the sword would not be visible.

"Come on Tonks let's get out of here and head to headquarters, I'm sure there are quite a few people wanting to grill me for everything that's gone on today."

"I'm right behind you Harry." Tonks said.

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