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Chapter 09

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Disclaimer: All characters belong to J.K. Rowling. The interpretation of said characters is all mine.
A/N: posting a bit of an incomplete chapter 9 right now, will be adding another 2k words or so to it later but I’d like to see how everyone likes what I have so far. It’s been awhile since I’ve updated. More to follow soon.

Chapter 09
Harry and Tonks left Ragnok’s office and made their way out of the bank into Diagon Alley. The alley was sparsely populated as they headed towards the Leaky Cauldron, to exit into muggle London.
“Tonks would you like to grab something to eat before we head over to headquarters; I doubt we’ll have much of a chance to relax once we get there?” Harry asked.
“Sure Harry, that sounds good to me.” Tonks replied.
They entered the Leaky Cauldron and found their way to a secluded table in a back corner. Harry grabbed a seat as Tonks went to the counter to place their order. She came back after a couple minutes with two cold butterbeers and a small bottle of Ogden’s Finest and two shot glasses.
“Well Harry after the day you’ve had so far I thought maybe something a bit stronger than butterbeer may be in order.” Tonks said with a cheeky grin.
“Um, I’m not so sure that’s a good idea Tonks, I should really keep my wits about me. I still have to get through whatever Dumbledore has planned once we get to headquarters.” Harry said.
“Oh posh Harry, one drink won’t kill you and it will help loosen you up some, besides you’re a man now and we have to celebrate. Now come on, have a drink with me.” Tonks told him with a sexy grin as she poured two shots of Ogden’s Finest and slid one over to Harry.
Harry took the shot as Tonks picked up hers, “To freedom” Harry stated.
“To freedom” replied Tonks as they clinked glasses together and downed them quickly.
Harry’s face turned bright red and smoke started to come from his ears as the potent whiskey hit him. Tonk’s controlled the reaction a bit better with her metamorph powers but a trickle of smoke came out of her ears.
“Wow, that’s strong.” Harry said as he caught his breath.
“Sure is,” said Tonks as she capped the bottle and slid a butterbeer over to Harry “here chase it with this.”
“Thanks.” Harry replied, taking a sip.
“Harry, I was really proud of how you handled everything today, I think you showed everyone how mature you are and they will respect you more for it.” Tonks told him.
“Thanks Tonks I’m just trying to take everything in right now, it’s a lot to deal with, I’m glad you were there with me though, I’m not sure I could have got through everything without your support.” Harry said thoughtfully.
About that time Tom came over with their order and sat two orders of fish and chips on the table.
“Will there be anything else, couple more butterbeers perhaps?” Tom asked.
“Yeah another round would be great, thanks Tom.” Harry replied.
“Coming right up, sir.” Tom replied heading back to the bar.
They both dug into their food and ate for awhile in silence as they realized just how hungry they were after the long meeting. Tom arrived and left two more butterbeers on the table and disappeared back behind the bar. They finished up their meal and got up from the table; Harry put his arm around Tonk’s waist and led her out of the bar into muggle London.
It was a short walk to #12 Grimmauld place and they decided to take their time getting there just enjoying the walk and each other’s company. As they approached the building Tonks could feel Harry start to stiffen up a bit. Tonks stopped and turned Harry towards her and gave him a radiant smile.
“Harry, it’s your home now, no one can tell you what to do in it, you’re in control of this situation, don’t forget that. I know your worried about what everyone is going to say and how Dumbledore is going to react, just remember your of age now and able to make your own decisions. Just carry yourself the way you did earlier today at the will reading and everything will turn out for the best, and remember I’m here for you.” Tonks said as she pulled him into a hug and placed a gentle but passionate kiss on his lips.
“Thanks Tonks I needed that, I think I’ll be okay now.” Harry replied giving her another quick kiss.
He squared his shoulders and adjusted his robes, smoothing them down so they covered the sword and walked up the steps to the entrance to headquarters. He was just about to knock on the door when he remembered he owned the place now and reached forward to open the door.
As Harry went through the door into the entrance hall of Grimmauld Place he heard a soft pop and immediately felt something wrap around his leg. Looking down he saw the little house elf Dobby hugging his leg and bouncing up and down.
“Oh Master Harry Potter sir is home, Dobby is so pleased. Can Dobby be getting Master Harry Potter anything?” Dobby exclaimed.
“Dobby, please let go, and no calling me Master, it’s just Harry.” Harry said while trying to pry Dobby from his leg.
“Looks like you have an admirer there Harry, should I be jealous?” Tonks said with a grin.
“Good afternoon Mrs. Weasley, I’m fine just wanted to stop for a bite to eat before coming home.” Harry said stressing the last word.
Mrs. Weasley gave him a disapproving look before grabbing him in a crushing hug.
“Oh we were just so worried about you Harry, and…. Is that fire whiskey I smell, have you been drinking?” She asked. “Nymphadora Tonks did you let him have fire whiskey, how irresponsible can you possibly be, oh I knew we should never have let you be his guard this summer, of all the…”
“"Mrs. Weasley, I will not listen to you talk to Tonks that way in my house. I had one shot of fire whiskey with my lunch to celebrate my emancipation and to honour the memory of my godfather. If you have to blame anyone blame me, but seeing as how I’m now an adult in the wizarding world I don’t think you have any say in it.” Harry said hotly.
“Well we’ll talk about that later Harry, right now Professor Dumbledore is waiting for you in the library, I really think you should go talk with him, you don’t want to keep the headmaster waiting.” Mrs. Weasley said.
“Fine I’ve got some things I need to speak with him about anyway. Will you be alright while I go have a chat with Dumbledore, Tonks?” Harry asked.
“Sure Harry no worries I’ll be here when you’re done.” She said.
Harry turned and left Tonks standing next to a still upset Molly Weasley, as he walked up the stairs to the library. As Harry made his way up the stairs to the library he began reinforcing his occlumency shields and preparing for the talk with Dumbledore. Standing outside the doors to the Black library he reinforced the mental wards around his mindscape of Hogwarts and with a sigh pushed open the doors. Dumbledore was sitting in an overstuffed chair in a corner of the library as Harry walked in.
“Ah, Harry my boy so good to see you, please have a seat we’ve much to talk about.” He said waving Harry to a chair across from him.
Harry walked over and sat in the chair across from Dumbledore, “Yes I imagine you’ve got quite a lot to say.” Spoke Harry.
“Yes my boy, now about the will reading I thought I had made it clear that you were not to attend, I would handle everything. You should not have left the protection of Privet Drive things are just too dangerous right now.” Dumbledore told him.
“With all due respect sir, you are the headmaster of my school, not my guardian, nor my keeper, if I wanted to attend the reading it was within my right to do so. I can understand why you wouldn’t want me to attend, having me be declared emancipated and head of both the Black and Potter houses would make it more difficult for you to have control over me.” Harry replied.
“Now, Harry my boy I don’t want to control you, it’s just that you are so young and have not been trained in how to handle yourself as head of two Noble Houses.” Dumbledore started.
“Yes and whose fault was that?” Harry interrupted. “Well it’s done now and there are a few things we should get out in the open. I AM THE HEAD OF THE HOUSES OF BLACK AND POTTER and that was my godfather’s decision to make not yours. This house you are sitting in, trying to lecture me, belongs to me and if you wish to continue using it for your Order there are some things we need to get straight right now!” Harry said with such command in his voice that Dumbledore actually flinched a bit in his chair.
“Yes, well Harry there is no reason to be childish about such things I’m sure your godfather would have wanted us to continue to use the house for the Order.” Dumbledore said.
“You may be right about that but then he’s not here now is he, if you would have just told me what was going on last year and not avoiding me at every turn, I may have understood things better and not have run off to the Ministry trying to save him. That’s in the past now and nothing can change it, but don’t think for a minute I’ve forgiven you for it. Now seeing as this is my home I will continue to allow the Order to use it for meetings, I want it made clear though that you are in my home and will not tolerate being told how to act and what to do in my own home, are we clear on that point?” Harry said forcefully.
“Yes, that is clear Harry; I must say I’m a bit disappointed in your attitude though, I only have your best interest at heart.” Dumbledore said sadly.
“We have an Order meeting planned for this evening, would you care to attend?” Dumbledore asked.
“Thank you headmaster I think I would, I’m quite curious to find out what Voldemort has been up to this summer.” Harry replied.
“Well then if there is nothing else I will see you later this evening, oh by the way happy birthday Harry, I do believe there are some people downstairs who would love to see you.” Dumbledore said as he rose from the chair and walked from the library.
While Harry and Dumbledore were talking in the library, Mrs. Weasley had led Tonks into the kitchen for her own little chat. Tonks could tell Molly was still quite upset over the whole fire whiskey incident and was just preparing herself for the yelling fest to come from the fire haired matron.
“NYMPHADORA TONKS, HOW COULD YOU, YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE GUARDING HIM,” she started, “he’s just a child for Merlin’s sake and you go and get him drunk on fire whiskey, what were you thinking.” Molly shouted.
“Now just a minute Molly, Harry is not a child and he did not get drunk, we had one shot of fire whiskey, I thought he could use it after the morning he had. Besides he is a legal adult now and if he wants to have a drink now and again it’s his decision to make not yours.” Tonks replied.
“Well I just think you are leading the boy astray and are a bad influence on him, I’ll have to talk with Albus about it there is no way you should be allowed to corrupt the poor boy.” Molly returned hotly.
“Fine you just do that if you like, but I’ll tell you this right now, Harry is an adult and he can make his own decisions whether you like it or not.” Tonks said getting up from the table and storming out of the kitchen.
Tonks decided she was going to head over to the Dursley’s and get Harry’s trunk and Hedwig’s cage to spare Harry having to see them again anytime soon. Molly had gotten her worked up fairly well and hexing the Dursley’s for all the suffering and abuse they had put Harry through over the years would be a good way to blow off some steam. Walking up the stairs she turned and left through the front door and gave a quick look around for any muggles before apparating to number 4 Privet Drive. Walking up to the front door she gave it a loud rap and waited for one of the Dursley’s to open the door.
The door opened to Vernon Dursley’s large frame and beefy face.
“What do you want?” he spat.
“I’m here to get Harry’s trunk and the rest of his things, he won’t be coming back.” Tonks said, pushing past the large man and into the house.
“Now see here I won’t be having any of you freaks in this house, if the boy wants his…” Vernon started.
Tonks spun around and pulled her wand pointing it directly at Vernon’s head.
“SHUT UP!” she yelled. “I’m in no mood for you and your insults, I’m getting Harry’s things and getting out of here, if you know what’s good for you you’ll shut up and stay out of my way while I’m at it.”
Petunia came rushing in from the kitchen after hearing the yelling and stopped when she saw Tonks holding her wand at her blustering husband. Dudley came down from his room at the same time to investigate the yelling.
“What’s going on here, how dare you threaten my husband.” Petunia said.
“Mom what’s going on, who’s the freak?” Dudley asked.
Tonks had had it by this point, she was not in the best of moods after her argument with Molly, and the Dursley’s were not making her mood any better. All the bad treatment Harry had received from these horrible muggles started to flash through her mind and with the mood she was in that was not a good thing for the Dursley’s. She looked around and saw the small door to the cupboard under the stairs, waving her wand in Dursley’s direction she cast a Levicorpus spell and swung it towards Vernon and Petunia as well. She quickly cast a Petrificus Totalus on the three of them, then opened the door to the small cupboard. Looking in she saw it was too small to fit any of them, she cast a space expanding charm and enlarged it just a bit, so it would fit the three of them. She waved her wand towards the three of them once more and forced them into the cramped space, stuffing them into the small room.
“Now maybe you’ll get a small dose of how Harry felt being stuffed in here all those years growing up. I’m going to get Harry’s things and then I’m leaving, you’ll be released in a few hours, and if you think this is bad it’s not a tenth of the pain and suffering I’d like to inflict on you for what you’ve put Harry through.”
She slammed the door of the cupboard and placed a locking charm on it to make sure they would stay put for at least 24 hours. She then walked up the stairs to Harry’s room and cast a quick packing charm to make sure she gathered all of Harry’s things. Opening his trunk she directed all of the loose items to store themselves within it. She grabbed Hedwig’s cage and shrank it, then placed it into the trunk and gave a quick look around the room before closing the trunk. She shrank the trunk and pocketed it and stalked out of the room and down the stairs. She gave a last look to the cupboard under the stairs and with a satisfied smirk opened the front door and headed out of the house.
Tonks with her work at the Dursley’s done, apparated back to the backyard of Headquarters and made her way back inside. She went into the sitting room hoping to avoid Molly and was surprised to find it crowded with people. Ron, Ginny, Fred, George, Remus, Luna, Neville, Hagrid, Mad-Eye Moody, and Minerva McGonagall were all in the room chatting in small groups.
“Tonks, where have you been, we thought you were going to be late for the party.” Remus said walking up to her.
“Um, party?” she questioned.
“Yeah, you know for Harry, I know a lot has gone on today but you did remember it’s his birthday right?” he said with a wolfish grin.
“Of course I remembered it’s his birthday, I just didn’t know we were having a party for him is all.” She quickly recovered.
“Well it was Hermione’s idea, she thought it would be nice to surprise him by getting his friends together, that’s why Neville and Luna are here. I don’t know how she did it but she managed to convince Albus to have Mad-Eye fetch them and bring ‘em over.” Remus replied.
“Well I’ll be sure and thank her, I’m sure Harry will really appreciate that, he hasn’t got to see many of his friends this summer that’s for sure. So where is he, still talking with Dumbledore upstairs?” she asked.
“No he should be down any minute the Professor just left about five minutes ago, have to say he didn’t look too happy either.” Said Remus.
“I’m sure he’ll be happy to see everyone, I just hope he didn’t have too much trouble with Professor Dumbledore, I know he isn’t too pleased with him at the moment, and can’t really blame him.” Tonks told him.
“Well with his friends here I’m sure they will be able to help improve his mood, it’s his party after all and I know they are all anxious to see him.” Remus replied.
“How has he been the last week or so, I know he’s had a pretty rough day today, with the will reading and all.”
“Well other than today I’d say things have been a lot better for him, he’s come to terms with loosing Sirius a bit, but the will reading wasn’t easy for him, and Molly’s little rant didn’t help that’s for sure.” Tonks told him.
Neville, Luna, and Hermione were in a corner speaking quietly with each other, while the Weasley kids were talking amongst themselves; Hagrid and Minerva were standing off to the side of the room talking. Mad-Eye was glancing furtively around the room, his magic eye spinning in all directions. Tonks and Remus made their way over to Minerva and Hagrid to say their hellos.
“Ah, Miss Tonks it’s good to see you again, I take it today has been an eventful day for all.” Minerva said.
“Yes, you could say that for sure Minerva, I’m a bit worried about him to tell you the truth, I just hope the party will help improve his spirits, it should be good for him to visit with some of his schoolmates.” Tonks replied.
“Alright he’s coming down the stairs he should be here in just a second, everyone” Mad-Eye spoke up.
Everyone quickly gathered around the large table in the center of the room that was piled with brightly wrapped presents. Harry walked into the room and everyone shouted out “SURPRISE!” as he came in.
Harry tucked into a roll and came up with his wand out and poised in a fighting stance with a stunner on the tip of his wand.
“Good reflexes boy, CONSTANT VIGILANCE.” Mad-Eye said clapping him on his shoulder.
Harry relaxed and put his wand away, just in time to be bowled over by a bushy haired missile flying at him as he was wrapped in a hug by Hermione.
“Oh Harry, it’s so good to see you, I missed you so much, I hope you don’t mind but I convinced the Headmaster to get Professor Moody to bring Neville and Luna for your party, I know they wanted to see you. Happy birthday Harry.” Hermione said as she helped him back to his feet smiling up at him.
“Th… thanks Hermione, this is great I really didn’t expect this at all, it’s really good to see you too.” Harry said while getting back to his feet.
“Hey there mate, how have you been.” Ron said giving a sideways glance at Hermione that hid a quick flash of what looked like jealousy.
“Been doing better, it’s been an eventful day so far Ron, but I’m really glad to see you all.” Harry said.
“Happy birthday, Harry it’s great to see you.” Neville said walking over and shaking his hand.
“You too Neville, how have you been?” Harry asked.
“Pretty good Harry, thanks, Gran took me to get a new wand yesterday, it works a lot better than my Dad’s old one, seems to suit me better.” Neville replied.
“Great to hear, thanks again for coming with me to the Ministry, I couldn’t have done it without you, never doubt you belong in Gryffindor mate.” Harry told him.
“Thanks, Harry, that means a lot to me.” Neville replied.
“Harry, it’s really good to see the wrackspurts seem to have left you alone for your birthday.” Luna said in her dreamy voice as she gave him a kiss on his cheek. “Happy birthday Harry.”
Ginny came up behind Luna and gave him a rather shy hug, as she blushed a bright Weasley red.
“Happy birthday Harry, it’s good to see you.” Ginny told him before backing away towards the table.
“Hey there.” Spoke George.
“Mate, how’s our number one investor?” finished Fred.
“Happy” said George.
“Birthday” Fred finished once again.
Harry made his way further into the room towards the table where all the presents were wrapped. Hagrid, Remus, and Minerva all approached as he came further into the room.
“’Appy, birthday ‘Arry, it’s sure good to see ya again.” Hagrid told him giving him a bone crushing hug.
“Hello Mr. Potter, happy birthday to you, you’ll be happy to know your Quidditch ban has been removed as well as all the other decrees that Umbridge woman had passed.” Spoke Professor McGonagall, as she gave him a small tight lipped smile.
“Happy birthday cub, it’s good to see you again, I hope things are going all right for you, I know today hasn’t been the easiest day on you so far, but hopefully it stands to get better.” Remus told him while pulling him into a manly hug.
“Thanks Remus, it’s good to see you again as well, you too Professor McGonagall, and it’s nice to hear that my ban’s been lifted.” Harry said with genuine feeling in his voice.
Tonks came up behind Remus and wrapped Harry in a hug, cuddling up against him, while kissing him on the lips with a bit more passion than was just friendly.
“Happy birthday Harry, I managed to get your trunk and other things from the Dursley’s while you were upstairs with Dumbledore.” Tonks purred at him while handing his shrunken trunk over to him.
“Way to go stud.” Fred yelled out, while George gave a loud wolf whistle when Tonks kissed him.
“Potter, good to see your instincts are still in the right place, some good reflexes when you walked into the room there, happy birthday to ya lad.” Mad-Eye spoke up.
Tonks led Harry over to the couch next to the table where all the presents were piled up.
“Pressies Harry, sit and open them I want to see what all you got, looks like a pretty good haul.” Tonks said in a giggly voice.
Harry made his way over to the couch and sat, Tonks plopped down on one side of him and Hermione came around to sit on his other. Everyone else made their way to seats and around the table to watch as Harry opened his gifts.
“Here Harry open mine first.” Hermione said as she reached for a flat package wrapped in colorful paper with flying snitches on them.
Harry took the package from her and started tearing the paper off, under the paper was a beautiful leather bound book with the initials HP embossed and inlaid with gold on the cover.
“It’s beautiful Hermione, it looks really expensive, you shouldn’t have gone to that much trouble for me.” He said softly.
“Do… do you like it?” she asked hesitantly.
“Of course I like it.” Harry said giving her a huge smile and wrapped his arm around her pulling her towards him.
“It’s an enchanted journal Harry, I thought… well I thought you could use it to put your private thoughts in it, anything you write in it will only be visible to you, and it automatically puts the date and time of anything you write in it so you can go back over your thoughts later.” She told him
“It’s really great Hermione I know I’ll get a lot of use of it this year, thanks again.” He told her.
Harry went through the rest of his presents and got a chocolate frog album from Ron, an assortment of Honeydukes sweets from Ginny. Neville gave him a large potted Rue shrub that he said helped to ward off evil spirits and was useful in repelling dark magic. From Luna he got a set of enchanted rune stones, Fred and George gave him a case full of their Wheezes and told him to make good use of them during the next school year. That got them a stern glare from Professor McGonagall and a raised eyebrow towards Harry. He took the hint and quickly put that one to the side. Hagrid gave him a beast whistle that he said would call magical beasts to him when he blew it.
“Be careful using it though, it’ll call em, but don’t give ya no control o’er em when ya do, course that’s half the fun, trying to befriend em after you get em there.” Hagrid said after he opened it.
Remus handing him a slim package that he assumed contained another book. He pulled the wrapping paper from it and saw two slim books one in black and the other in red and gold.
“Those were your parent’s Harry, the black one was your mother’s potions notes and some ideas she had on charms, the red and gold one was your fathers and had a lot of the pranks the marauders used to pull as well as some of the notes he, and Sirius used to become animagi.” Remus said softly.
“Thanks Remus, it’s really nice to have something of my parents I can’t tell you how much that means to me.” Harry said as he stood up and hugged his parent’s old friend.
“Mr. Potter I have two gifts for you, one of them isn’t really a gift, as it was yours already but I am returning it to you, the other well I thought you may enjoy it.” McGonagall said as she handed him his firebolt and another box.
“Thank you Professor it’s really good to have this back I didn’t think I’d be seeing it again, and it’s one of the only things I have from Sirius.” Harry replied as he surprised the older Professor giving her a quick hug.
“You’re quite welcome Mr. Pot… Harry, I do hope you like the other gift, I enchanted it myself.” She said with a bit more emotion in her voice than any of the students could remember hearing from the stern Professor.
Harry opened the box she handed him to reveal a miniature Quidditch pitch complete with both teams on brooms flying around. One team was outfitted in Gryffindor red and gold while the other was dressed in Slytherin green and silver. The seekers were an exact match for Harry on the Gryffindor side and Draco playing for Slytherin. As the players zoomed around the pitch, a red headed beater sent a bludger flying towards the Slytherin seeker, knocking him off his broom and sending him crashing to the pitch below. A loud cheer erupted from everyone at the party and Harry exclaimed “Brilliant Professor, I’ll treasure this forever, thank you so much.”
“Your very welcome Harry, I do hope you will return to the team this year, we shall discuss it after school resumes.” McGonagall told him with a genuine smile.
“Potter I think you’ll find these to be a bit more useful than the ones you have now.” Mad-Eye told him while handing him a small package.
Harry took the package and unwrapped it revealing a pair of glasses that looked much like the ones he had now but with wire frames, instead of the plain black plastic he had now.
“Those are enchanted eyeglasses Potter, they work a bit like my eye here, you can see invisible objects and they have the impervious charm and are summon proof as well, should serve you well.” Mad-Eye told him.
“Thank you Moody, these sure beat the one’s I have now, thanks so much.” Harry told him.
“Aye lad, I know they’ll serve you better than the ones you have now.” Moody replied.
“Here Harry, this last one is from me, I hope you like it.” Tonks said handing him a small package.
Harry tore the paper on it and pulled out a well crafted black dragon hide wand holster.
“That’s the Auror model Harry, it’s made from Hebridean Black dragon hide, is summon proof and turns invisible once you strap it on. Now I know you haven’t had one before so you’ll need lots of practice sliding your wand in and out of it.” She told him with a flirtatious wink at him.
The twins let out a large guffaw at that and Remus gave Tonks a pointed look, while Hermione did the same towards Harry. Harry was well aware of that look; it was Hermione’s we need to have a talk look.
“Thanks Tonks, I’m sure you’ll show me just how to use it properly.” He replied with a straight face and a quick wink towards her when no one was looking.
As everyone settled back down and into their seats, Molly came in with a large three layer birthday cake made of red velvet and laced with gold icing. She sat the cake on the table and conjured plates and forks for everyone. As everyone was singing happy birthday to Harry, Dobby popped into the room levitating another cake. Dobby’s cake was huge and shaped like a snitch with wings fade of fluttering icing, he sat the cake down next to Molly’s and ran over to wrap around Harry’s leg.
“Master Harry Potter happy birthday, you’s is the greatest, most kindest wizard and Dobby would be honored to serve the great Harry Potter.” Dobby exclaimed while practically humping his leg.
“Dobby, please it’s just Harry, and stop please let go. I would be happy to have you as my house elf.” Harry started to reply.
Hermione cleared her throat and gave Harry a disapproving look, as she started to open her mouth.
“That is, I would be happy to pay you to be my house elf, would you accept two galleons a week and to promise to take at least two days off each month.” Harry asked the excited elf.
“Oh no, Master Harry Potter sir, Dobby can not be accepting that much pay, Dobby will only take one galleon a month and one day off.” Dobby exclaimed.
“Okay Dobby, but I insist on one galleon per week and you must call me Harry, none of this Master nonsense, my friends all call me Harry, and you are my friend.” Harry told him.
“Oh, the great Harry Potter is too kind to Dobby, to call a house elf his friend you’s is truly the greatest wizard, Dobby is too happy to serve the great Harry Potter sir.” Dobby said while bouncing up and down in ecstasy.
“Dobby is making the great Harry Potter a birthday cake, it’s being an ice cream cake and Harry Potter should be liking it Dobby made it to tastes is like Harry Potters favorite desert.” Dobby said.
Molly began slicing up pieces of her cake and dishing them out on plates and passing them around, ignoring the cake that Dobby had prepared. Dobby popped back over to the table and started cutting up his cake and summoning plates to pass around to everyone as well. Harry to help defuse the impending fight he could see coming between Mrs. Weasley and the overly enthusiastic house elf, said “Well it looks like we have both cake and ice cream covered, thank you Mrs. Weasley, thank you Dobby they both look wonderful.”
Everyone began to dig into the cake and ice cream and even Mad-Eye took a slice of the red velvet cake before retreating to a corner. McGonagall, Mad-Eye and Molly were chatting over in a corner, while Hagrid and Luna appeared to be in a heated discussion about odd magical creatures. Ron, Ginny and the twins were talking together. Neville and Hermione were sitting next to Harry, and keeping him company while watching his new animated Quidditch set. Remus had led Tonks over to another corner and Harry could see they were in a quiet discussion. He was wondering what they could be discussion but was pretty sure it had something to do with him as he kept catching them casting looks over towards him.
“So Tonks, you want to tell me what’s going on between you and Harry?” Remus questioned.
“What do you mean Remus?” Tonks replied nervously.
“Well other than the fact that I can smell you two all over each other, werewolf senses you know. I just want the cub happy is all; I don’t want to see him hurt.” He said with a growl in his voice.
“I’m not going to hurt him Remus, trust me on that, he’s too important to me. We’ve… well we’ve grown close to each other in the last few weeks, we care about each other and let’s leave it at that, I understand your concern but it’s not really any of your business. He’s of legal age and an adult now for that matter, if he wants to tell you about us well then it’s his business and let’s leave it at that alright.” She responded.
“Fair enough Tonks just make sure you don’t go breaking his heart, he’s had more than enough heartache in his life so far, and if you hurt him, well just don’t hurt him okay.” Remus told her.
“I won’t Remus, I promise he means a lot to me and we both just want to see where this is going okay.” Tonks replied.
Mad-Eye stood up and motioned to Neville and Luna “Well I need to be getting these two back Harry, got some business later tonight you know.”
Neville and Luna came over and said their goodbyes to Harry. Neville gave him a firm handshake and wishing him happy birthday once more. Luna gave him a hug and another peck on the cheek and told him to watch out for nargles and that she would see him back at Hogwarts soon. Everyone said their goodbyes to the two of them as Mad-Eye walked them out to the backyard where they took a portkey back home.
Minerva, Hagrid, Remus and Molly excused themselves to go visit and have some tea leaving the youngsters to themselves to visit for awhile. Ron and Ginny started playing a game of wizards chess in one corner, while the twins were talking amongst each other about some new pranks they had planned for their business. Tonks and Remus were still chatting in a corner but seemed to have stopped looking over at Harry. Hermione made her way over to the couch that Harry was sitting at looking over his presents.
“So Harry, now that I’ve managed to get you alone for a bit, are you going to tell me what exactly is going on between you and Tonks?” she asked.
“Um, what do you mean Hermione she’s been on guard duty for me and she’s been teaching me a few things over the summer.” He replied.
“Right, and that’s all there is too it huh? You honestly expect me to believe that Harry, I know there is more to it than that, I’ve seen the way you two have been looking at each other, and I saw you holding hands at the bank earlier today, so are your going to spill or do I have to drag it out of you.” She questioned.
“Well okay I’ll tell you but please don’t say anything to anyone else I don’t want everyone knowing right now, I’ve got too much else to deal with right now besides putting up with everyone trying to tell me how to live my life okay.” He sighed.
“Of course Harry, I just want you to be okay, I know it can’t have been easy on you since the night at the Ministry. I’m here for you if you need someone to talk to; you know you can always come to me. Now is there something going on between you two or not?” she asked.
“Well yeah there is, we are sort of dating I guess you could say, we just started talking about things, Sirius mostly earlier this summer and she helped me deal with that. We kind of just connected really, I like her a lot and I think she likes me as well. We are taking it slow and haven’t told anyone, I just turned 16 and was emancipated today so it’s not that big of a deal now if it does come out. I just don’t want to have to deal with everyone and what they will say right now.” Harry told her.
“Harry it’s fine I won’t say anything I just want you to be happy, I care about you a lot but are you sure she’s not too old for you.” She said.
“No she’s not too old for me, she’s only six years older, and honestly she acts younger than her age and with everything I’ve gone through you have to admit I act older than my age.” Harry spoke.
“Well yes that’s certainly true, as long as you’re sure, then I’m happy for you Harry, you know I’ll always be your friend and be here for you. Happy birthday.” She said while giving him a warm hug and a peck on the cheek.
After another hour or so Molly came back in and told everyone it was time for them to head upstairs and get ready for bed, as the Order meeting was going to start soon. They all started to file upstairs and Ron and Hermione looked back to see Harry still sitting on the couch.
“Hey mate you coming up?” Ron asked.
“You go on ahead Ron, I’ll be up later.” Harry told him.
He gave Harry an odd look before heading up the stairs. Hermione gave Harry another of her patented ‘I know your hiding something’ looks before she too walked upstairs.
“Now Harry, you should be heading up we have an Order meeting starting soon and I don’t want you kids trying to eavesdrop in on it, so head on up now okay.” Molly told him.
“Actually Mrs. Weasley I’ll be sitting in on the meeting this evening, I need to know what’s been going on with Voldemort and his death eaters since what happened at the Ministry.” Harry told her.
Mrs. Weasley gasped as he said the Dark Lords name and said “you’ll be doing no such thing the Order meetings are no place for children, now go on get up to bed.”
“Mrs. Weasley in case you forgot I’m no longer considered a child; I’m an adult now as well as head of both the House of Black and Potter, not to mention the Order meetings are taking place here in my house. I need to know what the Dark Lord has been up to and seeing as how that is supposedly what the Order of the Phoenix is supposed to be doing I’ll be at the meeting.” Harry said.
“I just won’t have it your too young to get involved in Order business, now get upstairs and get don’t let me catch you trying to sneak down here and listen in.” She said reproachfully.
“Once again Mrs. Weasley, I’ll remind you this is my house you’re in, and while I appreciate your concern for me I’m quite capable of making my own decisions regarding what I need to know and what I don’t. I don’t want to argue with you but I’ve already spoken to Professor Dumbledore about this and as long as the Order is using my house for it’s Headquarters I’ll be at the meetings.” Harry told her forcefully.
“Molly, leave it be I know you’re only trying to do what you think is best but he’s right, it’s his house and he is an adult now, just leave it alone.” Remus stepped in and told her.
She huffed and sputtered a bit more before turning around and heading back into the kitchen.
“Well that could have gone a bit better but I think you handled yourself very maturely Harry.” Remus told him.
“Now are you sure about this, I know it’s your house now and I respect that but are you sure you want to get involved with the Order, I know Molly isn’t the only one that will give you trouble over you being there this evening.” Remus asked.
“Yeah Remus I’m sure, I know there will be some opposition to me being there but if they want to continue using this house as Headquarters I’m insisting on being kept informed about what is going on. I’m not saying I want to join the Order right now, just that I want to be kept informed of what’s been happening.” Harry replied.
“Fair enough, cub. Good luck tonight I’m sure Severus will be quite pleased to see you there this evening.” He said with a smirk.
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