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Chapter 10

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Harry/Tonks Romance Post OOTP, maniupulative Dumbledore, independant Harry.

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Disclaimer: All characters belong to J.K. Rowling. The interpretation of said characters is all mine.
AN: I decided to break this one up into two chapters. I’ll leave the next morning to Chapter 11 as well as the goblins showing up to redo the wards. Enjoy
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Chapter 10
Everyone began to make their way down to the kitchen to get ready for the meeting. Tonks walked up behind Harry and told him, “It’s okay just be yourself and stay calm, you’ve every right to be there and it’s time they all know that. You let them know you want to be kept informed about what is going on and that you’re no longer a child. They’ll come around, you’ve already got Remus, and me on your side and I’m pretty sure you impressed Mad-Eye already. Now let’s get this over with, I still have another birthday present for you this evening.” She said with a sultry smile as she brushed past him to make her way down to the kitchen. Harry shook his head slightly to compose himself and get his hormones under control, after that little comment by Tonks not to mention the way she had brushed against him on her way past. Steeling his resolve he took a deep breath and made his way down to the kitchen for the meeting.
Some other people must have arrived while Harry and the others were in the sitting room. Gathered around the large table were Arthur and Molly Weasley, Minerva McGonagall, Remus, Hagrid, Kingsley Shacklebolt, and Mad-Eye Moody. Tonks was just taking a seat and Harry made his way over to sit next to her, getting some curious looks from Kingsley and Moody. About that time, Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape made their way into the room. Albus entering and moving around to the head of the table, while Snape swept into the room and made his way to the table. He stopped short as he caught sight of Harry, with a sneer in place he snarled, “What is that child doing here, he should be upstairs with the rest of the kiddies.”
“Now Severus please, Harry requested to attend, and seeing as how this is now his house I do believe it to be a reasonable request.” Dumbledore said calmly.
“Well, I hate to find myself agreeing with Severus but honestly, Albus he is too young there is no reason for him to have to concern himself with this business.” Molly spoke up.
“Yes I would never have anticipated that I would find myself in agreement with a Weasley, but I think pandering to Mr. Potter’s delusions of grandeur is a mistake. He is a spoiled child, and should leave now.” Snape sneered at Harry.
Harry stood and turned to face Snape. “As you may not be aware, my godfather’s will was read today, and I was emancipated. I’m as much of an adult as anyone here is, and more so than you by the way you seem to be acting. As I explained to the Headmaster earlier today, if you are to be using my house as your Headquarters then I will be attending the meetings, as knowing what the Dark Tosser is planning is of rather unique interest to me, as I’m sure you can all agree.”
“Why you arrogant little prat, how dare you speak to me that way. Your knowing the content of these meetings could jeopardize us all. With your inability to block the Dark Lord from your mind, you could expose everything; you weren’t able to learn even the basics of Occlumency.” Snape hissed.
“Regardless of whether you think me capable of blocking the Dark Lord from my mind, I will be attending the meetings and be kept informed of what is going on.” Harry returned.
“Not if I have anything to say about it.” Snape snarled and pulled his wand pointing it towards Harry and hissing ‘Legilimens’.
Harry had pulled his wand and had it trained on Snape before he had finished casting his spell. The books that Tonks had gotten Harry on Auror level spells flashed through Harry’s mind as he chose a spell. While Snape had brought his wand out and pointed it at Harry, Harry had drawn his and leveled it at Snape, aiming it towards his wand hand Harry whispered ‘Ossis Rupto’. As Snape was just getting a flash of the gates to Hogwarts in Harry’s mind, a tremendous pain flared in his wand hand and a loud crack echoed through the room. Dropping his wand and cradling his injured wand hand to his chest, Snape blinked and staggered back.
“Stay out of my mind Snape, I’ll not warn you again.” Harry snarled.
“Warning, you broke my arm!” Snape exclaimed.
“Yes, and I’ll do more than that the next time you try and force your way into my mind, be lucky that’s all I did, I could have reduced your mind to paste. You see I’ve been practicing over the summer and I won’t be such an easy target for you in the future. You would do well to remember that, try to force your way into my mind again and I’ll make Lockhart look like a genius compared to what I do to you.”
“HARRY, calm yourself, that’s enough.” Dumbledore finally stepped in.
“I’m perfectly calm sir, I will no longer tolerate an unprovoked attack upon my person in my own house is all, keep him on a shorter leash or I won’t be responsible to what happens to him.” Harry said while sliding his wand back up his sleeve and sitting down.
“Harry, there was no reason to attack Severus like that, I know there is animosity between the two of you but that was uncalled for.” Dumbledore sighed.
“On the contrary Headmaster, he attacked me first I was merely defending myself, if he attempts to do so again the consequences will be much worse than a mere broken bone, I can assure you of that.” Harry said forcefully.
“Now Harry, Severus did not attack you…” Dumbledore started only to be cut off by Tonks.
“Professor, Snape drew his wand first and attempted to force himself into Harry’s mind, any one of us would have done the same if not worse if anyone had attempted such on one of us.”
Dumbledore sighed and turned to Snape “Severus do you have anything to report on any activity on the part of Voldemort?”
“No Albus, he is still recovering from the night at the Ministry, nothing new to report I’m afraid.” Snape hissed through teeth clenched in pain.
“Well you’re excused then please attend to your arm and keep us informed on his activities.” Dumbledore said.
“Very well Headmaster if that is all I’ll be leaving; don’t think this is the last of this Potter. You may have gotten lucky this time but I assure you I won’t forget this, best watch your back.” Snape snarled.
Dobby popped into the room at that time and fixed Snape with a maniacal grin.
“No ones threatens the great Harry Potter, yous is bad man to be harming the great Harry Potter.” Dobby snarled.
“I’ll do more than threaten the little prat the next time I see him…” Snape started.
Before he could finish his statement, Dobby flicked his finger towards him and he flew through the air to slam against the wall and stick there. Dobby advanced on Snape with a gleam in his huge eyes.
“Yous will be doing no such thing; does Master Harry want the bad man to be leaving now?” Dobby asked.
“Yes Dobby I do think it’s time for our ‘guest’ to leave.” Harry replied.
Dobby flicked his finger again and Snape sailed through the air and up the stairs, flying through the door, they could all hear as he screamed and cursed before hearing the front door slam shut.
“Dobby has got the bad man to leave Harry Potter sir; will Master be wanting anything else?” Dobby asked.
“No Dobby, and its Harry, no Master please, just Harry.” Harry said softly.
“As Mas… Harry wishes I be going back upstairs now.” Dobby replied.
“Well I do believe that could have gone better.” Remus said softly.
“Yes as do I, I’m disappointed in you Harry; I would have thought you would not be so quick to resort to violence.” Dumbledore said sadly.
“Oh yes, so I’m to blame once again it seems, never mind the fact he attacked me first, apparently he can do no wrong in your eyes. Well I’ve had enough of him and I won’t tolerate being attacked in my own home, now is there anything else to discuss?” Harry asked.
“Well despite your actions tonight concerning Severus I would like to offer you membership in the Order Harry.” Dumbledore spoke.
“NO, Albus he is too young to join, its one thing for him to attend the meetings I’ll concede he has that right, but joining I absolutely refuse to allow that.” Molly exclaimed.
“Mrs. Weasley, while I appreciate your concern, you have no right to refuse or grant me permission for anything. I’m an adult now and quite capable of making my own decisions.” Harry said to the older woman.
“Well, I have to say while unusual, I can’t argue that you have a right to join Harry.” Kingsley spoke up.
“Aye, lad I think it’s time for you to be included.” Moody said.
“Shall we take a vote then?” Albus asked.
“Wait a moment Professor.” Harry interrupted.
“While I thank you for the offer of membership, I have to respectfully decline, I still would like to attend the meetings if only to know what is going on but I have no desire to join your Order. As far as I can see all you do is talk and wait. I believe a more active role in this war is needed and if you won’t step forward and take it someone else will have to. Now I thank you all for your offer but no I won’t be joining. Please feel free to continue to use the house to meet, as long as I am kept up to date with what is going on in this war you are all welcome here. Now if you will excuse me it has been a rather long day and I am quite tired, goodnight.” Harry said getting up and walking back up the stairs.
After another few minute of shocked silence, the meeting began to break up and everyone made their way upstairs and began to leave. Albus found Harry in the sitting room and approached him.
“Ah Harry I was hoping we could talk for a bit?” Dumbledore asked.
“What is it sir, I was about the head up for bed.” Harry replied.
“Yes well, I wanted you to reconsider your decision on joining the Order, you need guidance and the Order would be in the best position to help you with this.” Dumbledore told him.
“No thank you Headmaster, I’ve made my decision, I really don’t care to discuss it further.” Harry told him.
“Now Harry, you need to understand…” Dumbledore started only to be cut off by Harry.
“No sir, you need to understand, this is my life, I’ve had enough of people deciding what is in my best interests and telling me what I need to do. I’ve made my decision, now if you will excuse me I’d like to head up to bed.” Harry said.
“Harry, I must insist…” Dumbledore started once again only to be cut off by Dobby.
“Does Ma.. Harry be wanting Dobby to remove Proffesser Dumblydore as well sir?” Dobby asked.
“No I don’t think that will be neccesarry, the Professor was just leaving isn’t that right sir?” Harry asked giving a pointed look towards the old Headmaster.
“Yes quite, I will be seeing you Harry, please take some time to reconsider, happy birthday again I’m sorry it could not have been a happier one, goodnight Harry.” Dumbledore said while making his way to the door.
“Good show down there lad, I’m right proud of ya, CONSTANT VIGILANCE and all, you really got the drop on Severus.” Mad-Eye spoke up from the doorway into the room.
“Thanks Moody, I just had enough of him trying to mind rape me last year and I wasn’t’ going to have it happen again.” Harry said softly.
“Well good show on your part, listen lad if you want some help this summer, well I’d be glad to teach ya a few things. I know I was never your professor at school, despite what happened your fourth year, but I’d be happy to train ya in some offensive and defensive magic.” Moody told him.
“Thanks sir, I think I would enjoy that.” Harry replied.
“Well I don’t’ know if enjoy would be the word I’d use, but I can promise you you’ll learn from it, I’m a stern taskmaster but I know you can do it. How does three days a week sound to you. We can practice here I’m sure you’ve got the room.” Mad-Eye told him.
“Thanks sir, let me know when your available and I’ll get to work on getting a room set aside for us to practice in. Thanks again for your offer, but I really do need to be getting to bed, been a long day.” Harry said tiredly.
“Sure thing, Potter, I’ll see ya later this week and we can get started, remember…”
“CONSTANT VIGILANCE” they both said at the same time.
“Aye you’ll do well, sleep well lad I’ll be seeing ya.” Moody said stomping off towards the door.
Molly, Arthur and Remus came up to wish him a happy birthday once more before heading up to their rooms and retiring for the night. Molly tried to fuss over him some more but Arthur and Remus managed to head her off and get her to leave him be. After everyone had left, Harry sat back on the couch and tried to relax. He felt the couch move a bit and looked over to see a softly smiling Tonks plop down beside him.
“Interesting day so far wouldn’t you say, really like the way you handled the greasy git down there, he got just what he deserved.” She said softly while putting her arm around him.
“Yeah well I’d just had enough of him last year, I wasn’t going to let him into my head again if I had anything to say about it.” Harry replied.
“You did good Harry, I’m proud of how you handled yourself, now if I wasn’t mistaken, it’s not quite midnight and I still have another birthday present for you.” She said with a smoldering look in her eyes.
Taking his hand she helped him up off the couch and led him upstairs to the Master bedroom. Sirius had prepared it for Harry last year and went all out. He wanted Harry to have someplace he would feel comfortable in the dreary old house and made an extra effort to decorate the room. They opened the door and took in the large, ornate room. It was decorated in the Gryffindor colors of red and gold and had a large king size bed in the middle of the room. Tonks led Harry towards the bed and pushed him down onto the large soft mattress. Stepping back she had a gleam in her eye as she slowly pulled her shirt over her head. She leaned forward and tugged on Harry’s shirt freeing it from where it was tucked into his pants. Slowly dragging it over his head she placed soft kisses on his shoulders and neck. She stepped back and slowly removed her pants and stood before him in just her lacy black bra and sheer silk knickers.
“Is there anything in particular you’d like to see Harry? I can change anything you like.” She said with a coy smile on her heart shaped face.
“All I want to see is you” Harry said breathlessly.
“Well seeing as I’m getting towards starkers that won’t be a problem, I was referring… “ she started before being cut off by Harry.
“No, not like that. I meant you, what you really look like. You’re the only one I want to be with, no changes, no enhancements; just the real Tonks is what I want.” Harry said standing and brushing a hand across her face in a tender caress.
“Oh, Harry, no one has ever wanted me for just me before, are you sure?” She said softly.
“Yes I’m sure, show me the real you please Tonks.” Harry replied brushing a soft kiss on her lips while caressing her face with his hand.
Tonks closed her eyes and her spiky pink hair changed to long flowing raven tresses that trailed down her back. Her heart shaped face shifting to a one of more angular and sharp features, still beautiful but more striking with a classical beauty than the soft cute features she normally had. Her breasts swelled to a bit larger in size and became a bit fuller in shape. She slowly opened her eyes and pale sky blue orbs blinked shyly back at Harry. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her gently on her still full lips.
“You’re beautiful Nymphadora, absolutely beautiful.” He breathed.
“Only you Harry, only you can call me that and leave me feeling weak in the knees. Just don’t do it in mixed company, when we’re alone I like hearing it from you but only when we are together okay.” She said, while pushing him back towards the bed. Harry’s legs hit the edge of the bed and they fell upon the soft mattress. Tonks took her wand from the table and waved it over her abdomen muttering a quiet spell. She tossed the wand over her shoulder as Harry’s lips sought hers and met with a fiery passion as they crushed together. Her lips parted slightly and she ran her tongue lightly over his bottom lip looking for entrance. Harry’s mouth opened in response as she pushed her tongue into his mouth to tangle with his. They rolled on the bed until she ended up on top of him. Tonks sat up and looked deep into his emerald green orbs while reaching behind her back to unclasp her bra and shrugged it off. Her pale full globes were freed from the restricting garment and Harry stared transfixed by their perfection. Her full breasts with galleon sized areolas and a firm erect pale pink nipple were in front of him. He reached up to caress one with his hand and slowly brought his head forward to plant soft kisses all around the pale flesh. Taking the erect nipple into his mouth he gently suckled on it while running his hands up and down her back. Tonks gave a soft moan as his tongue teased her sensitive breasts. Running her fingers through Harry’s hair she pulled him closer to her chest. Harry moved to the other breast and continued his soft ministrations upon it. Tonks was panting with desire and pushed Harry onto his back, moving down his body she quickly removed his pants and slowly pulled his boxers down. Harry ran his hands down her sides stopping at the edge of her lacy silk knickers. He slowly slid them down her thighs exposing her full sex for the first time. He took a shuddering breath as she was fully exposed to him; he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer to him as he kissed her deeply. They rolled about on the bed until Harry was on top with his member pressed against her soft flesh.
“I’m ready Harry.” She spoke softly in his ear. She reached down and wrapped her hand around his full length and marveled at the heat she felt in her hand. Guiding him slowly to her entrance she gasped as he slid into her warm wetness. Harry felt an incredible heat surround him as he sank into her tight folds. She bucked her hips upwards to take in his full length and they both sighed as he sank in all the way. With slow deliberate strokes they quickly became lost in the feel of each other. Tonks rolled on the bed until she was sitting on top of Harry and began to move slowly up and down. Harry’s hands roamed from her hips to her full breasts and back again as he held her close. Moving faster Tonks began to twist in a circular motion grinding her body into Harry’s. After a few minutes she began to shudder as a powerful orgasm racked her body. Harry thrust upwards as he felt his release coming and with a groan he emptied himself into her tight passage. Collapsing onto each other they held each other close and both gave contented sighs as they felt themselves spent from their efforts.
“Oh how I’ve been waiting to do that Harry.” Tonks sighed into his ear as she was resting her head on his shoulder.
“That was incredible Nymphadora, I never thought anything could feel that good, thank you for making this birthday I’ve ever had.” Harry breathed.
“Happy birthday Harry, and thank you for wanting the real me. I’ve never been myself with anyone before but you make me feel comfortable just being me.” She whispered softly.
They held each other close and continued to kiss softly before slowly drifting off to sleep in each other’s arms.
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