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Chapter 11

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A Harry/Tonks romance story.

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Disclaimer: All characters belong to J.K. Rowling. The interpretation of said characters is all mine.

Chapter: 11

The next morning Mrs. Weasley was up early and made her way to the kitchen to begin preparing breakfast. As she walked into the kitchen and began to pull out the pots and pans she would need, there was a soft pop and a high pitched voice called out “What is Mizzes Wheezy be doing?” She turned around quickly and saw Dobby standing in the middle of the kitchen giving her a rather fixed stare.
“I’m getting ready to start on breakfast, Dobby why don’t you go see if there is anything to clean.” She said curtly.
“NO, Dobby be doing the cooking for the great Harry Potter and his guests. Mizzes Wheezy should be going back to bed and let Dobby be doing his work.”
“Nonsense Dobby, I’ve always done the cooking while we were here, now let me be and go find something else to go do.” Molly said while turning back to the pots and pans she had taken out.
Suddenly all the pots and pans were zooming around the room and flying back to their cupboards.
“That was befores the great Harry Potter became head of the House of Black and Potter now it is Dobby’s job to do those things and take care of the great Harry Potters house and guests. Dobby insists that yous leave the kitchen and let Dobby do his job.” Dobby said after snapping his fingers and sealing all the kitchenware up in its cabinets and cupboards.
Mrs. Weasley had had about enough of the pesky elf and decided she would put a stop to this nonsense once and for all. “Fine Dobby we’ll just go ask Harry about this and see what he has to say then.” Molly said as she grabbed the house elf by the arm and dragged him from the kitchen.
“No, Mizzes Wheezy should not be waking the great Harry Potter so early. Master needs his rest and Dobby will not be disturbing him.” Dobby replied as he popped out of Mrs. Weasley’s grasp and onto the kitchen table.
“Fine then I’ll just go take care of this.” Molly said as she stomped off towards the stairs in a huff.
“Dobby not be thinking big Wheezy would ever be leaving, now maybe Dobby can start on breakfast for Harry Potter and his Tonksie.” Dobby mumbled to himself as he started summoning pots and food from the cupboards to get started on making breakfast.


Harry and Tonks lay in bed the next morning as they slowly woke. Tonks’ right leg was thrown over Harry’s left and her head lay softly on his chest as she listened to him breath in and out slowly. Harry looked down to see her mass of dark silky black hair lying on his chest. He breathed in the delightful scent of her hair as it lightly tickled his nose. Tonks snuggled her head in tighter to his chest and let out a deep contented sigh. “Good morning Nymphadora.” Harry softly spoke.
“Morning, Harry.” She replied as she slowly raised her head and gave him a soft peck on his lips before shifting slightly to snuggle into his side.
Harry slowly pulled her closer and wrapped his arms around her and just held her to him enjoying the feel of her body pressed tightly to his.
“I could get used to waking up like this.” He said.
“As could I Harry, I don’t think I’ve ever slept so well, I feel so comfortable right now.” She said softly as she rolled over until she was on top of him and straddling his hips. She leaned down and softly brushed her lips over his and slowly ground her hips into his. Harry reached up and wrapped his arms around her back and ran his hands down her sides until he was clutching her hips. Tonks closed her eyes and shifted her appearance back to the look she normally wore with short spiky pink hair and her face softened a bit. She slowly opened her eyes and gazed down at Harry. “So which do you prefer, how I normally look or my real appearance, Harry.”
“Oh, Nymphadora you look beautiful either way. I have to say though I prefer the real you when we are this close, but it’s you I care about no matter what form you choose to wear.” Harry said as he pulled her down to him and softly kissed her.
“Oh Harry, nobody has ever said something like that before, you don’t know what that means to me. When it’s just the two of us, I’ll be my real self.”
Just then there was a knock at the door and before they could answer, it was pushed open by Molly Weasley calling out “Harry are you awake yet, I’m sorry to disturb you this early but something has to be done about that elf of your… “, she trailed off as she caught sight of a topless Nymphadora Tonks perched atop of an equally uncovered Harry.
“No” Harry said quietly.
“NO?” Mrs. Weasley screamed at him.
“No, Tonks will not be leaving. This is my house, and as an adult I will conduct my affairs as I please. If you don’t like it, then you can leave. Now if you don’t mind can you please close the door and tell everyone to meet us downstairs in the living room in ten minutes. I’ve obviously got a bit to say to everyone about how things are going to be in my house and what a closed door means.”
“Harry what has gotten into you, she’s entirely too old for you and is taking advantage of you.” Mrs. Weasley started
“No, Mrs. Weasley it’s none of your business, now please leave and close the door behind you, I’ll be down in a few minutes to talk with everyone.” Harry calmly but firmly told her.
Molly stood there on the threshold of the door for a moment before taking a step back and closing the door behind her.
"Affairs?" Tonks asked in a teasing tone.
"I didn’t mean that the way it came out. I mean you’re my only affair. Not that this is an affair, I mean…" Harry stammered.
"I know what you meant.” She giggled “I just like seeing you flustered.”
“Cheeky minx.” Harry replied as he rolled over on top of her pining her to the bed. He gave her a quick kiss before rolling off of her and throwing his legs over the side of the bed.
“Well I guess a quick shower and then get dressed before we head downstairs. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long day.” Harry said as he got out of bed and made his way to the bathroom.
“Care to make that a not so quick shower; I’ll wash your back.” Tonks said with a sultry purr as she followed him into the bathroom.
After a not so quick shower, with much washing of each other’s backs and fronts the couple dressed and made their way downstairs to grab a quick bite to eat and maybe some tea before they had to deal with everyone. As they walked into the kitchen, Dobby greeted them and ushered them to the table.
“Harry Potter sir, and his Tonksie sit sit, Dobby has breakfast ready for yous.” Dobby said while practically bouncing up and down. Dobby placed plates of bangers and eggs and toast in front of them. “Dobby made breakfast for Harry Potter sir and his Tonksie, Mizzes Wheezy did not want to let Dobby make breakfast and went to tell Harry Potter sir that she was to be doing the cooking, but Dobby told her that Dobby does the cooking and cleaning for the house. Did Mizzes Wheezy talk to Harry Potter sir about the cooking?” Dobby spoke rapidly.
“Ah Dobby just Harry please no sir, and no she didn’t get the chance to bring up the cooking” Harry replied.
“But Mizzes Wheezy said Dobby was not to be doing the cooking and Dobby did not want to disturb Harry Potter sir, so as soon as she left Dobby is doing the cooking for Harry Potter and his Tonksie.” Dobby said again while looking quite agitated.
“Well, I guess that’s just one more thing to bring up when we have our little chat. Don’t worry Dobby I’ll make sure she understands you’re taking care of the house and the cooking.” Harry said trying to calm the excited elf down.
Harry and Tonks made quick work of breakfast and thanked Dobby for preparing it. Dobby told them it was no trouble and shooed them out of the kitchen as he began cleaning the dishes from the table.
“Well I guess it’s now or never. Let’s get this over with, hopefully they are all downstairs by now and they’ve calmed down a bit.” Harry said as he led Tonks out of the kitchen and into the living room.
As they walked into the living room Harry saw Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Ron, Ginny, Fred, George, Remus and Hermione sitting on the couches talking softly. Mrs. Weasley was talking to Mr. Weasley in one corner and gesturing animatedly at him. Remus and Hermione were sitting quietly on one couch, while Fred and George were talking with each other on another. Ron and Ginny were trying to play a game of wizard’s chess. They all looked up as Harry and Tonks walked into the room. Mrs. Weasley spun around to fix Harry with a piercing glare as he came into the room. Just as she was about to speak an owl flew into the room and dropped three letters on the table before flying off again. Everyone froze for a moment before Hermione jumped up and squealed, “OH, our OWL results are in.” She made her way to the table in a flash and grabbed the envelopes. “Harry here’s yours, and Ron this one is yours, oh I’m so nervous I hope I did alright, I don’t know if I can open it I’m so nervous. Harry will you open it for me please?” She exclaimed. Harry stepped over to Hermione’s side at the table and took the envelope she was holding out to him; Ron made his way over to the table a bit slower and took his envelope.
Mrs. Weasley seemed to deflate a bit and looked over at Ron as he nervously eyed the envelope in his hands. Everyone crowded around the table to await the results as they opened their envelopes. Harry opened the envelope addressed to Hermione and slowly pulled the letter out and began to read it. He read through it slowly all the while watching as Hermione nervously shifted from one foot to the other and looked pensive.
“Well I think you’ll be pleased Hermione you only failed one class.” Harry said. Hermione’s face fell and she looked like she was about to cry.
“Hermione I’m only kidding you did great here look for yourself. Outstanding really, you should be proud.” Harry said as he handed the letter over to her. Hermione gave Harry a glare as she took the letter from his hand and began to read it.

Hermione Jane Granger
Written Practical Overall
Ancient Runes O O O
Arithmancy O+ O O
Astronomy O O O
Care O NA O
Charms O O O
Herbology O E O
History E NA E
Potions O O O
Transfiguration O O+ O

O+ highest score recorded this year.
“Well how did you do Hermione dear?” Mr. Weasley asked.
“I got ten owls, nine O’s and an E in History of Magic, but I really think I should appeal that as there were extenuating circumstances during the exam and all.” She rambled as she passed her letter over to Mr. Weasley to see.
“Hermione you did amazing you had three of the highest scores recorded this year that’s really outstanding.” Harry said smiling at her.
“Thank you, Harry now open yours and see how you did.” She replied.
Harry opened his envelope and removed the letter and began to read it.

Harry James Potter
Written Practical Overall
Astronomy A A A
Care O NA O
Charms E O E
Divination A A A
Herbology E O O
History D NA D
Potions E O O
Transfiguration E O O

O+ highest score recorded this year.
O++ highest score ever recorded for exam.
“Well, how did you do Harry?” Hermione asked him
“I got eight owls here take a look.” He said while passing the letter over to Hermione.
“Harry, this is amazing you got the highest score ever recorded for DADA. Oh Harry I’m so proud of you I knew you could do it.” Hermione exclaimed and wrapped him in a hug and kissed him full on the lips before she quickly stepped back and began to blush furiously.
“Let me see that, if it’s good enough to get you to snog Harry I’ve got to see this” Tonks spoke up as she took the letter from Hermione. Hermione handed it over and turned an even brighter shade of red as she realized what she had done in front of Tonks.
Tonks read over the letter and turned to look at Harry. “Harry this is absolutely outstanding I’m so proud of you, highest DADA ever that’s incredible.” Tonks said as she proceeded to wrap her arms around him and snog him senseless.
“Excuse me, I think that’s enough of that for now.” Mrs. Weasley cleared her throat and glared at Tonks.
“Ron, why don’t you open yours and see how you did.” Mr. Weasley said.
“Um sure dad.” Ron said as he tore open the envelope he was holding.
Ronald Bilius Weasley
Written Practical Overall
Astronomy P P P
Care A NA A
Charms P A A
Divination T D D
Herbology T A P
History T NA T
Potions P A A
Transfiguration A A A


“Well Ron how did you do?” Hermione asked.
“Um, not as well as you or Harry that’s for sure.” He said bitterly.
“Let me see Ron hand them over.” Molly said as she grabbed the letter out of his hands.
She began to read the results and her face slowly clouded up looking like she was building a good head of steam. “RONALD BILIUS WEASLEY FIVE OWLS, DID YOU EVEN OPEN A BOOK ALL YEAR, HOW COULD YOU ONLY GET FIVE OWLS!” She bellowed.
“Fred and George only got four.” Ron said quickly in his defense.
“YES, THEY DID, AND” Molly was cut off as Dumbledore walked into the room.
“Ah, the OWL results have arrived I see, I do understand you wishing to discuss young Mr. Weasley’s results Molly, but I rather think you should have that conversation with Minerva, as she is his head of house.” Seeing Molly’s slightly bewildered look, he continued. “Or is it that you have called me here for another reason?”
With that, Mrs. Weasley’s look of confusion turned back to one of anger. “I called you here, to discuss something very disturbing I walked in on this morning.”
“Oh, and what would that be Molly?” Dumbledore asked.
“Well I was trying to make breakfast this morning and that crazy elf would not let me in the kitchen, so I went upstairs to tell Harry to get that creature under control, and when I opened the door to his room I saw this trollop over here,” Molly paused and pointed at Tonks. “She was in bed with Harry and they weren’t decent. You need to do something Albus, she can’t be around the children, she was molesting Harry and I won’t stand for it. I’ll not have my Ron be in the same house to be accosted by that scarlet woman.”
“Hold it right there Mrs. Weasley,” Harry broke in. “I’ll not have you insult Tonks that way again in my house, what she and I do in my room; in my house is none of your concern. If you hadn’t barged into my room you never would have seen anything. Tonks is my girlfriend and I can assure you, you need not worry about Ron being ‘accosted’ by her.”
“Well it’s not right I tell you, your too young Harry and she is taking advantage of you, now Albus you have to do something, I want that woman out of here and not to be around the children at all. It’s indecent and just wrong, she obviously has severe problems controlling herself and I won’t have my children exposed to her perversions.” Molly ranted.
“Now, Molly I’m sure it’s not as bad as you make it out to be.” Dumbledore began.
“Hey, don’t you yell at my Mom, Harry.” Ron broke in.
“Stay out of this Ron it doesn’t concern you.” Harry replied.
“Doesn’t concern him, of course it does I won’t have my children exposed to her depravity. Oh Harry, what has she done to you.” Molly began.
“Mrs. Weasley, that’s it if you don’t like what, is going on between Tonks and me you are welcome to leave.” Harry said.
“Wh… What?” Mrs. Weasley said.
“I said if you can’t accept the fact that Tonks and I are together then you can leave. It’s my house after all and I am an adult, now if you can’t accept the fact that Tonks is my girlfriend and may sometimes share my bed, then you can leave.” Harry said forcefully.
“Harry is this true, Nymphadora is your girlfriend and you two are sleeping together?” Dumbledore began as he looked at Harry.
“Yes professor she is and we have, not that it is any of your or anyone else’s business.” Harry replied.
“Well I must say I’m not exactly pleased by this, Nymphadora I had asked you to watch over Harry this summer, not to get into a relationship with him. He is after all almost seven years your junior.” Dumbledore said.
“Well it just sort of happened professor, I didn’t plan on it or anything I just kind of fell for him.” Tonks replied.
“Yes be that as it may I think it would be in everyone’s best interest if you two were to stop seeing each other and I’ll have you assigned to some other order business. Yes I think that would be for the best.” Dumbledore said thoughtfully.
“No I don’t think so professor, who I chose to date and spend my time with, is my own business and not that of you or the order. I’ll say it once again, Tonks is my girlfriend and if I want her to stay here then that’s no one else’s business. If you all can’t accept that,” Harry said while looking at Mrs. Weasley and professor Dumbledore “then you are free to leave my home and not return until you accept the fact that Tonks and I are together and you can learn to treat me as an adult.”
“Fine then, we’ll just be leaving then. Ron, Ginny go get your things we’re going back to the burrow right now, I’ll not stay here amongst all this depravity and debauchery. Albus I suggest you do something so that trollop doesn’t unduly influence dear Hermione.” Molly said as she dragged her husband and youngest children from the room.
“You two Fred, George get your things I’ll not have you staying in this den of inequity, your bad enough as it is and don’t need the added influence.” Molly said as she made her way upstairs to gather her family’s things.
“Well, I say good on you mate.” Fred spoke up.
“Yeah don’t let mom get you down, we’re happy for you.” George said
“The both of you that is, congrats you two, come by the shop sometime we’ll see you then.” Fred finished as he and George made their way upstairs.
“Well, I guess that could have gone better.” Harry said.
“Harry, I still do not thing it wise for you and Nymphadora to be involved the way that you are.” Dumbledore spoke.
“Her name is Tonks, professor, and I wish you would refrain from calling her that as she has told you she doesn’t care for that name.” Harry turned towards the professor and snarled.
“Be that as it may I don’t think it wise for her to stay here with you I’ll have to assign her to some other order business, perhaps going with Remus when he tries again to talk with the werewolves, yes I think that would be for the best.” Dumbledore said.
“No, I won’t be doing that professor; I’m staying here with Harry.” Tonks replied.
“Now, Nymphadora as head of the Order it’s my duty to assign you where I think best and right now I believe you going with Remus is for the best.” Dumbledore replied.
“I said no, professor I’m staying with Harry, if I have to I’ll resign from the Order, but I’m not leaving him.” Tonks said firmly.
“Professor, can I have a word with you in private.” Harry spoke up.
“What, er why certainly young Harry, perhaps we should go to the kitchen.” Dumbledore replied.
“Sure that’s fine.” Harry said.
Harry and Dumbledore made their way to the kitchen leaving the rest of the guests to wait in the living room for them to return. Tonks made her way over to the couch that Hermione was sitting on and took a seat beside the young witch. Remus sat in a cushy chair by the fireplace and stared into the flames.
“I’m sorry about all the drama you two.” Tonks said softly.
“Don’t worry about it Tonks, it was bound to happen sooner or later. As long as you and Harry are happy together you have my support.” Remus said quietly from his corner.
“Yeah, I just want to see Harry happy for a change, and you certainly seem to do that for him. As long as you don’t hurt him you have my full support Tonks.” Hermione told her as she put her arm around the young auror.
“Thanks that means a lot, I just hope he can talk some sense into the old man and get him to come around.” Tonks sighed.
In the kitchen Harry and Dumbledore stood staring at each other across the large kitchen table. Dumbledore broke the strained silence first. “Now Harry, I’m sure you can understand my concern about you and Nymphadora.” He began.
“She and I have both told you not to call her that, sir.” Harry replied hotly.
“Yes, yes I shall try and remember.” He said brusquely. “But be that as It may, it is just not appropriate for the two of you to be together, she is too old for you, you should try and find someone closer to your age, Miss Weasley, or Miss Granger perhaps, both seem to care a great deal for you.”
“I don’t want to be with either of them, Hermione is my friend and while I care a great deal for her she’s more of a sister to me than a romantic interest. And don’t get me started on Ginny, she’s still crushing on me like some crazed fan girl and I’ll never see her as someone I could be with. Tonks is the only woman I’m interested in seeing and I’ll not have you or anyone else tell me how to live my life.” Harry told him.
“Well I just can’t allow it Harry, I’m sorry but it just won’t do. I’ll have to insist that she serve the order in some other way and not be so close to you.” Dumbledore insisted.
“Fine if that’s the way you want it, you leave me no choice but to ban you and the Order from using the house for your meetings.” Harry replied.
“Now Harry, that is a bit uncalled for and rather childish of you. Trust me it’s for the best that you two not become involved, I’m only trying to look out for you, my boy.” Dumbledore said rather tiredly.
“I’m not your boy, sir I’m a legal adult now and I’ll ask you to treat me as such. If you insist on this course of action you leave me little choice but to ban you and the Order from my home.” Harry said forcefully.
“Now Harry, don’t be rash…” Dumbledore began.
“Dobby!” Harry called.
With a pop the little house elf appeared next to Harry and looked up at him.
“Yes, Harry Potter sir. What can Dobby be doing for you.” Dobby said excitedly.
“Dobby please remove professor Dumbledore from the house and bar him from entering until I say so.” Harry said softly.
“Harry, don’t do this, trust me I’m only trying…” Dumbledore started only to be cut off as Dobby snapped his fingers and the old man rose into the air and began to float out of the kitchen.
Dobby walked toward the old professor and continued to guide him towards the front door of the house. Dumbledore protested the entire time trying to get Harry’s attention, but Dobby was relentless as he drove him towards the front door and out of the house. The door slammed shut with a bang and Dobby turned around and looked to Harry. “Dobby is getting rid of Dumblydore sir and he won’t be entering into the house again until Harry Potter says so.”
“Thank you Dobby, can you seal off the house and make sure no one else is allowed in unless approved by me? Also make sure the floo is sealed please.” Harry asked.
“Of course Harry Potter sir, Dobby is dong that right away.” Dobby exclaimed and popped away.
Harry made his way back to the living room to see Tonks and the others and explain to them what had transpired with the headmaster. As he walked into the living room he caught sight of Hermione with her arm around Tonks and talking softly to her. Remus was sitting across from them in a large chair by the fireplace.
“Oh Harry, there you are, how did things go with the professor?” Tonks said looking up.
“Not too well Tonks.” Harry said as he sat down next to her. “He wouldn’t come around and insisted on sending you away.”
“I hope you told him I wouldn’t be leaving you under any circumstances.” She replied.
“Yes I made it clear to him that we were together and that you would rather leave the Order than be separated from me.” Harry told her.
“Well good, I take it he didn’t respond too well to that?” She asked.
“I guess you could say that, he insisted on breaking us up and sending you away, so I told him if he did so, I would be forced to ban him and the Order from using the house for their meetings. He continued to insist and try and talk me into leaving you. So I was forced to ask Dobby to remove him.” Harry replied.
“Oh, Harry you didn’t?” Hermione broke in.
“Yes I did, it’s my house after all and if he wants to continue to use it he needs to learn to treat me as an adult and not try and dictate my decisions for me.” Harry told her.
“Harry, thank you for taking the lead on dealing with this, I would have stepped in and defended myself more to both Molly and Dumbledore, but I wanted them to see how much of a grown up you are in the hope that it would force them to see you in a new light.” Tonks told him as she leaned into him and gave him a soft kiss.
“Well it just seemed to be the right way to handle things at the moment; they all need to understand that I’m capable of making my own decisions about how I live my life and who I choose to have in it. By the way Remus, thank you for staying out of it and letting me handle things.” Harry said as he glanced over at the closest thing he had to a parental figure left in his life.
“No problem cub.” Remus smiled slightly. “Just figured you would show them you were more than able to handle yourself, by the way I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone stand up to Dumbledore the way you did, and seeing him fly towards the front door with Dobby tagging behind was just classic, you’re father and Sirius would have been on the floor howling if they saw that.”
“Well glad to provide some amusement to you in my time of distress.” Harry said with a smirk.
“So what are you going to do now, Harry?” Hermione asked.
Before Harry could reply, Mrs. Weasley walked downstairs followed by her husband and the rest of her brood. Ron was sulking along behind her, while Ginny followed behind him. Mr. Weasley came along after his daughter his arms loaded with boxes and dragging along a trunk behind him. The twins, Fred and George made up the rear, jostling and smirking at each other the whole time.
“Well I hope Albus was able to talk some sense into you young man; and hopefully he made it clear to you Nymphadora how inappropriate your behavior was. Honestly, Remus you couldn’t have stepped in and told them how atrocious their behavior has been.” She started as she came into the room.
“Now Molly, it’s not my place to tell either of them how to behave, they are after all both adults.” Remus said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.
“Well, I should have known you would be that way, obviously you’re as bad as Sirius was, not fit to be a parental figure in the least.” She started.
“THAT’S ENOUGH MRS. WEASLEY, I’LL NOT HAVE YOU INSULT SIRIUS IN THIS HOUSE.” Harry exclaimed as he rose from the couch. “Sirius was a good man and the closest thing to a father I’ve known, and I’ll not have you insult his memory by talking against him in his own home. If you can’t accept the way things are then please just leave. I’ve nothing further to say to you.” Harry said.
“Don’t you talk to my Mum that way Potter. She’s just trying to look out for you, you should be thankful she cares so much about you. “ Ron said.
“Ron, I’m sorry but it’s none of her concern what I do or with whom I do it.” Harry replied.
“Well we all know with whom your doing it now don’t we Harry.” Ginny said choking back a sob.
“Well then, well just be leaving then, I hope you don’t mind if we use the floo, or are you going to throw us out the front door?” Molly said.
“No, you’re welcome to use the floo, go right ahead.” Harry replied.
Mrs. Weasley walked over to the fireplace and took a pinch of floo powder from the mantle and tossing it in called out “the burrow” and stepped into the flare of green flame. With a slight whoosh she was gone. Ron stalked after her and grabbing a handful of powder turned and looked at Harry, “I hope you’re happy with yourself Potter, getting Mum upset and throwing us out, some friend you are.” He snarled before throwing the powder into the flame and muttering the burrow before he stepped through. Ginny followed behind him and grabbed a pinch and without looking back tossed it in and was gone.
Mr. Weasley came along and stopped in front of Harry. “Harry, I’m sorry about all of this, you know how she can be, and she really does care about you if it’s any consolation.” He placed his hand on Harry’s shoulder and said, “I’m sure she’ll calm down eventually, it’s none of my business but if you’re happy, then I’m happy for you, son. You too Tonks, while I might have some reservations about the age difference it’s none of my business and I wish you both the best. Take care of each other and you’re always welcome at the burrow.” He said as he threw a pinch of floo powder in the fire and disappeared. The twins came along next and each grabbed one of Harry’s hands and began shaking it. “Good on you mate, scored yourself a right decent looking bird, who would have known ickle Harrikins was into the older women eh, George?” Fred said.
“Aye, who would have thought it, our ickle Harry is all grown up, now don’t be a stranger partner. You all enjoy the rest of your summer and stop by the shop sometime before school starts again.” George said as he released Harry’s hand. They made their way over to Tonks and each gave her a quick hug and whispered something in her ear that made the metamorphmagus blush quickly before she regained her composure. The two said their goodbyes to Hermione and Remus as well and were off through the floo.
“Well looks like it’s just us four now.” Harry said.
“Yep, so what do we do now?” Tonks asked.
“Well the goblins should be here anytime to re-ward the house and then after that I think we should have some lunch and discus what we plan on doing for the rest of the summer.” Harry replied.
Just then the flames in the fireplace flared green and a ragged voice called out, “Lord Black-Potter.”
Harry got up from the couch he was sitting on next to Tonks and Hermione and approached the flames. A gnarled looking goblins face was framed in the flames of the fireplace “Yes, please just call me Harry though.” He spoke into the flames.
“Very well Harry, my name is Slashtooth and Director Ragnok informed me that you would be needed some wards cast at your residence, would it be alright to step through the floo?” The goblin asked.
“Of course please come through, Slashtooth.” Harry replied stepping back away from the fireplace.
The goblin’s head disappeared and a moment later an aged stooped goblin stepped through the flames. Dusting himself off he approached Harry and nodded his head in a gesture of respect. “Lord Bla… Harry” he corrected himself as he caught Harry’s look of disapproval at the use of his formal title. “As I said my name is Slashtooth and I was sent by Director Ragnok to oversee the casting of some wards to protect your home. The Director sends his regards and says to let you know he is available at your convenience to speak further on matters you had discussed earlier.” Slashtooth said stiffly.
“Thank you Slashtooth, please allow me to introduce you to my friends. This is Tonks” Harry said placing his arm around the young woman. This is my best friend and schoolmate Hermione Granger” He said indicating Hermione. “And this is Remus Lupin, a friend of my fathers and the late Sirius Black.”
“Pleased to meet you Slashtooth.” Tonks replied with a nod.
“May your blade never dull and your gold never lose it’s luster.” Remus said with a slight bow.
“Nice to make your acquaintance Slashtooth.” Hermione said as she stood up from the couch.
“My what an interesting assortment of friends you have Harry. A metamorph, a werewolf and a muggle born witch. Director Ragnok was right about you it seems.” Slashtooth said looking the trio over.
Harry looked at the goblin for a moment with a trace of confusion on his face. Noticing his perplexed look, the goblin asked what was bothering him. "Just out of curiosity, how did you know where the house was? I mean it’s supposed to be under fidelius, and unless you talked to the secret keeper..." Harry trailed off. The goblin gave him a crooked grin "Officially, I used the house deed as given to me by the manager of your account to direct myself here, and once I leave all memory of where I was will disappear.” Harry leaned a bit closer. “And unofficially?” The goblin replied in a lower voice “You didn’t have to have the secret keeper inform the house-elves of the location, did you?” “Are you saying that goblins are.” Harry was cut off. “I am not saying anything at all, now if you will excuse me, I must get to the re-warding.”
“Of course please let me know if there is anything you need.” Harry replied.
“It should only take an hour or so, I’ll be placing wards to seal off all access to the house, except to those that you allow in.” Slashtooth replied.
The goblin made his way around the house muttering in Gobblydegook stopping at the front door and again at the rear entrance. After an hour or so he came back into the living room and approaching Harry he said, “I’ve finished casting the wards the house should be secure from everyone but yourself at this moment, of course your house-elf is exempt as he is keyed to you and the house itself.” He pulled a small stone about the size of a shilling and made of some hard white stone. Handing it to Harry he said, “This is the ward stone, simply tap it with your wand and say the name of the person you want keyed into the house to allow access, if you do not specify the person’s name then there is no way for them to enter the home, regardless of whether or not they know the location of the house or not.”
“Thank you Slashtooth, and please let Director Ragnok know I will be in to see him soon. Is there anything I can do for you for your efforts?” Harry said not knowing the proper protocol in such a situation.
“No need Lord Black-Potter, it’s all been taken care of. May your gold ever shine and your blades never dull.” Slashtooth said as he approached the fireplace and went through the floo.
“Well that’s done we should be a bit more secure without any unwanted guests dropping in.” Harry said. He took the small ward stone from his pocket and tapped his wand to it calling out each of their names to key them into the houses new wards.
“Okay how about some lunch everyone and we can discuss what we plan to do with the rest of our summer.”
“Sounds good to me I’m starving.” Tonks said as she wrapped her arm around Harry’s waist and led him towards the kitchen. Hermione and Remus exchanged amused glances as they followed the two of them into the kitchen.

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