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chapter one

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The begining after the end

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“HA! Now that I’m into the Evil League of Evil I can expand my plans into bigger ones!” Dr. Horrible laughed crazily. He was talking to no one but his camera.
“Like what Dr. Horrible?” Dr. Horrible said in a slightly higher voice. You could tell he was trying to be a different person.
“Like a time machine Dr.. Horrible!” He yelled in his normal voice again.
“Oh! How?!” He yelled in his high voice again.
“Well first off . . . um . . . I’m not sure yet but when my horribly horrible horrid idea is finished I will go back in time and tell myself to take Penny into my arms and f . . . reanch kiss her right then and there! Then I’d you know, take over the world and stuff.” Said Dr. Horrible looking to the ground. Thinking about Penny always made him upset. He quickly got over it.
“Oh Dr. Horrible you are so silly. She won’t let you kiss her.” Said his higher voice..
“Yeah well how would you know that?! You don’t even know her!” Yelled Dr. Horrible.
“Who would want you?!” Yelled the high voice.
“I don’t need this!” He yelled getting up from his chair.
“How could you say such a thing?!”Yelled his high voice, sounding on the verge of tears.
“No I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it I swear!”
“Yeah whatever ass hole!” Said his high voice, sounding farther and farther away.
“No come back! Great, now I have no one.” He said in his normal voice. You see after Penny died he went crazy. No he does not have another personality, but he does pretend to. Penny was the only girl Dr. Horrible (Billy) has ever liked. Yeah he was fully gay before he met Penny in the coin wash. Now he says he’s done with girls. Done with love in general. At that moment Dr. Horribles side kick walked into the door.
“Moist! My partner in crime!” He yelled walking over to moist and putting his hand on Moist’s shoulder, quickly taking it off and wiping the wetness on his jacket.
“Yeah . . . about that whole ‘partner in crime’ thing. I think that you have completely lost your mind and that I need a break from your craziness for about a week.” Said Moist very quickly. He thought it would make Dr. Horrible angry, but all he did was smile.
“Whatever you say.” Dr. Horrible said still smiling, and turning to walk away. He closed the door to his laree.
“I don’t need him.” Dr. Horrible said to himself.
“He was just holding me back anyway.” He said, looking at his freeze-ray. Then an idea popped into his head.
“That’s it!” He yelled, pointing to the ceiling.
“Since I have no use for my ray anymore, I will use parts of it to make my time machine! Yes! I can see it now!” He yelled, running over to the freeze-ray. He grabbed some tools and started ripping apart the ray. He was laughing crazily again.
**Awhile Later**
“I have almost completed the time thinga majig! All I need is amazingflorioum, which is coincidently being delivered to the science lab here in our very own LA!” Dr. Horrible laughed.
“I think that this time I will obtain the florioum as myself, BILLY!” Said Dr. Horrible talking to no one, not even his camera this time.
“HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!” Dr. Horrible laughed evilly . . . or horribly . . . oh whatever!
“David stop!” Yelled Billy to his older half brother. At that time Billy had no clue that David would become the famous Captain Hammer. David (17 years old) was keeping the younger (6 year old) Billy in a headlock.
“Come on Billy! You can take it!” He yelled laughing, tightening his grip.
“I’ll tell mom!” Billy yelled. At that moment his mother walked out into the back yard.
“David! What are you doing?!” Yelled their mother.
“Don’t worry ma. I was just toughening up our little Billy here.” Said David, smiling his movie star smile.
“David you are so kind! Continue what you were doing. I’m going to the store for a bit. Behave boys!” Yelled their mother from the other side of the gate.
“Ha ha! Poor Billy boy. Even mother likes me more!” David said proudly. At that moment is when something in Billy’s head clicked. He wasn’t going to be Mr. Nice Guy anymore. He wasn’t going to take this torture for the rest of his life. He was done with being pushed around. Billy elbowed David in the groin and ran away.
“Who’s laughing now you big bully!” Yelled Billy to David.
“You better run twerp!” David yelled, running over to Billy. Billy screamed a high pitched scream and ran into the house.

**Present Time**
“Hey you!” Yelled a present 26 year old Billy to the person driving the van that held his amazingflorioum. The people on the street were running away from him. They knew he was evil, and he had no morals now. Well very very few. So if they were in his way they’d probably die.. You see Billy/Dr. Horrible was now the ruler of the USA. He was going to expand his territory . . . in time. The dude in the van looked at him and his eyes widened.
“Y-y-yes si-i-r?” Stuttered out the scared driver.
“Give me the amazingflorioum, now.” Billy said calmly. Even though he didn’t yell, there was such power in his voice that the man jumped.
“Right away!” Yelled the van driver. He grabbed a suite case and handed it to him quickly. He grabbed it and smiled at the driver.
“Thank you.” Billy said kindly. The driver looked relieved. Billy walked away suite case in hand, smiling to himself. People peeked out from behind buildings, trying to get a good look at him.
“It’s him!” He heard some yell. A female. He looked over and saw a group of three people. Two girls and one dude. All with shirts with pictures of . . . him. Great. Billy thought. Groupies.
“Ahh!” Yelled the only guy there. He walked a little faster. He heard the guy speak again, but not to him.
“No! Don’t chase him he’ll kill you! Even though he’s hot you can’t push villains like you can heroes.” I smiled. It’s good to know the people do not take me for granted. When he reached his home, he found that Moist had already left. He walked into his laree.
“Since I am now the ruler of you, I demand you let me in this building to see my brother!” Yelled Billy to the person at the front desk. The lady shakily nodded and pushed the button to open the doors that led to David. After being defeated, he was condemned to a crazy house. Not that he was hallucinating, but he was crying all the time now. Billy smiled when he saw his older brother rocking back and forth. David (now Captain Hammer) looked up and saw him.
“AHHHHH!” He yelled, scared for his life.
“Dr. Horrible! AHHH! Don’t hurt me!” He yelled, backing up to the wall.
“Guess again, David.” Billy said, smiling even wider.
“Do you remember your little brother? The one who you gave black eyes to and you bullied, AND TURTURED MORE THEN HALF HIS LIFE!” Billy closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He needed to do this calmly.
“Billy boy? Yeah I remember that dork. Haha! What happened . . . to . . . your Billy! My brother Billy!” Yelled Captain Hammer.
“Now that I know it’s you I can totally take you!” Yelled Captain Hammer standing up. Billy laughed, and pulled out his pain ray. He pointed it at Captain Hammer.
“Don’t come one step closer or the pain you felt will be ten fold.” Billy said, a look of evil on his face. Captain Hammer just laughed and walked forward some more. Billy’s smile widened and he pulled the trigger. Captain Hammer yelled in pain.
“Told you.”Billy said, laughing harder, pulling the trigger over and over again.

**Present Day**
Billy sighed.
“Ahh. What a great day that was . . . if only the workers there didn’t distract me by telling me I had to leave. Ha! That was hilarious! They thought they could tell me what to do. I put them in pain to. Then I was bored so I left .. . . who am I talking to?!” Yelled Dr. Horrible laughing at himself.
“Maybe I am going crazy . . .” Billy said trailing off.
“No matter! Time to get to work!”
**Later That Day When The Time Machine was done**
“I have done it! It’s done! Time to rule! Just have to pack a few things . . .”
**When Dr. Horrible Was Done Packing**
“Let us leave!” He yelled to the machine. He put his bag in first, then stepped through the doors to his bulky looking time thing.
“Now no one can stop Penny from being mine! Muahahaha!” He yelled/laughed.
“Ohh. My laugh is getting so much better!” He said, as he was closing the door he slipped on his bag. His elbow hit a button, and the machine started to blink and beep.
“Hey! What’s going o-” He was cut off by the machine giving a tug.
“Ahh! We’re all going to die!”
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