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chapter two

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**Dr. Horrible’s/Billy’s Point of view**
When the machine stopped, I held my head in pain.
"Ouch! Time travel is a real headache giver . . . thingy . . ." I said, trailing off and I got up from the floor of the Time Thing. I picked up my bag wondering where I landed. I smiled as I opened the door. I had to do a double take. This was definitely not the past. There where a-lot of people that looked like they where on some hardcore drugs. I looked up and saw a floating T.V. above my head.
"Woah!" I said, surprised. Why was it dark out? I left in the middle of the day. Maybe in time travel you not even go in a different time, but an actual different time. Like you leave in the morning and get to this crazy land at night. I looked back at my time machine and yelled.
"You stupid thing!" I kicked it. Something beeped, and the lights on it went out.
"Oh no." I said to myself, looking discouraged.
"I broke it!" I yelled to the drugys around me. They all looked at me confused. One of them spoke, but not to him.
"Woah, this must be some weird Zydrate. I see Dr. Horrible." She looked like a freakin whore. Her skirt looked short enough to be underwear, and she had fishnet stockings. Her shirt was very revealing.
"How do you know me peasant?!" I yelled to the drugy. Before she could answer I said.
"Oh yeah, because I rule you! Ha! Foolish of me. Tell me where I am! Now!" I yelled. The druggy just looked at me confused. I herd a voice behind me. I turned suddenly.
"Your on Sanitarium Island." Said a male with a long trench coat. His hair was blond with pink purple and blue highlights. It was don’t to about his chest.
"Who are you?" I asked, a little softer.
"More importantly who are you ‘Dr. Horrible’." He said, using air quotes when he said ‘Dr. Horrible’.
"You know who I am fool!" I yelled. I was getting frustrated. Obviously everyone knew who I was. They should know that I rule them all!
"The real Dr. Horrible disappeared years and years ago. You’re not him, just a guy who looks like him." He said calmly.
"What are you talking about foolish one?!" I yelled frustrated with his ignorance. He sighed and pulled out a coin from his pocket. He threw it to me. I caught it and looked at what he was trying to show me. It was me. I was on the coin, smirking up at myself. I was wearing my red suit and my goggles over my eyes.
“When the hell did this happen?!” I yelled, kinda really freaked out that I was on some wired futuristic coin.
“It happened right after Dr. Horrible disappeared. You know it’s not really helping your act by not knowing anything.” Said the guy. I was getting seriously pissed at that moment. I took in a deep breath. I bent down and reached in my bag o’ goodies. I pulled out the pain ray and pointed it at him.
“Listen carefully. My name is Dr. Horrible. I took over the whole USA. I-am-Dr.-Horrible. Tell me what crazy ass time period I landed in now! Or I’ll make you squirm with pain you thought never existed.” I said, putting on my most evil face I had at that moment (which was pretty evil.)
“Nice prop, but no one has made that thing work in years.” He said, smiling a very cocky smile. I grinded my teeth. I pointed my gun at an unsuspecting person behind me. I pulled the trigger, and she fell to the floor screaming in agony. I looked back at him, and his eyes were wide and on my ray. I smiled and said.
“What prop are you talking about silly?” I said, smirking. The man dropped to one knee inclined his head a little. I could tell he was bowing. What a suck up.
“I am terribly sorry Dr. Horrible. There have been so many people trying to be you and I just thought-” I cut him off, pointing my pain ray at him.
“Get up and tell me what year it is!” I yelled trying to figure out whether he was being sincere or if he was just the big cheesy suck up. I decided he was more likely to be the cheesy suck up. He looked up at me, pure fear in his eyes. He stood up and seemed not to be able to look me in the eyes.
“It’s 2055 your horribleness.” He said, looking right past his shoulder.
“Look at me!” I yelled. At least in my own time people could look at me. His eyes flashed to mine. He was just about to say something, but a siren interrupted him.
“Police! Your on your own kid!” He yelled, turning the other way and running.
“Hey wait!” I yelled. I didn’t know what to do. Should I run to? They don’t know that I’m the real Dr. Horrible. Something accrued to me while I was thinking.
“Hey I’m not a kid asshole!” I yelled, stuffing the pain ray into my bag and grabbing it, running after him. I saw a flash of his hair turning the corner.
“Come back here!” I yelled, turning the same corner. I thought he was laying on the ground, but as I got closer, I noticed it wasn’t him. It was a female. Maybe she was a sleeping hobo. Again, nope. She was dead, her chest ripped open, and most of her organs taken.
“I’m just going to walk this way now.” I said, turning away quickly. I mean, I’ve killed many people before, but never tortured them like that. I kept walking, not knowing where to go. I tripped over something and fell into a big thing of mud.
“Shit!” I yelled looking down at my now not white coat. I sighed and pulled out my red coat. I looked around. No one was around so I guessed I could change there. After I was done changing I kept on walking to wherever I was going. After awhile I looked up to see where I was. That was when I saw it. ‘The Horrible Museum’.
“Well this sounds promising.” I said to myself, rolling my eyes.
“Well it’s a good place to hide from the friggin cops.” I said, walking to the front door. When I walked in I expected a dull mostly empty building, but what I saw was a crowded version of . . . my lab!? Yes I was sure this was my lab. There was a few things that weren’t right, but for the most part it was my evil lair. People kept staring at me, and it was pissing me off.
“Take a picture it’ll last longer!” I yelled to the crowd of student looking people. They looked away quickly.
“Fucking kids.” I normally never cursed. I found it to be a stupid habit. I find people who use it are stupid because they have nothing else to say. All they can think of is fuck or shit or ass or something along those crazy lines. I walked farther into the building. As I was about to walk threw one of the doorways an ignorant little girl bumped into me. I stood there and twitched. She looked back at me.
“Sorry! Hey nice outfit. How’d you get the red denim? They don’t even make it anymore.” She said, studying my outfit. I twitched some more and said.
“This is an authentic!” I said annoyed. These people where so stupid! They couldn’t do anything right! Her eyes widened.
“Do you know how much that’s worth?!” She asked surprised, drawing attention to me.
“No, and I don’t care, now leave me alone you foolish . . .” I trailed off looking over her shoulder.
“MY CHAIR!” I yelled excitedly. It was still huge and orange and amazing. I laughed running over to it. Before I could sit on it a security guard stopped me.
“Woah there. No touching the artifacts in the museum.” He said, crossing his arms like a big tough guy. That’s it, that was the last straw. No one kept me from my chair.
“But that’s MY CHAIR! I AM DR. HORRIBLE! I RULE YOU!” I screamed in his face. He didn’t move. He didn’t even frown, in fact, he smiled.
“You know how many people have said that before you?” He asked, his eyes on mine. An idea clicked in my head. I smiled back at him.
“Why sir. How about I make a bet with you. If I can get one of these magnificent artifacts to work, you’ll believe that I am the real Dr. Horrible because I am, and if I fail to make it work, you may have this red jacket and a couple hundred-dollar bills that are from 2015 that I have in my pocket.” He just looked at me, mouth wide open. I knew I had him. He couldn’t resist all that. From the reaction of that girl I knew that this jacket would be worth a-lot, and since there are no more paper money in this future, then I also knew that value of a hundred-dollar bill had shot up to about either 500 or 700. He shook his head and smiled widely.
“Let me see the money first.” He said, watching me closely. I sighed and pulled out ten hundreds from my bag. I showed them to him, and his eyes widened.
“You got a deal.” He said quickly. Eye’s still fixed on my money. Stupid mankind. Always drawn to money like bees are drawn to honey. Haha. That rimed and I didn’t even mean for it to. Anyway, money didn’t mean a thing to me, but when you had a-lot of money, you were considered a very powerful person, and power is something I love. I walked over to my original Pain Ray (I always make doubles just incase.) and I picked it up from its stand. I turned the knob from small to excruciating pain. By now the whole museum was watching me. Good. Now the whole world (or at least a really really REALLY small portion of it.) Will see that I am the real Dr. Horrible and there’s nothing anybody here can do about it. I put my finger on the trigger and pointed it at the guard. You see, I made it so only I could work all of my weapons. When I place my finger on the trigger and push, a small tack pricks me, sending a drop of my blood to the main core of the machine. If anyone else tried that, it would blow up into a million pieces. So naturally when I pulled the trigger a ray of blue light came out of the gun type thing and hit the guard. He fell instantly, screaming in pain. Everybody looked at me with wide eyes. I expected them to run away in fear, but no. They bowed down to me! Literary all of the people I could see were bowing! A really tall man came walking out of one of the rooms. He was wearing a nice dress up shirt with some nice pants. His hair was kind of combed back, but it was also half spiky. He looked around confused for a second, then looked at me.
“What’d I miss?”
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