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Uncovered Romances

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Got loads of couples in here, (frerard will come, PROMISE!) but yeah, not exactly what you'd expect, but think about it and youll see why I chose them :D

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Drama,Erotica,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2009-04-02 - Updated: 2009-04-02 - 975 words

Everyone sat down, all of us seeming to form a circle. Naturally, the first place Jimmy dragged poor Mikey was his bed, throwing him on it and practically eating his face. I kind of felt sorry for him in a way, I mean, he was my baby brother and back in my room with Frank, he’d tell me what he really thought of Jimmy. Sure, he loved him and everything, it’s just sometimes he was a bit too… Excited. If you get my drift. Mikey seemed content enough on the bed with Jimmy so we just left them to it, taking the floor. Patrick and Bob sat next to each other, Pat’s head in Bob’s lap as usual. God, everyone was so loved up right now. I mean, Jimmy and Mikey, Patrick and Bob, B’den and Pete (who are currently making out as we speak.) The only single people left were Frank, Ray and me, and word has it Ray is dating some girl who I swear came out lesbian last term. That’s why we were all here, to get the true story.
“So, Toro, what exactly is the deal with you and… What’s her name?” Frank asked, leaning up me as he did so. Frank was my best friend as well as Jimmy, I mean, I loved all these guys, but at the end of the day it really was us three. As Jimmy was… otherwise engaged, Frank chose me to use as a seat, perfectly normal. For him.
“Her name is Kitty actually.” Jimmy broke from his passionate kisses to my brother, looking up in shock.
“You’re dating KITTY?! But she’s-”
“She doesn’t like girls anymore okay!?” Ray said defencelessly, chucking one of his converses at Jimmy who was now erupting with laughter on top of Mikey.
“Since when?” Brendon asked, breaking his kiss and letting Pete attack his neck.
“Since she saw what a babe magnet I am” Ray said, laughing and striking a manly pose.
“You?! Dude. Get real, everyone knows I’m the sex god” Frank said with a smirk.
“Yeah, that’s why you’re still single.” The rest of the room laughed, Frank quickly flipping him off.
“I’m telling you, date Gerard. He’d love it, wouldn’t ya Gee?” Suddenly it felt like all eyes were upon me. That’s mainly because they fucking were. I blushed red; we always get on this subject eventually. As I’ve said, Frankie and me are best friends; we’re always perving on each other and mucking around and Frank seems to love every minute as much as I do. So people have thought up this idea that we should really get together, like as an item. We always just laugh it off, but truthfully… I’d love that to happen. I love being around Frankie, after the three years of knowing him I’ve started to develop feelings for him I’d never felt before. Everything about him just drives me crazy, like right now, he’s leaning up my chest and it feels fucking amazing, I’m just praying he hasn’t noticed my heartbeat dramatically increase at Ray’s words. If he has, he hasn’t said anything, thank god. I laughed, Frankie looking almost questionably up at me.
“I think that’s a yes.” He always did this, acting ‘the couple’ with me for a few seconds. He reached up and kissed me on the cheek before resuming his spot on my chest. The rest of the guys knew it meant nothing by now and sighed. I could tell they wanted something to happen, if only they knew how badly I did too. It hurt too much though, talking about this and knowing it would never happen, I wish they would just drop it. But, being the kind friends they are, they didn’t. Patrick sat up in Bobs lap.
“But it makes so much sense, you’re single, so are you Gerard, what about it?” Frank looked up at me again, then back at Pat.
“But dude. It’s Gee-tard.” He said, acting disgusted and putting two fingers down his throat. I whacked him over the head with my hand, laughing with him. “Owwww! You know I love you really” He said again in a baby voice. I felt like crying when he said that and wrapped his arms round me, scooting further into my lap. That’s just it. He didn’t love me really. Not in that way at least. He just pretended, as fucking usual.
“I know,” I said quietly, wishing his words were true.
“So do I.” The guys froze again, Pete breaking from Brendon’s neck, Pat, Bob and Ray turning their heads to look at Mikey. Even Jimmy looked confused. What did he mean? Frank looked up rapidly, glaring at Mikey who was looking at anything but back at Frank. Something was telling me he shouldn’t have said that.
“What’s that supposed to mean, Way?”
“Well you said-”
“I said NOTHING, so you should keep your mouth SHUT, instead of babbling out garbage.” Frank got up from my lap and left the room, leaving me cold on the floor, lonely.

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