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Insane in the Brain

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Gerard's confused, and tbh Jimmy and Ray are not any help. =]

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Shit. What the hell just happened? As soon as everyone stopped looking at the empty doorway, they immediately turned to me, as if I knew something about this! I just wanted to run after him. So fucking badly.
“Mikey, what did you mean?” I asked, thankfully making most of them look away. Jimmy pouted questionably down at Mikey, playing with his hair.
“I-I-nothing.” Liar.
“Liar. Mikey what’s going on?!” I asked, annoyed and clearly annoying him.
“Gerard just fucking drop it okay! If you want to know so bad then go and ask him!” Mikey snapped. Jimmy rubbed his shoulders gently and kissed him, the others sighing. Ray looked at me just as puzzled, whilst the other four talked quietly amongst them, heaving themselves out of this awkward situation. I walked up the small flight of stairs to another part of the room to Ray’s bed, sitting alone for a while. After about half an hour, Jimmy and Ray shortly joined me.
“Are you okay man?” they asked, Jimmy putting a hand on my shoulder and pulling me into a hug. Everyone said I was like his ‘Mikey 2.’ I.e., when Mikey had left to go to our room (which he obviously had,) Jimmy would come and sit me in his lap or something. It was okay though, Mikey knew and didn’t care, neither did I, I was pretty used to it by now. He did in fact pull me into his lap, rubbing my shoulders as he had done to Mikey earlier. I nodded and leaned into him. Jimmy was like my second brother, only more… Sexual. We always did stuff like this, anything to comfort each other because, beneath his frankly perverted exterior, Jimmy is actually a really caring guy. Ray sat on the bed too, looking at me with a small smile. For some reason, I had a slight feeling something went on downstairs when I was up here.
“Brendon and Pete are still making out, I swear they’re completely oblivious to anything but each other” Ray said with a laugh, trying to cheer me up, or at distract me from my confusion. I smiled, half laughing with him. Jimmy spread his legs out so I leaned up his chest and carried on rubbing my shoulders.
“Where’s Bryar and Pat?”
“They left to the cafeteria for dinner.” I could tell this conversation was awkward still; I just wanted to scream ‘WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!’ to them. There was a pause, Jimmy practically reading my mind as he soon said,
“We still don’t know what Mikey meant.” He paused again, mouthing something at Ray over my shoulder. Ray nodded and mouthed something back quickly.
“What?” I asked, annoyed by this secretive conversation. Jimmy and Ray both looked at each other, Jimmy’s grip on my shoulders tightening fractionally and his hands freezing. I shrugged them off, sighing a little as they quickly wrapped round my waist. Jimmy was a very intimate guy, it seemed like he couldn’t stand being away from people.
“You do know, don’t you” I said quietly.
“No no no!” They both said, a little too hastily for my liking. I looked at Jimmy and Jimmy looked needily at Ray, as if screaming for help.
“He… He said we couldn’t tell you, that, that you should ask him…” Ray mumbled, my head turning to face him.
“Yeah,” Jimmy continued, “He said it was none of our business, and he shouldn’t have said anything. He’s gone off to find Frank now and apologize.” I was still as fucking confused as earlier. I wasn’t going to ask Frank about it, there was no way on God earth he was likely to tell me seeing as he had stormed violently out the room at the mere thought of what it was. I looked down, feeling Jimmy press a comforting kiss to my hair. I looked back up and smiled, then getting up,
“I’m gonna go for a walk, think and stuff” with that, I walked downstairs and past the now half naked Brendon and fully naked Pete and out the door. All down the corridor I couldn’t stop thinking about earlier, replaying the conversation in my head.
’Owwww! You know I love you really’
‘I know’
‘So do I.’
‘You know I love you really’
‘I know’
‘So do I.’
‘I love you really’
‘I know’
‘So do I.’
‘Gerard, I love you.’
‘I know you do, Frankie,’
‘I also know you do.’

Fuck. That was not how it was said earlier. Was that how it was meant though? Frank always said he loved me, and I always returned it, but I never had Mikey say he knew. I had never had him say he knew Frankie loved me, which implied Frankie had told him something… Something about… How he feels?
Gerard, no. Don’t get your hopes up. He doesn’t feel the same.
You’re right… If he did he wouldn’t have left… Right?
If he was embarrassed…
About what?
Feeling the same
But, you just told me he didn’t!
Shut up, I’m your brain, I’m aloud to tell you anything.
I sat down on the floor outside my own dorm, hearing muffled voices through the wall. It sounded like… Like Frankie, and he was talking to Mikey.

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