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All I Wanted For Christmas Was...

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A memory, Frankies POV too! I marked that out, the next chapter will start on Gerards POV unless you read different :D Enjoy!

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“Look, it just slipped out!”
“How could something like that just slip out?” They were arguing, presumably about what was said earlier. My ear was pressed up the thin wall, desperate to hear anything of importance. I tried my best to hear what was said next, but it was too quiet so I figured they had moved away up to Mikey’s bed. I stayed there however, listening in annoyance and praying they’d come back. Sure enough, I heard a slight thump next to the wall after a while, implying someone or possibly both of them were sitting on Franks bed.
“I am sorry, like, really sorry.”
“It’s okay, I’m just worried now.”
“Why?” I pushed myself further against the wall if that was even possible.
“Did you see the look on Gerard’s face when you said that? He was like majorly shocked, I don’t blame him if he never wants to talk to me again.” That kind of hurt hearing that, why wouldn’t I want to talk to him? He’s so…
Save those thoughts and listen.
Fuck you. I sat there still, seeing it was getting dark. A group of first years rushed past, looking at me like I was some alien freak who randomly listened to other people’s conversations.
“This is my room you know,” I said, as if that made me sound any saner.
“Then why don’t you go inside?” One asked, smirking.
“Because I’m trying to listen to someth- Shhh!” They looked at each other, then at me and walking off. Great. Now they’ll spread it to the rest of the school about that boy in the red block who eavesdrops on other people’s chats. Bloody great. Oh well, I didn’t care.
“Why would he do that?”
“Mikey, it’s clear he doesn’t love me like I love him. Fuck, no wonder he’s not come back here, he’s probably sleeping over at Jimmy’s or something.” I wanted to rush in and shout ‘I’m here Frankie!’ at the top of my voice so much. He loved me. Just like I loved him. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t breathe. I was just so… Shocked. A huge smile met my lips as I continued to listen.
Nothing much relevant happened after, I just heard Mikey trying to convince Frank that I liked him too; despite he had absolutely no clue that I did. Frank, however, refused to believe him which nearly killed me. How could he not see it! Gradually, as the evening progressed into night, my eyelids began to droop and I felt myself tiring. I tried my best to stay awake and listen, but it felt like with every word my mind grew wearier and my thoughts grew cloudier and more unfocused. I kept opening and closing my eyes, each time closing them for a little while longer than the time before. I couldn’t go in there though, I had to hear the end of this. That’s if I could even stay awake. I closed my eyes fully, convincing myself I would stay awake to listen. As I leaned against the wall, slumping my body up the cold, white wallpaper, I felt sleep vastly overpowering me. My lips parted slightly as I slept and my hand, which was once resting against the wall, dropped to the floor. Within a few minutes, I was in a deep sleep and started to slowly slip from leaning up the wall to nearly laying on the floor, my head suddenly dropping on the hard wood with a thud.

Franks POV
“Mikey I think I l- Shit what was that?” Shit. What was that? It was kind of like a thump. Like something had fallen over outside. Mikey looked just as bewildered as me and we hopped down off my bed to go and look. I opened the door and gasped, turning round to Mikey.
“What is it? You look like you’ve seen a ghost dude,” Mikey giggled, then gasping himself when he looked out. There, we saw him. Curled up on the floor fast asleep, his thumb half hanging out of his slightly opened mouth. Gerard. He looked so… Beautiful, his hair tousled and draped softly over his gorgeous closed eyes.
“Shit!” Mikey whispered, making him stir a little and mumble something inaudible.
“Shut up” I whispered, “let him sleep.” I paused. We can’t leave him out here. “We can’t leave him out here, I’ll move him. Hold the door open.” Mikey did so and I carefully put one arm under Gerard’s back, the other hooking under his knees. I picked him up, taking my sleeping angel inside and putting him on his bed. I smiled, watching his mouth curve into a small smile and his thumb rejoin his mouth, slowly falling out again as he slept. I could watch him for hours, call me creepy but sometimes I did. If I ever woke up in the night, sometimes I’d sit by his bed just watching him sleep, watching him dream. The truth is… I’ve always felt like this about him. From the day we met three years ago I fell in love and never felt any different. Last year, I thought, I thought I could tell him how I felt. I got so close.
It was Christmas Eve, and the party was in our room. Everyone was kissing under various bits of mistletoe, those who weren’t using Mikey or Gerard’s bed to shag each other’s brains out. I had banned them from using my bed as another shag-arena as that was where I was sat, talking to Gerard. We were deep in conversation, the red fairy lights round my room making the environment unintentionally more romantic. Gerard’s eyes kept drifting to meet mine as we talked, ending up just babbling about mindless things. I could tell Gerard was tired; the guys were asleep (half with each other) by then, leaving just him and me awake. He looked around and laughed quietly, then looking back at me and taking my hand in his. We always held hands, don’t ask why, we just did. But there was something about this moment that just meant so much more than normal. My eyes locked with his and a smile played on my lips.
“It’s been really great tonight,” he said smoothly, smiling as well.
“Yeah,” I paused. “Gerard, I… Um… Can I er… say something?”
“Well um… I… I think I… I think I-”
“IT’S MIDNIGHT! TIME FOR A KISS PETEY!” I looked over at Brendon who was now awake and had just dived on Pete, waking him up and kissing him hard. I looked down and saw I had let go of Gerard’s hand, him looking slightly pissed off at Brendon, but casually shrugged it off as the others woke up. That was one of the best nights of my life, and one of the worst mornings ever.

Mikey snapped me harshly out of my thoughts by whispering something in my ear.
“How long do you think he was there for?” I turned to him. Shit, I had no fucking clue! What if he’d only been there a second? Yeah, he’d probably only been there a second.
Frankie. Be realistic. He was sleeping there. He’d obviously been there longer than one second.
Two seconds?
FUCK OFF! He can’t have been there the whole time, no! He would have heard- Fuck. He would have heard what I said. Oh fuck. I turned to Mikey, showing a look of panic.
“What if he’s been there the whole time?” I whispered worriedly. Mikey paused, saying nothing.
“Well… If he has, you’ll be having a really interesting conversation tomorrow morning.” Gee, that guy was helpful.

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