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There's Something In Dreams

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'With that, he plunged himself off the bridge into the water, leaving me screaming his name on the waters edge, the rain whipping me in the face' Ooooh.

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Franks POV
I woke up early that morning; Mikey had already left to Jimmy’s room, no surprise. It was Saturday and we didn’t have lessons so I questioned myself why I was awake so early. I looked across the room and Gerard was sleeping soundly, now vaguely under his cover, his hand half pushed through his hair which he kept moving every so often when it slipped. Pretty soon, he gave up and let it fall to the side, leaving his hair to lightly dust across his porcelain white skin. I wanted to stay there all day, but it hurt too much to watch my angel sleeping, only to have him wake up and resume his casual composure, oblivious to the fact I was absolutely crazy for him. As I watched him sleep, I saw his calm facial expression change slowly to a frown as he turned over repeatedly, as if in a nightmare.
“Fr…Frankie… FRANKIE!” He shouted, making me jump. I rushed over, putting a hand on his shoulder and gently waking him up, disregarding the fact I was topless.
“Gerard, Gee wake up, I’m here,” I said calmly, watching him open his eyes. He gasped, pulling me into a tight embrace. I gladly hugged him back, wondering what his terrible dream was about. “Are you okay?” It was times like these when I’d get in Gerard’s bed with him for comfort, he didn’t mind at all and looked at me as if inviting me in. I gave him a sympathetic smile and climbed in his bed next to him. Some people said best friends were never that close. I, on the other hand, feel you can go as far as you want with a best friend, and people who disagree frankly do not trust and must be afraid of said best friend. Gerard wrapped his arms round me as if for security, resting his head on my chest. I couldn’t help but smile, absentmindedly running my fingers through his hair as he breathed hysterically. “Shhh shhh shhh, it’s okay,” I whispered, feeling his grip tighten a little.

Gerard’s POV
Holy fuck, that was so fucking scary. I thought I’d lost him, I thought he was gone forever.
I walked down the lane on my way back to our boarding school, breaking into a slow run as the skies darkened, a light but somewhat miserable drizzle occurring. As the rain increased, I saw someone standing by the bridge, on the edge of the bridge. I walked closer, gasping as I saw who it was. Frankie, he was standing on the edge of the bridge, looking into the murky black waters below.
“Gerard, I love you!” He shouted into the stream. I ran up to him, grabbing him by the ankle, shaking his body almost senseless. He, however, paid no attention. It was as if he was in a trance and didn’t notice me. “I love you so much!” He shouted again.
“Frankie, I love you t-”
“But you don’t love me too!”
“What?! Yes I do! Frankie!” I yelled, desperate for him to notice.
“You never will, and I can’t take the pain any more. I’m sorry!” With that, he plunged himself off the bridge into the water, leaving me screaming his name on the waters edge, the rain whipping me in the face.

I cuddled closer to Frankie, feeling his fingers run soothingly through my hair. I could not lose him, I just couldn’t. I knew how he felt about me, if only he knew that just being here with him, having him comfort me was one of the best feelings I could ever know. I closed my eyes, my breathing calming. He didn’t stop running his hand through my hair, it was like he didn’t know he was doing it.
“That’s it, shhh, it’ll be fine, Gee,” he whispered, his angelic voice sending a slight chill down my spine. I smiled, my eyes still shut. I wanted to tell him, to say ‘I love you’ so badly. I couldn’t though, there was just something stopping me. What if I said it and find out he’s too shocked I do feel the same and freaks out? What if he doesn’t even want me feeling the same? What if it was just a five second thought he had about me, spilled it to Mikey and now feels completely different? Shit, what if he’s straight now?!
Gerard, get fucking real. Frankie? Straight?
True… We just lay there in silence, Frankie still stroking my hair gently and lulling me back to sleep. Sometimes I did accidentally fall asleep on him (and visa versa) if we needed comforting and were tired the night before.
When I did wake up, I was alone, a note placed on my side table.
Gee, it’s about 12 30 now, gone down for lunch, thought you needed the sleep so didn’t wake you. Love you. He always put ‘Love you’ at the end of everything to me, just as Jimmy did, but I knew this time he actually meant it. It was 12 36, I’d only just missed him. Running my hands quickly through my hair to make it look at least somewhat presentable and topping my eyes up with some of Mikey’s black KOHL liner, I quickly put a new pair of boxers, skinny jeans and a slightly baggy Iron Maiden tee before heading out in my converse down to the cafeteria. I grabbed the note, smiling at it and tearing off the last few words before shoving them in my pocket.

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