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"It was like he left just because he saw me." Beware, this chapter is a longun, but I think you'll like :D

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Franks POV.
“It was amazing, we just like lay there for ages,” I said to Mikey and Jimmy who now knew about my feelings for Gerard. I always told Jimmy and Gerard everything, but, seeing as this latest topic was in fact on Gerard, I had since taken to Mikey for advice.
“Dude, you should just tell him,” Jimmy said on Mikey’s lap. The rest of our group were all talking amongst themselves and call me contradicting but they’re guys, they’re hardly likely to notice our conversation when they have much more important things to talk about like-
“So did you use one finger or two?” I just heard that come from Bob at Ray. I rest my case.
“I want to, but he doesn’t feel the same.”
“Jesus Christ!” They both said, simultaneously which freaked me out a little as well as them.
“Dude,” Jimmy continued, Mikey having said his peace last night. “You’ll never know until you try will you?” I thought about this answer, wondering if to tell him or not. Suddenly, I gasped, my stomach knotting slightly. He was here. Fuck! I needed more time to think about this.
“Shit! I’m not telling him, I need to think. And don’t you even dare think about it.” I quickly got up with my tray and left, dumping my barely touched lunch in the bin.
“What a waste…” I heard a lecturing cook mumble. Just what I need. Some old crone guilt-tripping me about my food.
“Well if you don’t want to waste it so bad why don’t you eat it?!” I snapped, rushing out of the hall and leaving her open mouthed. I carried on running till I was out of the school to a spot in the grounds by a tree. I always came here to think and I lay down on the grass, my head covered by both hands. Fuck.

Gerard’s POV.
“Where’d Frankie go?” I asked. Huh. That was weird. He hadn’t even finished his lunch. It was like he left just because he saw me. I sat down in his place next to Jimmy and Mikey, slightly alarmed by the other guy’s conversation.
“Jesus, but her mouths tiny! I’d be surprised if she could even fit a glue stick in there, let alone your-”
“Pete, shut up!” Ray yelled and I laughed, them still unaware I was listening; they probably still thought I was Frankie. Jesus, I really have to stop this eavesdropping shit.
“Oh um… Frankie… Er, Mikey, you know where he went babes?”
“Um… Don’t think so… What about y-”
“Guys, just drop it. Where is he? I wanted to talk to him.”
“What about?” They asked urgently and at the same time, which was weird.
“None of your business.” That usually meant none of Mikey’s business; Jimmy scooted off his lap and sat next to me, as if waiting for me to tell him.
“None of yours either. Sorry babe” I said teasingly, kissing his cheek. Mikey pulled Jimmy back on his lap and they looked at me, trying to figure out what it was I wanted to say.
“Just tell me where he is?” I said with sad eyes that no-one could resist.
“We actually don’t know where he is. All he said to us was he needed to think.” I got up, that was all the information I needed. I knew exactly where Frankie would be. I quickly said thanks before grabbing a sandwich off the lunch counter and leaving. I didn’t eat the sandwich for I saw how Frank just ditched his lunch and figured he’d be pretty hungry. When I walked out of the school, I looked around. Just as I thought, he was there, leaning up the tree with his head in his hands. I walked over, sitting beside him.
“Peace offering?” I asked, handing him the sandwich. He looked up from his hands and almost had a heart attack from seeing me. I gave a warm smile and he returned it a little, taking the food.
“T-thanks,” he stuttered. “B-but, there’s no peace that needs to b-be m-made…” He drifted off into a mumble, looking away.
“I just thought you were mad at me or something… By the way you kinda ditched me at lunch… Are you okay?” I put a hand on his shoulder, him shrugging it off.
“D-don’t… It hurts too much.”
“What do you mean?”
“It hurts…” With that, he took a deeper breath and turned to face me, dropping the sandwich. “Like this morning, in your bed, that hurt too.”
“I don’t get you Frankie…” I looked him in the eyes, locking his perfect chocolate gaze with my own hazel orbs.
“Whenever I hug you, or am around you, or generally think about you, it hurts. A lot, Gerard, it hurts a lot.”
“But I haven’t d-”
“I know you haven’t done anything to me, I don’t think you ever will. That’s just it, you’re perfect.” Then it came flooding out. I sat there in slight awe as he spilled his heart to me. “I think about you all the time, every second we’re together I want to tell you so many things, like now, I want to say something so damn bad, but I know if I do it’ll end our friendship.” He put his head back in his hands and let me wrap my arms around him.
“Just say it, I won’t mind,” I whispered softly into his ear so only he could hear.
“Y-you will…” He choked, it then coming to me he was crying. I hugged him tighter, letting go eventually. He looked at me and let me dry his eyes, smiling a little but soon returning to slight panic and upset.
“I won’t, I promise.” I smiled again at him, holding his hand for comfort. He held mine back, letting my thumb lightly stroke the back of his.
“I… I love you,” he mumbled, looking at me with tears already in his eyes. “But you don’t feel the same, and I know you don’t, and I’ve just ruined everything now-” I pressed a finger gently on his lips.
“Shhh” I moved closer and looked deep into his eyes. I saw a tear roll down his cheek as he smiled a little. Gradually, we tilted our heads so we were only millimetres apart, my nose touching the side of his face. I took my hand away and placed it on the back of his neck, closing my eyes and whispering, “Who said I don’t?” My lips were resting lightly on his, his warm breath washing over mine and into my slightly parted mouth. I smiled, putting my other hand on his waist and kissing his lips softly. I broke after a second, seeing Frank open his eyes and smile, retaking my hand in his and letting me pull him on to his lap. I leaned up the tree, wrapping both arms round his waist as his cupped my face and pulled me in for another kiss, this one lasting much longer. It was mind-blowing, the way his warm lips worked gently and slowly against mine, creating a steady rhythm. My lips curved into a smile as we kissed, his tongue tracing that curve as I parted in order for him to gain access to meet my own tongue with his. The muscle trailed round my mouth, running over my teeth and finally my tongue, slowly locking and interlocking with it. His hands moved from my face to my hair, running through it and twirling strands of it round his fingers. I actually couldn’t think about anything, school, friends, whatever. All that was on my mind was Frankie sat in my lap, placing tender kisses to my pouting lips. He eventually pulled away, biting his lip a little and smiling.
“Wow.” He said, his lips glowing slightly scarlet.
“Wow indeed. Let’s go, yeah? It’s freezing.” I shivered slightly and Frankie got up off my lap, taking my hand and pulling me up to walk with him. We re-entered the school where the warmth suddenly hit me. As we got back up to our room, we realised we were alone. I shut the door and joined Frankie on his bed, lying next to him.
“Are we gonna tell the others?” I asked, stroking the side of his face gently.
“Well, remember? Everyone’s coming round in about…” He looked at the clock, seeing it was just past two. “God, not till ages, I think they'll have figured it out by the time they get here" He bit his lip and his lipring glinted in the light. I giggled and pulled him in for a passionate kiss.


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