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The long awaited meeting.

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Author's Note: Spring break = posting frenzy. Enjoy.

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TEN: homecoming


Stepping out of the terminal, I quickly spotted our chauffeur.

“Shut up, Pete,” Andy said, whacking me with his duffel bag. I guess a 5-hour flight sandwiched between a crying baby and an obnoxiously loud businessman can grumpify even the most zen of people.

Parker glanced up from the magazine he was flipping through and stood up.

We quickly made our way toward him

“How was tour?” he asked as we walked toward him.
“It was fucking amazing,” Patrick said. “But it’s good to be home.”

After being engulfed in the usual ‘welcome back’ hugs, we headed toward the luggage carousel and picked up the rest of our stuff. I grabbed a cart and we quickly wheeled the carry-ons through the airport.

Parker acted as our pack mule, loading everything into the trunk while we filed into the Navigator.

“Sure you don’t need any help?” Joe asked.
“Nah, I’m good,” he said, tossing the last of the bags into the back. With a smile, he rolled the cart back to the parking lot entrance, then hopped into the driver’s seat.

“You seem awfully chipper,” I commented as he started the car. “Did you meet someone while we were away?”
“As a matter of fact, I did,” he said smiling.
“Oooh, what’s her name?” Andy asked.
“And when do we get to meet the lucky lady?” Patrick inquired.
“Tonight,” he said, pulling out of the parking space. “She’s actually at the apartment right now.”

I turned on the CD player as he drove down the spiraling ramp. Kanye’s “Homecoming” coincidentally started pouring from the speakers.

Do you think about me now and then? Do you think about me now and then? ‘Cause I’m comin home again…

I smiled to myself as the concrete walls disappeared and the night sky came into view.

Damn. It felt good to be back.

Nine tour stories and fifty traffic-filled minutes later, we arrived at the apartment.

“Wait a sec,” I said, before he opened the door. “Does your girlfriend know that we’re coming over?”
“Yeah, I told her that I was gonna pick you up and we’d hang out here for a while.”
“Lemme rephrase that. Does she know that Fall Out Boy is coming over?”
“Yes, Pete. She knows,” he said, rolling his eyes.
“What about you know who?” I quietly asked.
“Not so sure about that, but I told Lacey to bring someone who wouldn’t go teenie at the sight of you.”

I chuckled at his comment, and he turned the doorknob.

“Honey, I’m home!” he announced, stepping inside.
“Hey,” a raven-haired girl said, greeting him with a hug.

“Lace, I’d like you to meet Patrick, Andy, Joe and Pete,” he said, hanging up his coat. “Guys, this is my girlfriend, Lacey.”

She offered us a shy smile and a quiet “Hi. Nice to meet you.”
“You must be the reason Parker’s all smiley,” I said, shaking her hand. “Thanks for taking care of him while we were on tour.”
“No problem,” she said, blushing.

We exchanged nods and handshakes, then took seats on the couch while Lacey walked over to the recliner.

“Where’s Juliet?” Parker asked, curling up next to her.
“Getting some soda from the fridge.”

As if on cue, a petite brunette emerged from the kitchen with a Coke in hand.

“Umm, hey,” she said, awkwardly frozen in place.

“Juliet, Patrick, Pete, Andy, Joe. Patrick, Pete, Andy, Joe, Juliet,” Parker said, quickly introducing us.


Realizing that we wouldn’t bite, she continued toward us and took a seat on the end, next to Patrick.


“…So which movie do you guys want watch now that you’re back in Chicago?” Parker asked, grabbing a slice of pizza.
“Why don’t we have the ladies choose?” I suggested.

Lacey looked over at Juliet. “I’m down for anything John Hughes.”
“Well, nothing says Chicago like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” Juliet said.
“Ferris it is.”

Parker got up and retrieved the DVD from a pile next to the television.
“Crap,” he said, realizing the case was empty. “I must’ve left it in my room…” With a sigh, he got up and headed toward his bedroom.

“Hey, Lace,” he called out a few minutes later, still in his room. “Is Andy eating anything?”
“Um, no,” she responded.
“That means I forgot to put out the vegan burritos. Could you grab those from the fridge and heat them up?”

With that, she disappeared into the kitchen.

The wheels were in motion.

“If we’re gonna watch a movie, we need popcorn, too,” I commented. “Andy, why don’t you help me find some.” Luckily he caught my drift and joined me on my search. Joe, on the other hand, missed his cue.

“He keeps the popcorn with the chips, right?” Andy asked, somewhat louder than usual.
“Chips? I like chips!” Joe said, getting up and following us.

This left Patrick and Juliet in the alone in the living room, just as planned.

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