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let's get it on

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"You're supposed to be getting your mack on!"

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Author's Note: I love spring break...

Tissamy: This chapter will reveal what happens when Juliet & Patrick are alone. It'll be good, I swear.

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Now for the epic saga...

ELEVEN: let’s get it on


Fifteen minutes had passed and there was no sign that anyone was going to come back to the living room.

While waiting, Juliet pulled her feet onto the couch and softly hummed.

“Let’s get it on?” I quietly asked, breaking the awkward almost-silence. She looked up and shot me a confused look. “Oh, sorry, that came out wrong,” I said, heat rising to my face. “What you were humming—”
“Oh. Yeah,” she said, realizing what I meant. “I was watching High Fidelity yesterday and it’s been stuck in my head ever since…”

I nodded as another uncomfortable silence crept over us.

“…Is it just me, or is everyone taking a ridiculously long time?” Juliet asked.

We continued sitting there, unsuccessfully avoiding each other’s eye contact.
God, this is awkward.

“…Umm, do you know where the bathroom is?” she quietly asked.
“Down the hallway, first door to the right.”

She offered me a timid smile before getting up. As soon as the door clicked shut, Pete came in and smacked the back of my head.

“What was that for?” I asked as he took a seat next to me.
“It’s been like 20 minutes and all you’ve managed to tell Juliet is the location of the bathroom.”
“What am I supposed to be doing?”
“You’re supposed to be getting your mack on!”

I rolled my eyes and shook my head.

“Don’t you think she’s hot?” he asked, grabbing a piece of pizza.
“I’m not blind, Pete.”
“Then what’s the hold up?”
“She’s out of my league.”
“Air aw no eegs,” he said, stuffing his mouth. I’m pretty sure that translated to ‘There are no leagues.’
“Yes there are. Juliet’s first string on the majors and I’m a bench player from some park district team.”
“First of all, you should leave the metaphors to me. Second, if there are any leagues, she probably thinks you’re out of hers. I mean, you’re Patrick Stump, the adorable and highly talented lead singer of Fall Out Boy.”

“So I think we should get Kanye for the remix.”

I was confused by his sudden change of topic, but realized that Juliet must’ve been coming back from the bathroom. Surely enough, she reemerged from the hallway and headed our way.

“Where’s the popcorn?” she asked, sitting down next to Pete.
“Popcorn?…Oh, popcorn. I couldn’t find any.”
“Wait, then where are Joe and Andy?”
“I don’t know,” he said, glancing at me. “Maybe I should go look for them…”

With that, he disappeared for the second time, leaving me with Juliet once again.

She chuckled as she grabbed a slice of pepperoni. “At this rate, we’ll finish the movie early next week.”
“Eh, I’m thinking more like a month.”

She smiled at my comment before taking a bite.

“Sorry it took me so long,” Parker said, disk in hand. “For some reason it was in the case with Boys Like Girls.”

As he placed it into the DVD player, Lacey and Andy walked in with a tray of burritos, followed by Joe and Pete who were fighting over a bag of hot cheetoes.

“Dude, I got them first!” Joe said.
“I dibsed them before you got them!” Pete said, holding onto the bag.
“You think you’re so smart, but you don’t even know how dibs works!”
“Yeah I do! I said ‘dibs on the hot chips’!”

“Are they always like this?” Juliet asked, leaning toward me.
“Pretty much, but we usually have it under control when we’re in public.”

Parker left for the kitchen, then reemerged with another bag of chips. “Fetch.”
Joe quickly let go of Pete and caught the other bag. “Thanks, dude!”
Before taking a seat next to Lacey, he dimmed the lights. Andy hit play and the movie began.


“You‘re still here? It‘s over… Go home…Go,” Ferris said, before retreating into his room.

Parker got up and flipped the lights on, triggering a group yawn.

“What time is it?” Juliet asked, rubbing her eyes.
“1 AM.”
“Crap. I have work today…”

“We should get going,” Lacey reluctantly said, getting up from the recliner.
“It was nice meeting you guys,” Juliet said, following Lacey’s lead.
“We should all hang out again soon,” Pete suggested, getting up and giving them each a hug.
“That’d be cool,” Lacey said before putting her coat on.

“I’ll walk you to your car,” Parker said, slipping on his hoody.

We exchanged goodbyes and waves, and they were out the door. As soon as they left, Pete handed me a piece of paper.

(773) 632-9693

“Why are you giving this to me?”
“Lacey told me to.”
“But Lacey’s with Parker,” I said, confused.
“Dude, it’s Juliet’s number.”
“So Lacey gave you Juliet’s number to give to me?”
“Why didn’t she just give it to me in the first place?”
“I dunno. Girls are complicated. But the bottom line is that you have her number.”

With a smile, I looked down at the small piece of paper and tucked it into my wallet.

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