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caught up

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He has her number. Now what will he do with it?

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Author's Note:
xsomethingamazingx: I think you'll like this chapter.

pigeon : Lol. I'm not sure what you meant by your review, lol, but I'll take it as a compliment.

Syn_INC: I need to find Jack Black's cover of "Let's Get It On" from when he was in High Fidelity.

Tissamy: Haha. When things get awkward, I start thrusting and making sexual advances on people. No lie. It honestly breaks the ice. But under no circumstances should you try this when adults or ex-boyfriends are present.

chocolatechortle22 : Glad you liked the complicated way Patrick got Juliet's number. I'm not gonna lie; girls are complicated.

somethingorother: Lmao. I'm pretty sure everyone and their mom went through an omg!-Pete-swoons phase. And if you didn't read it in my response, I am, in fact, a proud resident of Chicago. 773 love.

TWELVE: caught up


“So did Juliet have fun yesterday?” I asked, holding a phone to my face.
“Yeah, she said the guys were really nice and surprisingly down to earth.”
“That’s good. Anything about Patrick?”
“She said it was kind of awkward…”
“Does she like him?”
“I’m pretty sure she does. I mean, she started blushing when I mentioned him.”

I gave Pete the thumbs up as he walked around in the kitchen.

“What about Patrick?”
“According to Pete, he thinks she’s out of his league.”
“Hmm…” she said. “Is he gonna call anytime soon?”
“He‘s shy, but I’m guessing he will… Wait, does Juliet know that you gave him her number?”

“You gave who my number?” I heard in the background.

Reasons not to use speakerphone:
1) Other people can walk in on your conversations.

“Parker?” asked a female voice that didn’t belong to my girlfriend.
“Hey, Juliet,” I admitted.

“Lacey, I—”
“What? He likes you.”
“He said that?”
“No, Parker did.”
“Parker likes me?”
“No, Patrick likes you.”
“Parker said Patrick likes me?”

“Guys, I‘m still here,” I interrupted.
“Me too!” Pete yelled.

“Who was that?” Lacey asked.
“Wait are you on speakerphone too?”
“No, he just came up to the phone and screamed into it.”
“Oh, alright. Tell him I said hi.”

“She says hi,” I said, holding the receiver to my chest.
“No, Lacey.”
“Oh, tell her I said hi. Juliet, too.”

“Pete says hi to you and Juliet.”
“Cool, but let’s get back to the matter at hand.”
“In summary, you know Juliet likes Patrick because she blushes at his name. I know Patrick likes Juliet, because Pete said so, but he hasn’t called because he thinks she’s out of his league.”

“Wait, why does he think I’m out of his league?” Juliet quietly asked.
“He thinks you’re too pretty for him.”

“You can’t say that’s not adorable, Jules.”

“…Tell him that he’s the one out of my league… but if he’s really interested, he should call me.”

By the silence on the other side, I assumed that Juliet had walked into another room.

“…Damn, we’re good matchmakers,” Lacey spoke up.
“Cupid ain’t got nothin on us,” I chuckled.
She laughed. “Well, I’ve gotta go help Juliet with lunch. Call me if there are any updates.”
“Bye, Parker.”
“Bye, Lace.”

I placed the phone back on the receiver just as Patrick walked into the room, belting out Usher.

“…Got me feelin’ it. Caught up. And I don’t know what it is, but it seems she got me twisted.”


“…Soooo caught up. Got me feelin it. Caught up. I‘m losin control. This girl’s got a hold on me…”

“TRICK.” I said, waving my hands in the air.

“Oh, hey Parker,” he said, taking his headphones off.
“I think you should call Juliet.”
“Right now?”
“Well she said that you’re the one out of her league, but if you’re still interested, you should call.”
“But how did—”
“Pete mentioned—”

“Hey, she likes you,” he said, putting his hands up in defense.

He was about to say something, but grabbed his phone instead.

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