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Up Close and Personal

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I remember fucking highschool...a.k.a. TORTURE! Dani + Gee get closer

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NOTE: I am usually not a huge fan of the Gerard/Random chick from highschool stories(unless they're really good), and I didn't intend for this to be a MCR fanfic, it just ended up being a good outlet for me. I write a lot, but this is my first REAL fanficiton. I totally respect that Gerard is a grown man with a wife and a baby on the way, in fact, Lindsey is one of my role models. But the story ended up being the way it did. So, what I was trying to say, is that I don't want anyone to think I'm some deranged older fangirl. Because I'm not trying to be. :)

CHAPTER 6(like, omg!)!!!!!!

Dani sat through the first three periods of the day feeling more bored than usual. She didn't want to admit that it was because:

a)none of them were with Gerard

b)she had to wait until lunch to see him

c)she couldn't stop thinking about Gerard

She sighed and occasionally winced from the pain in her arm. I have to remember to schedule that doctor's appointment later, she reminded herself.

Dani tried to focus on the teacher's lesson in third period Geometry, but math was hard enough to concentrate on even when she didn't have anything on her mind. Only another half hour before lunch. She rested her head on the desk, her eyelids getting heavier by the second...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Meanwhile, Gerard was just as preoccupied as Dani, a few doors down the hallway. Why can't this lady just shut up? he found himself thinking. He tried, unsuccesfully, to send the teacher telepathic messages to end the lecture, but she kept rambling on about proper verb usage.

Gerard considered banging his head on the desk in frustration, boredom, or both, but instead he reached into his backpack and pulled out a piece of paper. He tapped his pencil on the desk for a few minutes and then started to sketch.

He was drawing Dani from memory, something he'd done a few times before. When he did his drawings this way, even if he was drawing real people, they looked like shit unless he did them his way-a cartoon.

Dani looked almost like a hard-edged version of Lois Lane with lighter hair when Gerard drew her like a comic book character. The biggest real difference was just the way Gerard drew, slightly dark and sinister. In this picture, she was smiling, but he couldn't draw her smile right. It always came out looking creepy and evil, not sweet the way he wanted it to. I suck at drawing nice, happy people, he thought, frowning.

He erased her smudged smile and started over just before the bell rang. He jumped slighty and then put away his stuff and headed out the door.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Dani was jerked away from her daydream when the bell signaling the end of third period echoed loudly in her ears.

Before she could walk out the door, Gerard was already standing there, obviously trying to look like he hadn't been waiting for her.

"Oh, hey! I didn't know you had Geometry third," he lied.

"Uh...yeah," Dani replied, always the conversationalist.

"" he asked awkwardly.


"We suck at making conversation," Gerard laughed.

Dani laughed uneasily with him. "Yep." She laughed louder when she realized she'd answered him again with one word.

When they walked into the cafeteria, both of them needed to buy a possibly lethal school lunch. They stepped into line together behind, of all people, a "like, emagosh!" valley girl. She seemed to be most concerned with the fact that the school lunch would make her gain weight.

"Eh my God, those hotdogs would make me like, so fat!" she squealed to the girl next to her.

"OMG, what are you talking about, you're like, so skinny!" the other girl replied eagerly.

Dani rolled her eyes and grabbed a tray and a slice of pizza. Gerard took the same.

The girls in front of them giggled and whispered about mindless gossip, and Dani turned to Gerard with an aggravated expression on her face. She made a gun with her fingers and held it up to her head in annoyance.

Gerard laughed and nodded. "Like, why is Beki's butt so big?" he whispered in her ear, trying to imitate the life-size Barbies chatting.

Dani first shivered from the feeling of his voice in her ear, and then laughed at the way he had impersonated them. She got an idea.

"Well, you know, it wouldn't kill you to lose some weight," she whispered in the first girl's ear while they both looked away.

"What did you just say to me?!?" Preppy # 1 yelled.

"Huh?" Preppy # 2 said, confused, smiling innocently.

"Ehmagod, you're the one who went to fat camp in seventh grade!" the first girl said loudly.

While all of that was going on, Dani and Gerard were laughing silently, so hard that it hurt their sides and they almost needed to roll around on the floor, or, as the two fighting girls would say 'ROTFL!'

The second girl snapped and yanked on the first girl's long blonde hair. "That's it, beotch!"

Dani and Gerard skipped ahead of them smoothly and grabbed some drinks and paid for their lunch, still snickering at what they had accomplished.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"I'm trying to get to know you, here. I only know you as Gerard Way, the guy who unsuccesfully tries to beat up football players, has an unholy email address, and enjoys imitating Barbielanders."

"Hmm...well, for starters, you can call me Gee...if you want to," Gerard said shyly.

"Ha! That's a funny nickname!" Dani grinned.

"Hey!" Gerard retorted, pretending to be hurt.

"Continue on...GeeGee poo!" she teased.

Ignoring the use of his nickname, Gerard said, "Well, I only know you as Dani, the tough chick who can kick some major ass, plays by her own rules, and seems to be very clumsy."

"Clumsy?" she repeated, confused.

"You fell off of your bike and did that much damage..." he stated.

"Oh! Yeah...right." Dani looked down at the table.

I knew it, Gerard thought. "You're also pretty...pretty, uh, smart, I guess since you're in Geometry." Stupid! You took Geometry in ninth grade, you idiot! Snap out of it, Gerard! he told himself.

"Um...I don't know...I'm in a dumb class..." Did he just almost say I was pretty? "So what about you?" she said, changing the subject.

Phew. "Um...I like art. My favorite color's black, my family's Italian, I like comics." And I like you.

"Really? What's your favorite? I love Watchmen, myself," she sighed.

Gerard eyes widened and he unconsciously leaned closer to her over the table. "Are you fucking around with me?"

"No, sorry Gee, not really in the mood to fuck you today," she said, smirking.

"I-I you know what I meant!" he said, trying to pull his mind back out of the gutter.

"Yeah, I do. Watchmen's my favorite comic. Of all time. Been reading it and re-reading it basically since I could read(remember-they are in school in '09!)."

"Me too!" You've found a keeper, Gerard. Gorgeous and has a love for not just comics, but Watchmen.

They spent the rest of their lunch period discussing everything from comics to how greasy the pizza was. Dani felt strange talking to someone that she actually enjoyed their company. Usually if anyone tried to talk to her, she cussed them out or ignored them. She avoided talking about family, home, or anything related to those.

Gerard found himself in a sort of trance by every little thing she did. He'd watched her from afar for a while, but being up close and personal was refreshing.

He barely even noticed when everyone started to file out of the cafeteria and then the pair ended up alone.

"Shit, we're gonna be late for class!" Dani interrupted his thoughts.

"Oh, you're right!" he agreed, walking with her to throw away his lunch.

Haha...Gerard found a girl with a love for Watchmen now he's gotta either kidnap her or something worse! jk...Anyway. So, my dears, do you like their new blossoming friendship? 'Cause I do! Please review if you want the next chapter, as per usual...
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