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There I Go

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Dani's dad comes home(again) and school the next day...R+R

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The YouTube link in the last chapter-apparently is 'no longer available...' IDK why though...maybe it's just me...LOL. BTW-first parts of this chapter-true story...just different names...feel free to comment on how incredibly fucked up it was...This story's pretty hard for me to write, but in a way, it really helps to let it all out.

CHAPTER 5!!!!!

"Useless piece of shit!" Issac Santos screamed into his daughter's face.

Dani didn't scream back, didn't fight. It was one of the things she was good at.

He shoved her against the wall and bent her arm behind her back painfully, to the point where it could be easily broken. She cried out and large sobs racked her body.

"Why are you crying? Do you need me to really give you somethng to cry about?" he sneered. "'Cause belive me, I can!"

He tightened his hold on her arm, and she heard a loud snap, and she couldn't help it, she kept crying. "Stop! Okay, I'm sorry, please, just stop! My arm's broken!"

Issac let go of her and stood back for a minute. "Guess it is. Get in the car. I'm taking you to the hospital. And if you so much as hint that it might be my fault, it'll be your word against mine. You were being careless and you fell off your bike, understood?"

Dani nodded and clutched her limp arm in her other hand.

He slapped her across the face. "Answer me correctly."

"Y-yes," she said.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"How exactly did this happen?" the friendly nurse asked Dani, who was sitting in a room in the E.R.

"F-fell off my bike. I was being stupid."

From behind the nurse, Issac nodded. "I had to carry her into the car. I was so worried, I'm just glad it was a simple fracture. It's a good thing she didn't need surgery or anything."

Dani nodded silently. He'd had to pull this card only once before. The 'concerned parent' act worked on most other normal adults. And most of the time he was careful enough not to beat her to the point where she did have to go to get medical attention.

"Well, yes, it is a good thing. And you got her here pretty quickly, which definetly helped," the elderly nurse said sweetly. She belived him just like everyone else. "Okay, now I'm going to wrap it up nice and tight in an Ace bandage for now, and you'll wear a sling, but you need to make an appointment with an orthopedic doctor to get it taken care of properly. This'll only take a few minutes," she continued.

The nurse started to wrap Dani's arm and Dani shuddered at the thought of going home again.

He'll probably be pissed at me for breaking my arm... she thought.

"I'm sorry, am I hurting you?" the nurse asked, breaking into Dani's worst scenerios.

"What? Oh, no, you're not hurting me," she answered.

The nurse shrugged cheerfully and continued wrapping Dani's arm until it was done and ready to put into a sling. "There you go!"

Yeah, there I go...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"I'll let you get some sleep now," Issac announced.

Dani's eyes widened. Really? "Uh...thanks."

His mannerisms changed abruptly. "But be ready for me tomorrow," he said, grinning twistedly.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Dani walked to school the next morning, scared shitless.

She looked like a wreck, her face still bruised and the swelling form her black eye just starting to go down, and a bulky arm in a sling. Concealer and eye liner hid most of the afflictions on her face, but the more violent ones were still visible.

Not to mention that she'd already told Gerard that she'd talk to him at school. And that scared her more than anything else.

She got to school and just as she'd expected, he was already there, standing alone in front, waiting for the doors to open. He smiled when he first saw her, but his face fell as soon as he looked at her properly.

"Oh my God," he mouthed. "What happened to you?" he asked quietly when she walked up next to him.

Her heart started beating faster, which she did her best to ignore. "Nothing."

He didn't want to say too much too soon and push her away again, but Gerard couldn't help hmself. "A black eye, a few bruises, and a fucked up arm is nothing?" he said sarcastically.

"Okay, well I...I fell off my bike," she finished lamely. Like he's gonna belive that.

Like I'm gonna belive that. He lowered his voice. "Dani...I know barely know me...but..."

"But what?" She raised an eyebrow.

You can tell me the truth, he thought. "But, uh, would you mind terribly if I sat with you at lunch today?"

"Yeah," she said, smirking.

"But...but...I-I thought maybe-" he stammered.

"Kidding! People do that Gerard, they make jokes!" she laughed.

He let out a sigh of relief. "Oh."

"Oh my gosh, I really had you going for a second there..." she trailed off. Why is this guy making me giggle like some generic preppy skank?

I can't belive she's making me get so worked up over simple stuff like that! "Friends?" Gerard proposed, sticking out his hand.

Dani hesitated. To most people, this was no big deal, but to her, it was. "Friends," she agreed, shaking his hand.

He held her hand for longer than necessary, and she didn't make any move to let go.

His hand is so big compared to mine, she thought aimlessly. Why am I enjoying this so much?

I'm liking this way more than I should be... Gerard thought weakly. But I sure as hell ain't letting so until she does.

Dani withdrew her hand almost shyly, another first for her.

The doors opened to let them go to their homeroom. "I guess I'll find you at lunch," Gerard said as they began to walk seperate directions.

"Sure," she replied. "See ya."

With those words, Gerard walked away feeling at ease. Why am I getting my way all of a sudden?

I think I had too much fun writing this chapter. The whole similar thought thing was pretty awesome, at least to me. Dani is letting her guard down, at least for now, and that's probably what most of you people reading this want. So there ya go.
I ate too much ice cream at the Dairy Queen. And it was a small dish and I only ate half, my friend ate the rest! But yet I feel pretty sick. Ugh. They totally poisoned my ice cream. xD
Anyhoo-REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW! Especially those of you that have been, because if you stopped, belive me, I would miss them. And anyone who hasn't reviewed definetly should!Cause ily!

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