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His Prisoner

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Rose wakes up in a not-so familiar house with not-so familiar people.

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From somewhere, probably outside, I heard birds singing. That sound might be preferable to someone who likes to wake up as Cinderella, but I don't. That sound irks me. But that wasn't why I snapped my eyes open and shot up.

Someone was jumping on my... bed?

"Oh, good. You're awake."

I blinked, rubbing my eyes, as I watched the raven-haired angel jump gracefully up and down by my feet. "Who... who are you?"

The angel smiled and stopped jumping, crawling up to sit beside me. "Frank. And, don't tell me, you're Rose, right?"

I nodded. I looked him over carefully, curiosity getting the better of me, before last nights memories came flooding back. I was livid. Pissed beyond recognition. Where the hell was my father?

I glared, sliding off the bed. "Where the hell is my father?!"

"Please," warned Frank, eyes wide. "Don't yell. I'll tell you if you promise not to yell, but please, keep quiet for now."

"Why?" my voice boomed in the room, echoing off the walls.

"Please... promise me."

I'm not sure what it was about his voice but I nodded, unable to say no to him. He sighed, climbing off the bed, and stretched before walking over to me. He was intimidating. He stood at nearly 5'11" while I stood at a measley 5'5". He easily towered over me.

"Rose," his voice was soothing, like velvet. "I can tell you where you're father is. But you don't have to worry. He's in good hands... for now. He wandered in here last night, a few hours before you did, actually--"

"Where is he?"

"--and he seemed tired, so Gerard said we could keep him for the night."

It was easy to see he was avoiding my questions about my father. That only made my stomach drop further. I knew it was going to be bad... dead or nearly there. Something to make him avoid the subject.

I bit my lip, the wet feeling returning to my eyes. "Where is he? Please."

He struggled. "I'm not supposed to let you out of the room."


"Quiet. Remember?" he said, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Gerard doesn't want you to find out but--"

Gerard? Who the fuck was Gerard? And where the hell was my father?

"Who's Gerard?" I demanded.

He laughed, rubbing his neck. "He's sort of... our Master. He calls the shots, basically."

"Take me to him."

"What?" he blinked, taken off guard.

"I said, take me to him. If you won't tell me then I'll ask him."

He stood there, motionless, watching my face. Apparently he was playing statue by himself, so I would have to go find him alone. I turned, heading for the door, when a hand shot out and grabbed the collar of my dress, yanking me back.

"No." he growled. "You can't do that, Rose. I was told to keep you in this room, so that's what I'm doing."

"Then go get him, Frank!" I yelled.

Boom! Somewhere on the other side of my prison door a very loud crash sounded. Almost like a door was being torn off it's hinges and thrown threw a window. The look on Frank's face told me this wasn't a good sign.

"Well, there you go." he mumbled. "I told you to be quiet."

I don't know what was louder: my heartbeat or the booming footsteps that were quickly making their way towards the door. Frank shook his head, edging ever-so-subtly into a corner of the room, as far away from me as possible. Or... was he backing away from the door?

"Frank? What are--"

I was cut off by something gripping my throat. A strong and forceful hand was clamped tightly around my neck, lifting my feet off the floor, and backing me into a wall. I couldn't breathe. No air would enter my lungs.

"Why is there noise coming from this room?! I thought I ordered you to be quiet!" a voice, calm as rain, hissed in my ear.

I was relieved when it let me go, willing me to stand on my own feet, but flinched as the same hand shoved me into a wall, banging my head roughly.

I flinched. "I'm sorry--"



Silence filled the room, aside from my heavy breathing, and nothing could be heard from anywhere else in the mansion. I took the chance to glance at him then. I was more shocked than I was scared at the moment.
Stunning wouldn't even describe him correctly. His eyes were a deep hazel and his hair was as dark as pitch, framing his round face perfectly. My mouth wouldn't close. He stared at me intently, his face scrunching up evey now and then, almost as if he were frustrated.

He spoke to Frank, his eyes never leaving mine. "Leave us."

Frank scrambled to his feet and was out the door quickly. Inhumanly fast.

"Where is my father?" I whispered, not letting my voice go higher than that.

He was silent for a moment, still staring into my eyes, before he spoke. "In the dungeon."

I didn't care anymore. I didn't care if he could break me with one hand. I didn't care if they were a cult set out to destroy humanity. I needed to find my father.
I ran to the door, pushing it open roughly, and ran out, leaving Gerard to chase after me. I was only three feet out the door before he caught me.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"To get my father--"

"No! He came in here willingly. Just like you did. He's mine."


"No! He's my prisoner."

Begging wasn't going to work. He was set on keeping him and my hands were tied. So, I did the only rational thing I could think of.

Anything to save my father. "Take me, instead."

He stepped back, watching my face, and narrowed his eyes. "You... you would give up your freedom to save your fathers?"

"Wouldn't you?"

He was hesitant, glancing down to my feet every second to make sure I was serious and wouldn't run away. I'd keep this promise. My father was more important than anything. Even me.

"Your father's free." he announced. "But you are mine."
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