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She Started It

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The mornings after are always the roughest.

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"No! Go away, Frank!"


"I said, no!"

"--Gerard requests that you join him for dinner."

I leaned up against the door, grinding my teeth together. "How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not going to dinner with him."

"Rose," Frank sighed. "He specifically asked that I bring you."

"No, Frank. Leave me alone."

It was quiet for a few seconds, leading me to believe that he was gone, so I played it safe and returned to sitting on the huge bed. It took only a couple minutes until the banging on the door started back up again.

I walked towards the door and yanked it open, fed up with Frank for the day. "Frank, I told you I--"

"You're not coming to dinner?"


"I thought I asked you to come to dinner?"

My heel caught on the back of my leg, making me stumble a bit. "And I'm saying no."

Gerard rolled his eyes, gritting his teeth, and wrapped his fingers around the doorframe. "Come to dinner, Rose."


"Rose," Gerard growled. "Get downstairs and--"

"No!" I shoved his shoulder, pushing him out of the way, and slammed the door. Right in his face.

I could hear them whispering out in the hall. Well, not exactly whispering... more like talking very loudly.


'What? She's the one being difficult, Frank, you heard her.'



'Ask nicely.'


A quick rasp at the door took my attention away from their conversation. I edged closer, pulling the door back slowly, only enough to reveal my face. "Yes?"

Gerard's mouth was a tight line and his eyes were narrowed. "Rose. I would be very honored if you accompanied me for dinner."

It wasn't him, honestly. I just wasn't hungry. And, maybe, I was still mad. "No."


"No, thank you." I closed the door again.

'Frank! Did you hear what she said?!'

'Be a little nicer, Gerard. She's had a rough night.'

'I was nice! She's the one being a bitch.'

'I'm just saying that you should watch your temper.'

'Fine. You know what? If she doesn't eat with me, she doesn't eat at all.'

Gerard's footsteps took off down the hall, leaving Frank alone outside my door.

"Rose?" Frank peeked his head in, smiling slightly. "He really is trying."

"I'm not hungry."

Frank nodded. "Alright."

Now I really wish I'd taken him up on that offer. Three hours later and my stomach wouldn't stop eating itself. I was starving.
I hadn't heard anything outside in a while so maybe it was safe to go out. Quietly, I tip-toed over to the door and twisted the door knob, pulling it open, only to get the shit scared out of me. I screamed. Loud.


I shook my head, watching the frizzy, messy haired man in my doorway. "Who are you? Please tell me there aren't more of you people running around here."

"About two more, actually." he laughed, stepping closer to me. "I'm Ray."


"Rose. Yeah, I know." He pulled a muffin out from behind his back, twirling it on his fingertips. "Hungry?"

I smiled and reached out to take it. "You didn't poison this or anything, did you?"

He shook his head. "I'd probably be dead if I tried."


"Don't worry about it." He grinned at me, revealing two rows of extremely sharp teeth, and held out an arm. "D'you wanna have some fun?"

"Doing what?"

He laughed, pulling me out of the room. "Mansion Wars."

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