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001. it's like a spiffy frat house

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Zoe gets her dream marketing job working for Decaydance but when she lives in the record label's house there is nothing but endless drama.

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“You sure you’re okay with this? I mean, its not like living with me, its like living in the temp house for a record label! There’s no walking around in skanky PJs and there’s having to share a bathroom with messy boys!” My roommate Nick said helping load my bags into my piece of crap car.

“Well you are a boy and you aren’t messy, maybe they’ll have the cleanliness gene!” I joked as I slammed the trunk shut, “Plus, Jarod told me that most of the time the house is empty. And I am not driving more than hours to work everyday, plus I’m sure Cynthia is ready to take the next step and move in with you – I don’t want to be the one to rain on your love parade.”

Nick said nothing but let out a deep sigh as he hugged me, “Don’t do anything stupid Zoe, if you die I have to go through and find a new best friend and it was hard enough finding you,” he said and kissed me on the forehead. Nick and I had been friends since before we were born, our mothers had been best friends since they were kids and even though their plans was for us to get married he was the brother I never had and I was the sister he actually got along with.

“I’ll call you when I get there,” I said with a grin, “Love ya Nick!” I said as I climbed into my truck – a beat up Chevy Silverado 1500 that my father had given me when I left South Carolina to move to Wisconsin for school. Now the truck would have to make the trip to Chicago to go to my new home.


I pulled up to what looked like a frat house in the middle of nowhere right outside of Chicago. It wasn’t trashy, not in the least. It was a bright white building with loads of windows and a huge separate garage. I parked my truck in the regular driveway and noticed no other cars were around – I had this huge place all to myself. I walked in with my bags and was astonished by the inside. Immediately on my right was a huge living room with a gigantic plasma screen television, large couches, a pool table, ping-pong table, air hockey table, and even foosball. On my left was what I assumed was a bar counter, and peering behind I noticed I was right as it was fully stocked with every type of alcohol imaginable. I walked past the bar into the fully stocked huge kitchen – from the outside it just looked like a huge frat house but inside it was like a hotel.

Next to the kitchen was a dining area that looked rarely used. On the table there was a huge packet and I sat down. In black permanent marker “ZOE” was written on the first page so I flipped it open.

“Welcome to Decaydance Records Zoe!

We are so glad to have you as a member of our marketing and promotions team, your reputation is amazing and your resume is perfect. Inside this packet you’ll find information about each member of every band signed to the label. Make use of it and familiarize yourself with your new clients. Also in the packet is the major rules of living in the house, very basic rules like don’t go into the other band members rooms without permission and such. You have obviously explored the first floor but there are four floors to this house so it’ll take some getting used to but I’m sure you’ll be fine. The second and third floors are bedrooms each has a name tag on the door so you know who is where but there is also five guest rooms on the third floor if they are needed. Your bedroom is on the second floor at the very end it used to be a guest room.

Also included is a list of dates that the house will definitely be occupied but be prepared for people to drop in all times of any day sometimes the band members can be quite unpredictable.

If you have any questions gimmie a call, you know the number.


Marketing Executive of Decaydance”

I pulled the envelope that was attached to the packet and it said “OPEN ME” so I did and out fell a set of master keys, a company credit card that had a post it that said “GROCERIES/GAS/ETC – not for personal shopping”, and a blackberry cell phone and manual.

I grabbed all of the new stuff and my bags and headed up the stairs to the second floor and wandered around slightly lost – it was a big circle not a straight hallway. “What did he mean at the end! It’s a circle!” I cursed a little and finally stumbled upon my room that had a plain white sign that read “ZOE”. I pushed open the door and realized that compared to the rest of the house, my room was kind of small.

I shrugged it off and threw my bags onto my twin sized bed and found I had no bathroom. “Well shiznit!” I said mimicking Nick, “on another hunt I go….”


The next morning I woke up and stared at the ceiling wondering exactly what I had gotten myself into. I walked over to my window and looked down at the pool and Jacuzzi below my window and smiled, I would have a fun day today.

I threw on my bikini, very happy that it was June and I could wear it and not freeze to death. I pretty much made myself well acquainted with the house the night before, discovering that the guest rooms were all the same size and assumed all rooms were and that the fourth floor was made of meeting rooms and a recording studio. Very snazzy.

I didn’t have many rules to follow other than I was to have my phone on me at all times and answer every call on it, luckily Nick had had the same phone so I pretty much knew how to use the fancy smart phone.

I made my way out to the pool and laid the phone and my towel down on the table next to the grill and dove head first into the pool.
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