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002. who are you again?

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Zoe runs into her first band members, Joe & Patrick.

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“Dude, why don’t we come here more often, this place kicks our house’s butt!!” Joe said as he and Patrick burst through the front door.

“Because we share this place with other people, and most of them do not enjoy you walking around in your underwear all day.” Patrick said tossing his hat onto the counter, “I can barely tolerate it.”

“Point taken,” Joe countered and quickly jumped onto the couch and turned on the Xbox 360, guitar hero three popping up onto the screen.

Grabbing a bottle of water from the kitchen Patrick noticed some dirty dishes in the sink, “I wonder who else is home, did you recognize that truck outside?”

“Huh?” Joe asked, intensely watching the screen, his fingers quickly reacting to the game, “Uh no I didn’t but it seemed kinda trashy, I don’t know of anyone who drives such a crappy car,”

Looking outside Patrick noticed a towel and a phone and he decided to investigate. Looking around he saw no one until he noticed a head break through the water of the pool.


I let out a deep sigh as I surfaced and wiped the water from my eyes and pushed my long blonde hair back from my face. I felt calm, serene, and less stressed than I had since graduating from school.

“Hello there,” I heard a voice call from by the pool. I strained my eyes to make out the details but between the chlorine and not having my contacts in everything was just a blur.

“Hey,” I said in response to the blob and I forced myself out of my watery sanctuary and smiled as I slipped the towel around my body and slipped on my glasses. I hadn’t put in my contacts because I wasn’t expecting company. When I looked at who I was addressing I had to do a double take. “Patrick Stump,” I said quickly, reaching my hand out.

As he shook my hand he smiled, “And you would be?”

“Oh sorry,” I said blushing, “I’m Zoe Peterson, the new marketing director for the upcoming tours,”

“Well nice to meet you Zoe, but if you don’t mind me asking what are you doing at the house?”
Dropping his hand I tightened the towel around me and gave a weak smile, “Well I graduated school in Wisconsin and I had been living there with a friend of mine and when I was hired the label said I could live here so I wouldn’t have to find a new apartment and could start immediately, I hope that isn’t a problem.”

“No, its not,” Patrick said with a grin, “They never fill me in on these things so I was just curious,” he joked, “Though I should ward you now, some of us are gonna be in town for a little so we’ll be at the house.”

“Oh that’s no problem, that’s why its here. Who else is here now?” I asked noticing the television was on through the window.

“Just me and Joe for now but Pete, Andy, Gabe, Beckett, Vicky T, Travis, and some others will be around later.”

“Wow. That’s a lot of people,” I said slipping on my sandals and letting out a sigh.

“Well you’ll get used to it. Hopefully.”
I was going to say something when a very energetic person burst outside “PATRICK!!!” the guy yelled, “I TOTALLY JUST BEAT MY ALL TIME RECORD!!”

“Great Joe,” Patrick said and then laughed a little, “Joe this is Zoe, she’s living here. She’s from the label.”

“Oh.” Joe said and pretended to fix his crazy hair, “Well I’m Joe, nice to meet you,”

“Guitar Hero?” I asked as I shook his hand, “I’ll have to play you sometime.”

“Joe’s the best, no ones ever beat him,” Patrick stated and Joe popped his collar.

“Well he’s never played me,” I said as a challenge and grinned at Joe.

“I accept!!!!” he announced, “tonight we shall battle. Winner gets the title of winner!”

I only nodded my head and Joe ran back inside, already back at the television playing more guitar hero. Nick was the same way but I beat him all the time.

I snatched up my phone and Patrick and I walked inside and I gave him a smile, “thanks for the warning by the way, I guess I should do something for dinner then…right?”

“You cook?” Patrick asked as we entered the kitchen and I got a glass of tap water.

“Of course I do,” I said sipping at the cool water, “How else do I eat?”

“Well we always just do take out or something…. I think we tried to grill once but Brendon almost burned the place down. No one’s tried to cook since.”

“Well that’s ending. I’ll do a BBQ tonight. I just need to go to the store to pick some stuff up. I’m gonna go get dressed but if you want anything let me know and I’ll pick it up.”
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