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003. is it right or wrong?

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Zoe goes for a midnight swim and ends up pinned between a wall and Pete.

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I was only gone an hour but when I returned there were at least five extra cars in the parking lot and I only prayed that I had bought enough food to feed them all. As soon as my rusty old truck pulled into the driveway Patrick, Joe, and who I recognized at Pete Wentz came through the front door. “Hey!” Joe called out, “Need some help?”

“Yeah thanks,” I replied and shut off the truck, “Just get it all into the kitchen and I’ll deal with it.

The house was busy, not really packed, but busy. I recognized all the faces from either seeing them on MTV or from my welcome packet Jarod had left for me the day before. Gabe and Ryland were facing off in guitar hero and Vicky T and Brendon and Ryan were playing pool. Travis and Beckett were chatting and a few other people were around just hanging out.

“FOOD!” Pete announced as the four of us came in and dropped everything onto the kitchen counters. I followed behind them and smiled as I was greeted by random people while I unpacked the food.

“Need some help?” A voice asked and I turned to see Brendon Urie.

“From what I hear you don’t have such a good track record,” I said jokingly.

“Who told you that? Joe? Patrick?” Brendon asked defensively, “Anyways, doesn’t matter, this time someone knows how to work the grill and I don’t have to figure it out myself!”

“Fine. But the first sign of a fire you turn it off, I don’t want to go apartment hunting.”

“Done deal!”

A few minutes later I had Brendon working the grill out by the pool as I threw together some random plates of chips and dips and salsas and I managed to whip together some salads for those non-carnivorous types.

“So congrats on the first non-takeout meal here in months!” I heard a melodic voice say behind me as everyone else went outside to eat.

When I turned I saw Pete, “Well thanks,” I said with a grin, pushing my glasses up. I felt so self conscious – I hated those damn glasses. Pete just continued to smile and I had nothing witty to say so I remained silent.

Pete was about to say something when Joe popped his head in from outside, “Pete get your ass out here! We’ve got a burger with your name on it!” Pete gave me one last smile and walked away.


That night after everyone had either crashed or gone out or whatever they do after midnight I changed out of my PJs and back into my bikini for a midnight swim. I grabbed my towel and my phone and made the trip down to the pool, trying hard not to cause any noise. I made my way out onto the patio and was pleasantly surprised at how well the boys cleaned up. “And only one near fire related incident” I joked to myself as I tossed my sandals, towel, and phone onto the chair.

Not thinking twice I dove into the pool and while I was under I felt the serene state I had been in before return. I let my body float to the surface and I spun to float on my back – staring at the night sky I had never felt more peaceful.

Lost in my thoughts I didn’t even hear someone else enter the pool until when I opened my eyes and saw Pete staring down at me, “A little late for a swim isn’t it?”

“Never to late,” I said as I stopped floating and stood in the shallow end of the pool, “Shouldn’t you be busy writing song, partying, or sleeping?”

“Shouldn’t you be working on how to market my tour?” he countered.

“Touche,” I said with a grin. I couldn’t help but stare at him as he stood before me in his board shorts. He wasn’t much taller than me but he definitely had a good couple of inches on me. I also couldn’t help but notice the two beers he held in his hands.

“You are twenty one aren’t you?” He asked holding the bottle in front of me.

“Twenty three, thanks” I said grabbing the beer and taking a sip, I was never a big drinker but I did enjoy the occasional drink now and then.

I walked past him to put my drink on the ledge of the pool and when I turned he was facing me and for a second I thought I saw mixed emotions flash before his eyes but a second later whatever I thought I saw was gone. He reached past me and put his drink on the ledge as well and our arms brushed and I could feel the electricity between us.

He continued to move closer to me until “DING DING DING DING”.

“Whats that?” He asked and I could see my phone lighting up.

“I really have to get that,” I said thankful for the distraction. Looking at the call number it was Nick. “Hello?” I greeted my friend over the phone as I walked back to the pool, sitting next to the drinks I dangled my legs into the water.

“Shouldn’t you be asleep Miss Marketing girl?” Nick said, slurring his words.

“Shit Nick…are you drunk?” I asked, concerned. Nick was never fun when he got drunk. He was unnecessarily jealous and paranoid and a bit of an ass.

“What if I am, you are all the way in Chicago missy!!”

“Look, I’m kinda busy, I’ll call you tomorrow…”

“Whatever, love ya!”

“Love you to Nick, night” I said and shut off the phone, sliding it on the granite ground back to the chair. I grabbed my drink and took another rather large sip and put it down, realizing Pete was in front of me in the water watching me.

“Who was that?” He asked, his chest brushing up against my knees.

“Nick, a friend from home. My best friend,” I said slowly, trying to keep my breathing steady. I didn’t like getting close to guys physically it was something that made people to vulnerable for my liking. Nick was the only person who understood because he actually listened to what I had to say and instead of pushing me to date guys he was fine with me not dating. In fact he pretty much encouraged it unless you count when he tried to fix me up with his ex roommate. Disaster.

“Not your boyfriend?” Pete asked slowly with a wicked grin on his lips.

“No, not my boyfriend,” I replied, unsure of where I wanted this to go. Pete was making it obvious that something could happen, there was an undeniable spark between the two of us but he was Pete Wentz, the owner of the label that employed me and in turn one of my clients. It would be unprofessional.

“Well then,” he said with a smile and grabbed my feet and gently pulled me into the water with him, “I wont feel bad about this,”

“Wha-“ I began to say but my mouth was silenced by his. His hands slipped around my waist and he pulled me against him, pinning me between him and the wall. Panicked I put my hands on his chest and slowly pushed him away, “I cant do this,” I said quickly but I made no move to leave.

“Why not?” he asked and nibbled my ear.

“I’m sorry I cant do this,” I said pushing him away and getting out of the pool. I wrapped my towel around me and grabbed my sandals and phone and headed back up to my room.
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