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004. five a.m. pancakes

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Zoe gets her first business five in the morning..

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The next morning I woke up to a call on my phone. Switching on the light I noticed the time, “Five?! Are you kidding me?” I asked and grabbed the loudly ringing device and hit the receive button, “Zoe Peterson,” I said trying to sound awake and cheerful.

“Sorry to wake you Miss Peterson but something’s come up,” the voice (who I immediately recognized as Jarod’s) said darkly. My stomach began to churn, was I going to be fired for turning down the boss? Why hadn’t I thought of that last night? “You and the boys of Fall Out Boy are going to need to come in to the office today, please bring the company car in the garage so you can all fit. It’s not a big deal we just need to start to nail down details of the tour because some of the sponsors are getting antsy.”

I sighed a breath of relief, “Sure, no problem,” I said relaxed, “What time do you need us there?”

“Well that’s the thing… I kinda need you guys here in the next two hours. So get the boys up and ready and out here!” And with that he hung up.

“He makes them sound like they're my children,” I murmured to myself and pushed myself off of the very comfortable bed. I looked a mess in my tank top and shorts so I threw on a hoodie and glasses and looked around to find everyone’s rooms.

Three doors from mine I saw a door marked “JOE” with caution tape and other hazard-esque signs decorating the door. I knocked and heard a mumbled ‘Come in’ from the other side. The room was very unorganized, music and video games scattered everywhere – it was like Nick’s.
“Wake up sleeping beauty,” I called to him, “The label needs me to take you guys in to the office soon, get ready and I’ll make breakfast,” I used breakfast hoping to get him out of bed faster, it worked.

“Pancakes?” He asked rubbing sleep from his eyes, “Pancakes would be great!”

“Pancakes it is,” I said with a smile, “now get ready.”

Leaving Joe’s room I wandered down a little more and woke Andy and Patrick the same way – promising pancakes in return for their cooperation. I finally went up to the third floor where I found Pete’s room. I took in a deep breath and knocked on the door, expecting another mumbled ‘yeahhhh’ I was surprised to hear a very crisp and awake, “Come in." Slowly I opened the door and saw that Pete was sitting at a desk, writing in a notebook. As soon as I set foot in he shut the notebook and turned, “Yes?”

“Jarod called and we need to go see him, kinda soon actually so….”

“Alright,” he said and turned back to his desk.

“Alright,” I whispered and stepped out of his room, closing the door quietly behind me as not to wake whoever was still asleep.

I made my way back to my room and heard Andy and Joe fighting over one of the showers. I locked myself in my room and enjoyed the silence as I searched for my professional clothes. While they could probably get away with their PJs I was not so lucky. I slipped on some black pants and a crisp white collard shirt and a black vest and admired how professional I looked in the mirror. I picked out my favorite black work heels and stepped into them, gaining a good couple of inches of height. I brushed my hair and pulled it back into a pony tail and quickly put on some make up to cover up the dark circles of sleep deprivation below my eyes.

After getting dressed in record time I cursed myself for forgetting to turn on the coffee maker as I began to make pancakes, as promised. One by one the guys came down to the luring smell of syrup and buttery goodness and the intoxicating smell of bacon. All of them, now clean, still looked as if they rolled out of bed but in a more styled way, except for Pete who looked as if he just stepped out of a magazine. Joe, Patrick, and Andy dominated the quick breakfast conversation as Pete and I sat in silence, not even daring to look at each other.

By the time we finished breakfast the coffee was finally ready and I filled my thermos with coffee and grabbed the keys from the shelf in the garage (which I had not even noticed before) and the five of us gathered in the Escalade Hybrid – a beast of a car to drive. Patrick sat up front with me, Joe and Andy played some video game in the second row, and Pete laid down with his iPod in the third row.

“Look whatever happened he’ll get over it,” Patrick said once we were on the road.

“What?” I asked, caught off guard.

“With Pete,” Patrick said, glancing back to his best friend who was out of sight, “Whatever happened or didn’t happen with you guys don’t worry about it.”

And while that was a little bit comforting I couldn’t help but glance in my rear view mirror and feel my heart beat race when I managed to catch Pete’s glance. What had I gotten into?
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