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005. middle of nowhere

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*Language Warning* Pete and Zoe have to go on a car ride but it turns angry.

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Three lost wanderings and two donuts later I received a call on my phone from Jarod, “Hey so I sent the boys back to the house with a driver but you and Pete need to go to the designers and work on the campaign for the tour. He said he’ll meet you at the car.”

“Alright,” I managed to mutter. “How far away will we be going?”

“Only about an hour or so.”

“Is that with traffic?” I asked concerned. I doubted I could spend an hour in a car with Pete, let alone another coming back.

“No traffic, it’s just far. I doubt you will even run into anymore than a handful of cars. Is this a problem?” Jarod asked, obviously annoyed.

“N-n-o, of course not,” I stuttered, “I’ll be right out in a moment.”

Making my way down to the garage I saw Pete leaning against the car, his arms crossed. It looked as if he was just as excited for this road trip as I was, not. “Wanna unlock the car?”
I reached for my keys in my purse and unlocked the car and made my way to the driver’s side in silence, this was not going to be a fun car ride. I plugged in the address Jarod gave me and we went on our way. To my surprise Pete sat in the front passenger seat and didn’t have his iPod in his ears.

We drove out of the city listening to music and not speaking until Pete spoke, “You do know where we’re going right?” he asked harshly. In response I simply tapped on the GPS, “Alright,” he said and continued to look out the window at the vast field.

We had been driving in the fields for what felt like hours but in reality it had only been half an hour. The music was beginning to give me a headache so I turned it down. Pete shot me a glance and turned the music up a little. I let out a frustrated sigh, you could cut the tension with a knife. Finally, I reached over and pressed mute. “Look, this is ridiculous, we’re two adults.” Pete said nothing in return but turned the music back on. Clenching my teeth to resist the urge to say something I may have regretted I once again muted the music, “You are acting like a child. Didn’t you pay attention in kindergarten? Use your words.”

Pete just stared at me and even through his sunglasses I could tell it was not a happy one. I doubted anyone spoke to him like that, ever. He had gotten used to his rock star life of getting everything he wanted and people admiring him constantly or trying to get his approval. I watched his jaw tighten as he flipped the music back on, turning it louder.

“Fucking ridiculous,” I muttered to myself. Most of the time I was well contained, non-impulsive, safe. I was always professional and never in a thousand years would I have been able to fathom what I did next; I pulled the car over in the middle of the empty field and turned off the engine.

“What the hell!” Pete yelled when I took out the keys from the ignition.

“If you’re going to act like a child then I’m going to treat you how my father treated me. We will sit here on the side of the road until you start acting like an adult.”

“Excuse me? Do you have any idea how important this meeting is?!” Pete exclaimed sliding off his shades and placing them on the dashboard. He was not very happy but the stubborn side of me knew I couldn’t back down.

“You heard me. Now, tell me,” I said in my most serious voice, “what the hell is your problem?”

“I don’t have a problem,” Pete said crossing his arms, “I’m not the one that’s going to lose their job because they decided to pull over in the middle of fucking no where and miss a goddamned meeting!!”

I knew what I was risking but I was just like my father, stubborn and strongly opinionated. “Look, I just want us to be professional here, okay? I’m sorry you have a bruised ego but you have to learn about people’s personal spaces and professionalism. So get the fuck over it and grow up!”

Pete said nothing but just stared at me. His face was an odd mix of respect and shock. “You work for me, you do not speak to me that way,” He said slowly, “I suggest you put the keys back in the car and we go to the meeting before one of us says or does something we shouldn’t. Okay?”

I looked at my watch, I knew this little war with Pete wasn’t worth losing my job but I didn’t want to back down. “Fine.” I said, hoping he got the message. I quickly snapped my seatbelt back in and started the engine. We rode in silence for the next half an hour until we finally made it to the meeting.
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