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006. nightmares

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Zoe gets the opportunity of a lifetime - to bad it involves living with the boys in a closed off tour bus....

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Authors Note: I apologize for the hiatus of all my stories – finals sucked butt. Anyways, now summer is underway I decided to go through and do some updates. Here’s chapter 6 of Of All The Gin Joints…


They left the next morning. All of them. It was weird around the house after the boys had gone and I resumed my normal routine - spending more and more time at the office each day to try and make a name for myself in the marketing industry. I began to work right under Jarod on new promotions and advertisements while another team worked directly with the bands to pick dates. A couple of weeks into my new job and after the whole incident with Pete I began to get close with one of the guys on the team that was working on the tour – Kevin. Kevin and I were the link between the advertising group and the tour managers so that meant many long nights together in the office. Soon after we began working solely with each other we started dating though most people had already assumed we were.

On my two month anniversary since moving to Chicago Kevin and I were working one night finalizing the details when Jarod burst into the office. “Done yet?” He asked, “It’s nearly midnight and the bus leaves at Noon. Twelve hours!!” He said panicked.

“We should be fine Jarod,” Kevin said looking down at all of the unfinished papers, “Should….” He repeated softly, chewing on his pencap.

“Where you at?” He asked, apparently Jarod stressed out easily for tours.

“We’ve got the first half mapped and planned to the T but once we hit Florida we are stuck. There’s been some complications but as long as we’ve got Internet me and Zoe can get this done before we hit the Sunshine State.”

Jarod stood silent for a second, “I really don’t want to do this but,” he said with a sigh, “If it would help I can spare Zoe from the office and she can tag on the tour for a little but when you guys finish it out she’s gotta get back here, we’ve got plenty of work for her to do.”

I tried to contain my smile, going on tour and spending all that time with Kevin? How could I not be excited? Until I remembered who was going on tour. Kevin knew everything and he was okay, though he thought Pete was an asshole. I nodded my head and looked over at Kevin, “That would be great, Jarod. I promise to have her back safe and soon,” he said with a grin, looking at me.

“You better actually get work done you lovebirds, don’t make me regret sending you two together,” Jarod joked and snatched a bottle of water from the desk, “Go home Zoe. Pack what you need, you’re limited to two duffle bags. Food is provided so don’t bother.”

“Thank you!” I said a little to excited and immediately caught myself, “You wont regret this
Jarod. Thank you so much.”


“I’ve missed you” a voice called from the shadows as I stared at the moonlit sky.

I turned to see who it was but I knew the voice – a familiar melodic voice that made my heart melt whenever I heard it, “I’ve missed you too.” I said getting up and walking over to the shadowed figure, “I’m sorry…about everything. It was all so silly.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him.

We stepped into the moonlight and I was shocked by the face staring down at me…….


“Nooo!” I managed to yell as I yawned. I realized I had been having a nightmare and woke up to a worried Kevin standing over me. I gave him a smile and brushed the hair from my face and glanced at the clock,“Five am? Really?”

“You made the schedule,” Kevin said laughing a little. He sat down on the bed and held out a steaming cup of coffee, “For you.”

“Oh you know how to treat a woman,” I said with a grin and sipped the hot cup of heaven in my hands. “Be down in five minutes,” I said forcing myself to stand I gave Kevin a quick kiss for the coffee and ushered him out of the room.

I had done all my packing and managed to grab a couple of hours of sleep before crashing from exhaustion. I slipped on the outfit I had picked out – a pair of skinny jeans and a plain black t-shirt and professional green jacket – and grabbed my purse and headed down stairs.

“Sweetie you got everything?” I called as I tried not to fall down stairs in my heels, before I could get a response I was hit with the aroma of homemade pancakes, eggs, and bacon, “oh god Kev – that smells delicious!”

“Why thanks,” I heard a voice call from downstairs and when I had safely managed to not die I was shocked to see none other than Patrick Stump cooking me breakfast. I had no idea what to say – I was so excited to see Patrick. I dropped my bag onto the counter and ran over and gave him a hug, “Well that’s a great greeting,” he joked.

“What in the hell are you doing here?!” I asked sat down on one of the many barstools I had the company invest in for the house. “I mean, its five in the morning!”

“Technically five thirty five,” Patrick said with a grin on his face, “but seriously, I’m here to grab some stuff and I got an email that you were coming so I figured if you and Kevin had to be up at five I should at least come to entertain you.”

“Aww thanks,” I said sipping the last of the coffee Kevin had brought me, “Speaking of Kevin…..” I asked looking around, “where is loverboy?”

“Mister Honey-buns is packing up the car. The three of us are going to go get the bus from the label in about an hour and pack up everyone else. We’ll be on the road by noon.”

I laughed and the three of us enjoyed a wonderful breakfast of light joking and nice conversation. I had begun to think that everything was going to be okay, little did I know what would happen after we got the tour bus…..
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