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Truth or Dare anyone?

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Sleepovers with someone you barely know may turn to disaster. This is what I fear with Bob Bryar coming to this one. Sure, I'll get along with him, but Ray may not be so forgiving. I belive to recall Ray ready to rip off Bob's head with the sandwhich incident. And Gerard is quite outspoken on his opinioins of people. And Frank is just weird. I can't lie either. The thought of Bob being around when I'm sleeping scares me just a bit. I hope I see morning. After school I meet up with Bob and give him directionds to my house, and my cell number just in case he gets lost. He nods and runs to catch his bus. I ride with Ray, in his car, home. He already has his cloths and other Sleepover material at my house. We arrive before Gerard and Frank because they went to pick up the pizza. We go inside and my mom smiles at us.
"Hello boys. You guys ready for the Partay?"
I roll my eyes "Mom. You are too old to say that."
"Whatever Michael... So, what are you guys gonna do?"
I shrug "Stuff."
"More specifically? If I'm going to be gone until Sunday, I'd like to know what is going to happen."
"Nothing really we'll eat, watch movies, smoke some pot- I mean really mom, do you not trust us?"
"I trust you and Ray. But not with Gerard and Frank."
I try not to laugh "It will all be fine mom, just chill."
She nods "Fine."
Ray and I go upstairs.
"So, how again did you convince your mother to leave?"
I grin "Got my aunt to call her saying she wanted her to visit."
He grins too and high-fives me.

The doorbell rings. I know it isn't Gee and Frank because why would they politely enter a home? I open the door and see a very nervous looking Bob. He has a Walmart bag with cloths and his backpack. Maybe he has homework? I give him a kind smile and let him in.
"Hey Bob, So my directions didn't confuse you?"
He smiles back "Nope."
"Awesome, you can bring your stuff up to my room, if you like."
He smiles "Who's all here."
"Right now, Ray and I. Gerard and Frank should be back with the cheese pizza."
He nods "Um...were they...ok with me coming?"
I nod "I'll admit, a bit shocked at first, but yeah they were cool with it."
Bob and I walk upstairs.
Ray looks up at Bob without a word. Bob bites his lip. I can tell that part of Ray wants to kill Bob. NOt a good sign. Bob ltakes in a deep breath.
"Ray, I'm so sorry about the sandwhich thing. It was so stupid of me and...It wont happen again... I don't expect you to be cool with me now but..."
"Really?" he walks toward him with a look that says DANGER.
"Because Bob..." he says in a cold tone "You're wrong."
He grins and pulls Bob into a hug. Bob smiles and hsg back.
I frown. It isn't that I'm not glad that they're ok now, because I am. But something is bothering me. I bite my lip and begin to picture myself in Ray's arms. An odd smile spreads across my face. ANd my stomach turns. Ray waves his hands infront of my face.
"Miiiikey.... Mikeeeeey. Earth to Michael James Wa-ay!"
I blink and look into Ray's eyes. I smile.
"You just like...zoned out..."
"Ohyeahsorry." I mumble quickly.
The door opens and Gerard and Frank walk in.
"Pizza's downstairs...Hi Bryar.", Gerard looks at Bob sitting on my bed.
Bob looks down sheepishly "Hey..."
Frank runs over to Bob with a mischevious grin.
I bite my lip, knowing this is going to be a disaster.
Frank bends down infront of Bob and looks up at him.
"Hello. I'm Frank. Do you remember that kid that you beat up over accidenlty falling and crushing your lunch? Yes. That was me. Why did you do that?"
He sighs "I... You...I-"
"Frank stop it."
"NO, I really want to know. That hurt. Alot."
Bob frowns "I realy don't know...I do remember it though...It was terrible...If it helps at all I hurt myself worse afterwards..."
He sighs and raises his sleeve revealing many recent and deep cuts. He pulls his sleeve back down and frowns.
"I-I know its stupid but I-"
Gerard begins to laugh "You cut?"
Bob looks as if he's about to cry.
Gerard raises his sleeve and show him the scars "I'm recovering!"
Frank nods "I used to..."
Ray bites his lip and mumbles "I do..."
Then everyone looks at me.
I can't lie, becase Gee knows.
"I have...I ended up in the hospital over it for a while..."
Ray hugs me. I suddenly feel a lot better. I press my face against his warm, soft chest. Ray only hugs tighter. Gee, Frank and Bob raise their eyebrows. We pull apart, clearing our throats.
He smiles. It warms my heart. I feel my stomach get butterflies again.
My eyes widen and I have a panic atack.
I'm in love with Ray Toro.

We watch The Nightmare Before Christmas while eating chocolate chip cookies. My favorite.
My mother finally decides to leave after an embarassing goodbye and giving Gerard and I a nasty kiss on the cheek. We wipe off her lipstick as Frank, Ray, and Bob laugh. After she finnally leaves Gerard and Frank announce that it is time to have "Real Fun". I'll admit, I'm a bit afraid of what that means for them.
"Truth or dare time!"
I roll my eyes "Isn't that like a Elementary game?"
Gerard grins "Why Mikey? Ya chicken?"
I sigh "NO Gerard Arther Way I am not. I just think its stupid."
He shrugs "Don't play if you're afraid..."
"Afraid of what?"
He grins "Since you're so confident, you can go first. Wait, rules. You have to pick either truth or dare. Don't do the dare or tell the truth, then you have to....makeout with a stranger."
I roll my eyes "Whatever."
"Truth or Dare Mikey?" Gerard grins.
I shrug "Truth."
He frowns "Lame...ok. Why did you and Alicia break up?"
I frown. Alicia was my girlfriend 5 months ago. We were dating for two years. When she broke up with me it was hard. And her reasoning was cruel.
"You picked truth Mikes... answer or makeout with a stranger."
I sigh and mumble "Because she didn't think we'd ever have sex, because she thought I was gay."
Gerard covers his mouth, laughing loudly. I think his eyes are watering. Ray and Bob don't laugh.
I roll my eyes "I get to ask now, right?"
Gee nods.
"Frank. Truth or dare."
"It was you that took my popsickle, wasn't it?"
He laughs "Yup."
He chuckles.
"Alright, Bob truth or dare?"
"Yay you're braver than me. And stupider...I dare you to...take Mikey's glasses."
"No you beter not!"
Bob snatches my glasses and hands them back.
"There ya go."
Bob looks over at Ray "Truth or dare?"
"Are you really gay? I mean, I've heard it from people..."
Ray looks down and nods.
"Ok, that's cool."
Ray smiles "OK... Gerard Truth or dare?"
"I dare you to..." he grins "Kiss seomeone in this room."
Gerard blushes.
I grin "Or a complete stranger."
"I um.." he wakls over to Frank and kisses his lips.
Frank kisses back. Ray laughs.
"Dude, this is a truth question for everyone..."Bob grins "Other than what just happened, Have any of you kissed another guy?"
Ray nods "Gay, duh."
Gerard blushes again and nods.
Frank does too.
I shake my head "No."
"Has Bob?" Ray asks.
Bob nods "Yeah..."
"Awe how cute only Mikey's never kissed a guy."
"I have to be honest bro... I think you're gay."
I blush "What? I'm not."
"If you say so..."
"I do say so, because I'm not."
Am I? I do seem to be attracted to Ray...
I blush.
Gerard shrugs.
"Michael James Way, I dare you to kiss, no makeout with someone in ths room." Frankie grins.
I feel myself blush even more.
"Awe c'mon... it's that or somebody you don't know..."
"Um... f-fine...but who?"
"You pick..."
I look over at Ray.
I can't then I'll just want it again. And I can't do that to myself. I can't.
Ray gives me a what seems to be hopefull look.
I sit beside him, on my bed "Uh... can I..."
He shrugs "Sure."
I smile "Thanks..."
He nods.
I sigh and press my lips against his. He kisses back with equal pressure. His right hand cups my cheek and he licks my bottom lip. I open my mouth just enough for his tounge. His warm tounge explores the inside of my mouth. I try not to enjoy this too much but its just difficult. He's an amazing kisser. Now it's my turn to take charge. I put my tounge into his mouth and makesure I taste every inch of his mouth. He lets out a moan and his arms wrap around my waist. I push him back. We lay down, making out. I'm stradling his waist. I hear a whistle. We jump apart, blushing furiously. I enjoyed that, a bit much. I forgot that we had an audience. I run to the bathroom to relieve myself.

When I return to the room I feel everyone's gaze. I sit beside Ray and lean onto his shoulder. He rakes his fingers through my hair. Frank looks over at Gerard.
Gerard looks over at him "Yes?"
"Will you...go out with me...?"
Gerard's eyes widen "Seriously? FUCK YES!"
Frank squeals and kisses Gerard's lips.
I look at my cell to see what time it is. It's 1:30am.
I yawn. Ray kisses the top of my head. I blush. I'm not exactly sure what this is. I don't know if he feels the same way about me, but our friendship is definately different now.
We lay down beside eachother. He pushes my bangs out of my face. I smile at him. He smiels back. Hiswram smile melts my heart. He kisses my cheek.
"I have to tell you something..." he whispers.
"Ok, what?"
"I'm sexually and emotionally attracted to one of my friends."
He nods "Yeah... Wanna know who?"
He smiles and leans closer "It's you..."
I blush and smile. I pull him into a hug and kiss his cheek.
"I feel the same about you too..."
He smiles "SO what now?"
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