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Chapter 1

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Bobs half sister is forced to move on the My Chem bus but all is not good in the way family, Gerards on a downward spiral and Mikeys freaking everyone out. What good are two broken hearts?

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I handed over my passport to the man behind the desk and scrambled around in my hand luggage to find my mobile, the mobile that did not seem to want to stop ringing. “HELLOOOO?!?!?”, a deep voice shouted down the little phone, “Hi, I'm here, who is it?” I answered, not quite shore of the callers identity. “UMM, ITS BOB, YOUR BROTHER!” I had to hold the phone away from my ear to keep my hearing as the deep voice boomed down the other line. “Bob, it's okay, there's no need to shout. Is something wrong?” I waited for him to answer, and could swear I heard other voices in the background mumbling something about traffic. “It's okay there's nothing wrong, I was just going to remind you that I'm going to meet you at arrivals.”
“I know Bob you told me that yesterday remember? Calm down, every thing's going fine, my plane's on time and I'm just about to go through security so I need you to hang up, okay?” I reassured him, struggling to carry my backpack, hand luggage and to wheel my over large wheely case while holding the phone to my ear. “Plane on time, going through security. Everything's fine.” I heard him murmuring to himself, or perhaps relaying everything to his friends. “Bob, I really have to go, the security guy's eyeing me. I'll see you soon,Okay? Bye.” I hung up the phone and slid it into the tray I was handed and removed my belt then reluctantly took off my necklace. Once I was all clear I walked through arrivals and down to my departure lounge, I sat reading my old kerrang issue until my flight was called. I stumbled down the terminal and onto the plane, I handed the flight attendant my ticket and walked to the back of the plane where I collapsed into a seat next to an old couple,who sat reading identical newspapers. I pulled my battered Ipod headphones up from my pocket and slid them into my ears. 15 minutes later we were off the ground and England was out of my life.

Getting off the plane I realised how hot it was in LA, I pulled my Black Parade hoodie off and slung it through my rucksack straps. Here I was, my new life just beginning. I slipped my ray bans out of my pocket and put them over my eyes to shade them from the unexpectedly bright sunlight. Yay! Immigration, in my view, the worst part of travelling, the way some of the officers stared at you, it was like you were a bloody serial killer or something. After grabbing my bags from the luggage belt I found my way through to arrivals.

There were people everywhere. People hugging, kissing, families holding each other while they sobbed and tears flowed from their eyes. Airports always made me happy, people meeting their loved ones, people who hadn't seen each others in years -loved ones, friends- all here to meet. I searched the crowd, trying to find Bob, strangers faces looked back at me, searching for their loved ones, some were successful in the hunt, others were like me, and kept searching the que that had now formed. I reached for my mobile phone and searched through my contacts for my brothers number, I found it and pressed call. Dial Tone. Dial Tone. Dial Tone. Come on Bob, pick up! It continued to call until I finally heard my Brothers now familiarly gruff voice answer. “Kat? Kat is that you? Where are you? I cant find you?” he sounded panicked and his eager tone only panicked me more. “I'm in arrivals. Where are you?” I asked, still searching the crowd, I pulled my sunglasses off my face and pushed my hair back from my eyes. “Were over at the end of the line. Keep walking and we'll try and find you. Can you see us yet?”
“No, there are too many people.” Suddenly, I backed into someone, someone, who, when he turned to face me, dropped the phone from his ear and wrapped me in his bear like arms. I felt warmth in my hair, and knew my brother was crying, I couldn't help it, my eyes began to water, I stopped, pulled myself together, and pulled out of Bob's grasp. I looked around at the men surrounding us and felt the blood rush to my cheeks and knew I would be as red as a prize winning tomato. I knew these men. I'd loved each one ever since I bought my first My chem album, then my second, then my third. I owed them all so much, every time I'd cried, Gerard's voice and the band had been dragging me up, making me stand taller, making me stronger in everything I faced. Now the guys all looked down on me, all but one smiling, laughing at Bob's weakness, his tears, his family. Gerard's face was cold, I turned to him and smiled, his grimace lightening slightly so he could return my smile, though with not as much effort as I. Beside him, Frank kept bouncing. Up and down, up and down. I could see it was driving Bob mad and Ray and Mikey burst into fits of giggles and snorts. Bob eyed them and both stopped short. I turned now to Frank, who closed the short space between us and wrapped his arms around me tightly. “ Hi I'm Frank, I cant believe your finally here!” “Hey Frank, its good to meet you too.”
“Ray! Did you hear that, she's pleased to meet me!” Frank was hyper, completely and utterly hyper. “Frank, I have ears, of course I heard her. Hey Kat, it's good to meet you kid, I'm Ray and this is Mikey.” “I know who you are, I love your music.” I really was star struck. When Bob is your brother you kinda expect to meet the others, but this completely blew my mind. I was going to be living with these guys, Bob was going to be looking after me, so these guys were now a part of my life. It was kinda weird. “Bob, Can we get out of here please, there are too many people.” I asked, wanting to remove myself from this difficult situation, I still didn't know why Gerard was acting the way he was and it confused me, I'd always been a really good reader, peoples faces were like open books, usually I could tell of a person just by looking in their eyes, but Gerard's face was completely closed to me, like he didn't want to me to see his thoughts or feelings. “Come on Kid, we'll get you to the car.” Bob said as he put his arm around me, we walked towards the exit and the guys followed somewhere behind. When we were nearly to the large glass doors I felt someone eyes fiercely piercing my back, I turned and saw Gerard, slightly apart form the others and closer to me and Bob, staring intently into my eyes, I turned away, embarrassed that he'd caught me watching him, watching me. Bob pulled slightly at my shoulders and gently led me towards the large car park. We walked until wee found a large Volkswagen eurovan, black as night, parked all the way out into the back of the car park. All the way to the van, Ray,Mikey and Frank had been muttering away, while Gerard had been walking silently as if in a trance, his now longer black hair surrounding his cherub shaped face. Bob and I's journey had been silent, but a different sort of silence to that of Gerard's death march. As Bob unlocked the van and slid my bags into the boot, the guys clambered into the back, Gerard like a gliding bat. I slid into the passenger seat and pulled my seatbelt over me while in the seat beside me, Bob checked all the mirrors were in the correct position.
“You okay, Hun?” Bob asked me.
“Just kinda tired.” I replied staring out the side window, Gerard sat in the seat behind me.
As Bob pulled out the car park, the clouds above became grey and raindrops pelted against the roof and sides of the van, like bullets ricocheting the killing wall.
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