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Chapter 2

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Bob drew the van to halt. The journey had been quite with only Mikey and Franks arguing mutters filling the car with the occasional quote from Ray. The rain continued to pattern the landscape and as Bob stopped the engine I was beginning to wish I'd kept my hoodie with me, but Bob had put it into the boot with my other luggage. Great. I was going to get drenched.

Gerard's POV

I was glad the journey was quite, no one tried to talk to me, they knew what kind of mood i was in, but the girl occasionally glanced into the back of the van, past where Ray and I were sat to look at Frank and Mikey squabbling over who got the first go on the X-Box when we got back. I caught her eye the twice but last time she did this and her eyes shone as if they were searching my eyes for any truth. I knew she would find none though I still turned away and looked out the window. I hated LA when it was like this. It was supposed to be sunny and everyone here was supposed to be happy, but when it rained everyones spirits darkened, everyone apart from perhaps Frank, he was always so bloody hyper, even without the large amounts of coffee he had drunk this morning as his nerves had set in. He enjoyed meeting new people but this was different. She was different. None of us really knew why she was here. Bob said it was so he could spend some time with her, but he'd never really mentioned any english relatives before so an english sister had shocked us all. Bob had never looked me in the eye when he had spoken about her, so i knew there was some other reason for her sudden appearance in our lives.
“Bob, Where are we?” She asked in the front passenger seat.
“Were at the hotel.” Ray answered. “Were not getting on the bus till the day after tommorow, we've had a couple of day's off and tomorow's our last for a while so were going to make the most of it.”
“Yeh, were going to take you sight seeing.” Bob finally said. “ Maybe get you anything your going to need, you know, anything you havent already got. Your going to get bored, living on a bus with a load of slobby old guys.” Bob said turning to his young sister.
“It's okay, i know you guys are busy. I wont get bored. Dont worry about me.” She said and turned once again to face us in the rear.
“Well we'd better get inside, I'll get your bags. Ray can you help please?” bob aksed as he exited the vehicle, Ray close behind. Mikey and Frank escaped out the side door, leaving us sat in silence. “Well, here goes.” she mumbled leaping from her seat and out the door, she ran out onto the sidewalk and went to stand under the hotel canopy. I followed her slowly at half the speed and with half the spirit she had, but unlike her i continued inside the hotel and went to the nearest lift. When the doors opened, I entered the lift and pressed the number for my floor. We were all staying on one floor so it was easy to move from one to the others rooms without getting caught up with unexpected fans. When the lift doors opened i got out from the lift and trailed along the corridor to room 213. I reached for my wallet, pulled out the card key and unlocked the door. I stepped inside the room, shut the door, collapsed into the coach and wept like a baby.

Kat's POV

“What the hell? Whats wrong with him?” I asked Ray after Gerard sped past me into the hotel. The others ascended the front steps carrying various pieces of my luggage all looking rather similar to rats dunked in water. “He's just....Tired.” Ray finally resolved putting his arm around my shoulder as he carried my backpack in his other hand, and he stowed me towards the lifts inside the hotel lobby. It was large. Large and rather tacky. Gold leaf adorned the place, it was everywhere and I'd never seen so much red and cream velvet in my life. The others followed behind us slowly and reached us as a lift finally returned to the ground floor. Once we were all inside and the elevator music started to play, Ray pressed the large button with a guilt number 2 upon it and relaxed. I began to shiver, my t-shirt was soaked and i was freezing. Luckily the doors of the lift opened and we all exited the lift quickly. We all staggered along the hall, freezing and the guys carrying my heavy bags, until we reached what i pressumed would be my room. “Your next to me,” Bob told me as he placed the card key into the slot and pressed down the door handle. “If you need anything knock, okay.” “Fine, but what if your not there?” I asked placing several of my large bags onto the sofa. “Well Gerards next door in 213 so hes closest, if not im in 228, Mikey in 232 and Frank in 234.” Ray said as he handed me my backpack and kissed me on the forehead. “See you later kiddo.” he said as he left, Frank and Mikey nodded and followed. Bob handed me the door key, hugged me and left wordlessly. I was finally alone in 211.
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