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Chapter 3

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The small suite was kinda bland compared to the lobby downstairs but was more to my taste. I grabbed the remote and switched the telly on, flicking through a couple of channels until I landed on E!
Celebrity news filled the air while I unpacked some of my stuff onto the bed in the separate bedroom and filled the en-suite vanity with my make-up and shampoos. I'd packed enough for my stay so hoped that Bob wouldn't buy me much tomorrow as it would only mean more to carry around with me.
I heard a door slam and muted the TV. Somebody was walking around in the corridor outside and I went to peek hole in the door to investigate. The corridor was dark but I could hear someone walking backwards and forwards on the rough carpet still. Someone grunted and it sounded like a man, my hand instantaneously flew to make sure the chain was on the door.
Breathing slowly I opened the door a few inches, trying to see a little better. Whoever was in the corridor stopped and turned to face the door. Gerard's face stared back at me. A little shocked I stumbled back into my room a little further and the door slammed shut.
I sat on the ground were id fell staring at the wooden panel in front of me, I heard another door slam and knew it was Gerard next door. I sat thinking. Why the hell would anyone want to be waking around in a dark corridor in front of a hotel room door? Some bloody freak he was. The way he looked at me earlier and now this, well he was definitely not my favourite person in the world.
My phone bleeped on the coffee table, the familiar text bleep sounding and the little light flashing.

We thought it would be good to go out for dinner,
I'll come and get you if you want?
Text me back bob x x

Dinner? Would be Gerard be there? I didn't really want to see him again after the little incident in the hallway. I could live without food for one night couldn't I? As if on queue my stomach rumbled loudly and I heard a knock on the door. I walked the short distance form the table to the door and opened it gingerly. Bob stood, his jacket slung over his shoulder casually,in the doorway. “You coming then?” he asked. Still a little shocked about earlier , I couldn't find the words to say yes so simply nodded. I stood aside and Bob came through into the room shortly followed by Ray and Frank. “I've just got to get a jacket, Back in a minute.” I stumbled into the bedroom and fell onto the bed. I couldn't do this, I'd been here about 4 hours and I'd already made an enemy. I thought this would be easy, but I could not have been any more wrong if I'd tried. “Kat, are you aright?” Bob asked from behind the closed door. I got up form the bed and took my jacket from where I'd placed it on the door hook. I pulled gently on the door handle and saw Bob looking worried outside. “I'm fine, will you please stop worrying about me. I'm not here to be babysat.” I said angrily, Bob's babying was beginning to get on my nerves. Bob looked like he'd been slapped around the face with a heavy pan. “Sorry, didn't mean to be angry. I'm fine. You don't need to keep asking if I'm okay. I can look after myself.”
“That's not what Mum said.”
“You don't need to say anything about her. She's not part of my life any more.” I turned to face my brother, tears pulsing at my eyes.
“Lets go.” Ray muttered on the other side of the room, I had forgotten the other's were here. Like Bob I was embarrassed that they had just witnesses our little quarrel. “Yeh, lets go.” “Wait where are Mikey and Gerard? Aren't they coming with us?” The guys exchanged worried glances and Ray answered my questioned first, “They're just talking, we'll go knock for them in a minute but Gerard wasn't feeling too well.”
“Oh, Okay then.” I said, how could Gerard be unwell if i'd seen him in the corridor earlier surrley if he was ill he would be in bed.
The guys filled out of the door, i followed and shut the door behind me while they went to knock on the neighbouring door. It opened and and Gerard was gently pushed out of his suite by his younger brother. “Get off me,” he mumbled, “I'm not a kid, You know?” Mikey pulled his hand away and Gerard slipped his jacket onto his shoulder's. His frown and stagger was childlike, he was acting like a spoilt brat. The lift journey to the lobby wasn't fun, 6 of us stuffed into an average size lift, one of us not very happy or well behaved, he kept blowing bubbles in his chewing gum which were getting closer and closer to Ray's fro.
Stepping out of the lift we walked through the lobby until we wee outside and Bob was unlocking the van. “I don't really want to ride upfront, can i sit in the back please?” I stood waiting in the car park. The only one who wasn't already in his seat was Ray, who kindly opened the door to his side and let me sit in his seat. The seat right next to Gerard. Frank sat behind me and I heard him mumbling the words to an unknown song, his headphones to his Ipod firmly in his ears. Mikey stared out the window, his eyes following each car that passed us as we drove out the parking lot. When I turned to look back out the front window, I noticed that Gerard was watching me. I looked at him properly for the first time today. His face was slightly blue and he had bags under his eyes. His hair was beginning to become lank, the grease weighing it down. His eyes didn't shine and his mouth didn't smile. Everything about him was sad. He continued to stare at me until we reached a suitable parking space and Bob had parked up. We all got out the van and walked along a small street, Bob, Mikey, Frank and Ray were all having a conversation about guitars or something so I was left behind trailing after Gerard. I quickened my pace a little and closed the gap between us. He looked up and acknowledged my presence but then continued to walk as if in a zombie trance. The guys had stopped outside a small Italian and we went inside to eat.

About two hours later we stumbled out onto the pavement. We were all well fed and the guys had all had something to drink but Ray had drunk slightly less so he could drive us back. Gerard had drunk more than everyone put together but still remained sober. It was like nothing would change him. Bob swung his arm around me and mumbled something like he was trying to communicate with me, but I couldn't understand him. Gerard walked past us, Bob was laughing now and i joined in, he'd been the one looking after me earlier and now I was practically carrying him. “Come on Bob, Keep going.” I said as he slumped once more against me and nearly collapsed onto the path. Gerard looked back, hands in pockets and grinned cheekily. He was loving it. It was the first time I'd seen him smile since I'd been here and it was perfect. He was Beautiful.
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