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Chapter 4

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The journey back in the car was better than the journey to the restaurant, there no longer seemed to be any hostility between me and Gerard so I relaxed a little. It was all quite, Ray was concentrating hard on driving in a straight line and Bob was slumped over in the front seat. Gerard and I were still seeing who could stare the longest while Mikey and Frank were asleep, Frank's head resting controversially in Mikey's crotch. Gerard was smiling now and his eyes were shining, I couldn't help smiling back though I knew I probably looked bloody stupid, staring at a middle age man and smiling like a loon on loon-pills.
Ray finally pulled up in a parking space and gently woke Bob up. Gerard lent back in his seat and smiled cheekily. He pulled a dime from his pocket and motioned as if to hit Frank on the head with it. I couldn't help but laugh, if Frank woke up there was a possibility his head would fall further into Mikey's manly area. Gerard winked at me and gently through the coin which was aimed straight at Frank's nose. “Shhhhhhiiiit.” Frank moaned as the coined bounced off his nose, his head falling further into Mikey's crotch. “Alicia get offfff me.” Mikey moaned, Gerard and I laughed so much that Mikey woke to the sounds of Gerard choking on his own tongue. Frank and Mikey both slide out the boot of the van, Gerard and I sliding out of Gerard's door. Ray leant Bob's arm across me and Gerard took his other, taking most of Bob's weight. We staggered to the lift and said goodbye to the others as they clambered their way down the corridor, Frank couldn't stop laughing and Mikey was talking about Jabba Glob.
“Take Bob's key card out of his pocket and I'll bring him on down the corridor.” I took Bob's wallet out and found the right card. I could hear Gerard dragging Bob down the corridor while I opened the door and turned Bob's bed down so that Gerard could just push him in and we could leave him in the same knowledge that he had made it into bed safely and was at no risk form falling out of a window. Panicked, I checked all the windows were closed and their latches were down. By the time I was finished Gerard had dragged Bob through to the bedroom, where I found him struggling to untie the laces on one of Bob's converse. “I help, Here.” I said taking the shoe form Gerard and pulling on it gently. It slid off and I did the same to the other shoe. Gerard helped me to lift Bob's feet and to swing them under the Duvet. “What areeeee you doing?” He asked as I took a sheet of paper from he hotel desk and wrote a quick note to Bob, I left it on the cupboard beside him so he could find it easily when he woke.

Bob, hope your Okay,
Me and Gerard put you into bed so don't worry every thing's fine.
Drink some water. NOT coffee, it'll make you feel worse.
See you later,
Kat xxxxxxx

“I want to make sure he knows why he's got a headache the side of mount bleedin' Everest, in the morning.” I answered, Gerard rolled his eyes and gave me another brilliant smile. Quietly, we left Bob and shut the suite door. Gerard walked along beside me until we reached my door. “This is me.” I pulled my key card from my pocket and opened the door. “See you tomorrow.” “Kat, uh, wait.” My hand fell from the doorknob and I turned to face Gerard once more. “mmmm...” “Well, I'm really sorry, about, well, earlier, it's just, I'm not really in the mood for change right now, and, well” he stumbled, trying to make sense of his own confusion “ I mean, what's a bigger change than a teenage girl living on your tour bus? Right?” “Yeah totally.” I said, smiling weakly and entering my room. I shut the door behind me and went into the en-suite. Bile covered the sink and I continued to throw up for a further 20 minutes until I finally slumped next to the toilet bowl and cried every tear I had left in my stupid, fragile, body.
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