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Chapter 5

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Gerard's POV

Kat left me standing in the dark corridor alone. Her smile hadn't exactly been very reassuring and I was worried why.
I sighed and opened my door. The answer-phone icon on my cell was flashing, I picked it up off the counter and played the messages on speaker.
“Gerard,It's Lyn-Z. Where are you? Why aren't you picking up? Call me, please.”
“It's Lyn-z, again. I called worm but he won't tell me where you are. Gee will you please tell me where you are? we need to talk.” Needed to talk, Yeah, should have thought of that before she did it.
The last message played and my wife's sobs filled the hotel suite, only some words could be heard clearly and it was obvious that she was really upset. “Gee, I ..never...mea...meant... to hurt you.. I wouldn't... I love YOU.” I deleted the messages quickly and put my phone on the bed, I led down beside it and slipped into a deep sleep.

Kat's POV

I lay on the bathroom floor, my eyes stinging and my throat sore. I filled a glass with water and went into the bedroom. I reached for my mobile, the screen flashing, 20 unread messages, I flicked through them, one after the other, most from Ray, Mikey and Frank, checking we got Bob into bed okay, then one from Bob, saying he was sorry and telling me to be ready for 10 when he'd knock for me, it was 9 so I still had time to clean up. The last message was from Gerard,

Hey Kat,
Were you Okay earlier?
Well, have a good night's rest.
See you in the morning, I mean later morning than when I saw you last.
Sweet Dreams, Gee x

I threw the phone onto the bed and went back through to the bathroom, I ran the shower and got undressed. While I waited for the water to warm, I swilled out the sink and flushed the toilet. I checked the water was warm and let the water wash over my body and clean away yesterdays grime.
There was a knock on the door and I reached for a towel. I wrapped it around myself, pulled on some slippers and went to open the door. Knock after bloody knock. “Hold on a second” I said as I rushed around the corner of the bedroom and pushed down on the door handle. The door opened and five men stood looking back at me. Frank, Gerard, Mikey and Ray all burst into laughter while Bob pushed me into the bedroom and told me to get changed.
I opened my biggest case and pulled out a pair of black skinnies and a purple and black wide stripe hoodie. I grabbed a tank-top from my duffel bag and yanked on random pieces of underwear. I pulled a hair brush through my wet hair and the damp curls fell hard against my back. When I entered the living area, Gerard was in the kitchenette with Bob and I could strongly smell coffee, Gerard motioned at me and I nodded, Ray was sat on the floor with a game controller in his hands and Frank was sprawled across the sofa, his legs on the top with his head hanging off the seat, he was playing against Ray on Halo and by what I saw was kicking his arse. Mikey was in the corner texting ferociously. I went to the kitchen and Gerard handed me a large mug of Black coffee.
“Are you okay Kat? You don't look too good.” Bob asked and both he and Gerard eyed me curiously.
“I'm Fine, I feel fine.” I walked out the kitchen and went back into the bathroom where I grabbed a comb and racked it back through my hair. I didn't look that bad. Okay, my hair was a mess and my face was unusually plain as I hadn't put on any make-up. I grabbed my make-up bag and applied heavy eye-liner onto my eyes.
When I returned to the guys I looked much better and felt more myself. Gerard nodded at me and smiled. Bob and Frank were waiting by the door and Mikey and Ray were stood outside in the corridor waiting for me to finish. “You ready now? Bob wants to get going were get something to eat later if your your hungry, but the guys wanna get out the hotel, Y'know, I've never seen these guys so restless before, reckon it's having a girl around, they wanna keep you occupied and all.” Gerard nattered away, his hand gently pressing on my back, steering me towards the elevator.
The door's opened and we all got inside. Frank started playing with my hair and I told him to stop but he carried on and when Ray asked him too as well, he ignored him,so I pressed ever so gently on Frank's toes which were right behind me. “Yelp.” Gerard giggled and Ray and Bob shook their heads. I was first out the lift and skipped happily to the car where I stopped, shocked at my sudden good mood, the boys looked a bit scared. They slowly joined me and I slid into my car seat next to Gerard, Ray now sat in the front with Bob who was again driving, Gerard laughed as I looked at him, “Why so happy, Little miss sunshine?”
“I'm just really happy, and were going shopping and nothing ever goes wrong when your shopping,right?” As Bob pulled onto the free way, Ray switched on the radio. “The next track I'll be playing here on SaNTiA will be a favourite of mine from one of the best films around, its My Chemical Romance with Desolation Row.” The intro filled the van and I couldn't help but laugh. Bob started tapping out the backing track on the steering wheel and Frank and Mikey hummed their parts. Ray started to softly sing the lyrics and when I turned to speak to Gerard I realised he moved to sit in the middle seat and he gently sung the lyrics to me. It was seriously unreal, the track that was playing was loud and made you want to dance, but the music that surrounded me was gentle and calming. It sounded so much more relaxing and the guys seemed to enjoy it. The guy on the radio cut the track short and began to play never wanted to dance by MSI but Ray slid a CD into the disc player and Metallica filled the van. I turned to face Gerard again but he'd slid back over to his seat and seemed distant. I sunk back into my seat and waited for the journey to be over.
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