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Chapter 6.

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The guys had dragged me into every clothing and accessories store by the time we collapsed onto
a few tables in Starbucks. The bags the guys had filled with things for me were splayed across
the floor in every direction and many customers glared and whispered over their shoulders yet
the boys all smiled on seemingly unaware. As soon as we had left the car the boys had all wiped
out sunglasses and ray had tied his fro back off his face. So far their disguises had worked and
the guys hadn't been stopped by any fans but had received wary glances from a group of teenage
guys sat around the mall fountain earlier but yet nothing else had happened. The boys now
relaxed and I sat back in my seat and let the aroma of coffee waft over me. Bob took our orders
up to the counter and waited there with frank until the drinks were served. As Frank sat back down after lifting the coffee laden tray to the tables he grabbed one of the bags from the tiles and looked through it and seemed amused by something he had found at the bottom. The bag hadn't been one I could remember the guys purchasing and noticed as Gerard, sat opposite me, seemed to freeze and began to nervously look around the small coffee bar. “Frank, put it down.” Gerard ordered, his voice tense, “I said put it down Frank.” Gerard again ordered as Frank held tightly to the bag.

“ Awwr, something wrong Gee? Don't you want our guest to see what I naughty boy you are?”
I could feel the blush flood my face and I again looked at the bag trying to work out where it was from and what its contents were. “Leave it will you Frank?” Ray pulled at the bag but Franky held on relentlessly. “NO. I wont. Ever since we picked him up he's been a pathetic little git. Well I'm sorry Gerard but your being an arse. The pre-gee would have laughed this off but not now.” Frank glared at the seat in which Gerard had been sat as I watched as the door swung shut. The men all looked at Frank as if he was a killer. He stared down at his coffee and pushed the straw round in it continuously. “I didn't mean it. He knows I didn't” he muttered to himself and the others all looked around the room and down at the floor. “Don't you think it would be a good idea to find him then?” I said grabbing my hoodie from the back of my chair and glared down at them all. He was their friend, why were they just sat her? “He needs to be alone, Kat.” Bob looked up at me and I shook my head, he shouldn't be alone when he was angry, I knew this personally. I pulled open the door and walked down the path looking in every shop I came to but after 30 minutes I still hadn't find him and it was slowly drizzling on the shoppers leaning the streets to get in their cars. My phone was gradually beginning to fill with messages from the guys and Bob had called to say he was going to take a look in the van to see if they could find Gerard anywhere. I stopped and pulled out my headphones as the phone in my back pocket began to bleep, signaling a new text message...

I'm at the park, meet me here?
Don't bring the others, please.
Gee x x

I looked across the street. Green acres park was large and surrounded by large pine trees. I carefully crossed the road and entered through the small iron gate. A large Lake sat in the middle and around it were carefully placed benches. The drizzle had turned to rain and I pulled my hood tight over my head, my headphones hanging loosely from behind my zip. “Kat?” I turned and Gee was sat under one of the large fur trees nestled beside the lake. He was smoking and his hair looked cleaner, now washed by the rain. The raindrops dripped silently from his leather jacket. “You OK?” I asked sitting beside him on the dry needles. He nodded and looked out at the ducks,still floating on the lake, their heads tightly pulled into their closed bodies. The rain started to come down heavier and my phone rang this time and caller id told me it was my brother. “You OK Kat? You found him yet because its getting dark and hes a grown man he can look after himself and its starting to rain really bad and i want you to be safe.” He waffled down the mobile. Bob was too caring for his own good and id only been here like one day and he was already turning into our mother. “I found him Bob, its OK, get back to the hotel we'll get a cab. Don't worry, I'll text you when we're on our way. Love you bye.” and I hung up the phone. Gerard looked at me as if seeing me in a new light, “What?”
“Nothing,” he said, “I should get you back to the hotel or Bob will kill me.” he said getting up and putting his hand out to pull me up. “It's fine, I like it here.” I said and pulled on his hand, my skin burned but I held tight and he sat again , slightly further away form me this time, now wary of me.

It continued to rain and an hour later, Gerard and I were still sat under the tree looking out to the lake in front of us. “Gerard, why did you want me to meet you, not one of the others?” he squinted as he lit yet another cigarette this time handing one to me while smoking one himself also. I puffed away quietly and let the nicotine envelop me in warmth and comfort, waiting for Gee to answer me.
“You don't judge me like the others. You have no problem with what I do or think and I guessed that the others agreed with what Frank said as none of them tried to stand up for me.” It was true, I had no problem with Gerard and whatever the guys held against him I had no indifference to it. “Has Bob told you yet?” I looked at him questioningly and he asked, “ none of them, none of them have said anything?” I shook my head to answer him and he went back to looking at the ducks now huddled under the tree beside us. “Lindsay. I left Lindsay.” I was shocked. Bob had told me Lindsay Gerard's wife was taking time out of her band MSI to have Gerard's baby, but now? “Why? Actually don't answer that its personal.”
“Its okay. She's had an affair. The babies not even mine. Really I knew when she told me something wasn't right. We'd always said it wasn't right for us to have a family because we've both got work and having children wasn't fair so we always used protection and she was put on the pill by her doctor.” Gerard looked at me now, his eyes full with tears, yet they still managed to pierce mine and make me feel inferior. “Gerard, I'm so sorry. Bob shouldn't have let me come out here. He was stupid he should have thought, the guys should be looking after you not a stupid teenage brat like me.”
“You not a brat. And anyway, having you here means they're not always bubble wrapping me.” And now it made sense. Why Ray had slid the CD in the player in the van this morning when MSI had played. To protect Gee. “I loved her. I just can't see why she did it. I always tried to make her happy, always.” I looked at him and tears were sliding down his face as he stamped his cigarette out angrily. The tears came quickly now and never seemed to end yet he still sat in silence. I moved so i sat beside him and held on gently to his hand, my skin burned as if flames were leaping from its surface but Gee needed me so I held on ever closer. “Your freezing.” he said and let go of my hand. He shrugged off his jacket and gently removed my hoodie from my back I felt his fingers gently graze one of the lumps on my back and his hand begin to feel the scars that covered my shoulders, I stopped him quickly and pulled the jumper off and put on Gees jacket myself. He looked at me, his eyes wide but he stopped staring, lit up two more cigarettes and pulled my hand into his. His fingers traced every line and he turned it over several times as if weighing it up. “your hands are tiny. Tiny perfect hands.” and he giggled. I smiled up at him as my hand gently burnt into ashes. "Wait," I remebered the uncomfortable inncident earlier in Starbucks, and the carrier taht Frank had been holding, "what was in the bag?"
"What bag?"
"The bag Frank had."
"Oh. Well. It was nothing seriosly."
I raised an eyebrow. He wasn't telling the truth and he was a very bad liar.
"Just a couple of magazines. Okay?"
I laughed and he glared down at me he grabbed my hands and i laughed even harder this time i heard his laugh join my own, "It's hard okay," I began to laugh again and he shook his head at my immaturity, "It's just i dont have Lindsay now, so you know..."
"OK,enough, too much info." and as i looked up at him i caught him smiling down at me hi eyes began to search mine and i noticed that my stomach had begun to churn, i tried to pull my hands from his but he held them tight. "Gee,"
Gerard flinched, “We'd better get back, we've got an hour to pack.”
“Pack for what?” I asked as he pulled me up from the ground and I quickly brushed myself off. Gerard pulled my hoodie over his jacket and zipped it up before pulling the hood over my head. “We're moving onto the bus today remember?” he said as I trailed after him.

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